Physician otolaryngologist Who is this and what treats?

In medicine, there are a lot of different directions.Some doctors are treating neurological problems, and other ailments of the gastrointestinal tract, and the third examined and put in order the reproductive function of the body.In this article, we will focus on specialty called otolaryngologist.Who is doing what you learn on.Also, it should be said and what the authorities control specialist.In addition, you can find out which drugs are prescribed by a doctor, otolaryngologist, which treats.

otolaryngologist who is

ENT doctor otolaryngologist - who is it?Shorten the ENT doctor called.The combination of these letters one finds on the office door specialist.Otolaryngology term means "an ear, nose and throat of science."Based on this, we can draw a simple conclusion.Otolaryngologist - who is it?The specialist is a doctor who deals with treatment and prevention of various diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

In addition, the physician also specializes in treating disorders of movement and coordination.Often it is to LO

Ru treated patients who have problems with the vestibular apparatus.

In some cases it is necessary to visit this specialist?

ENT (otolaryngologist) is needed for people suffering from various diseases of the respiratory system.Also, refer to the specialist in the case of a medical examination and commissions.Also, the doctor treats the organ of hearing and smell system.For what the authorities responsible specialist?

  1. ears and auditory receptors.
  2. throat and tonsils.
  3. nose and maxillary sinuses.
  4. frontal sinus.
  5. vestibular apparatus.
  6. bronchus and lung (for certain diseases).

If you have any problems with the above-mentioned bodies, you should as soon as possible to visit the doctor, called otolaryngologist (who is, you know).

What diseases can adjust the doctor?

What otolaryngologist treats?This question is often asked patients who had to deal with a particular pathology.Since the physician engaged in everything that is connected with the ear, nose and throat, it can be concluded.The doctor treats everything bacterial, viral and other diseases of these systems.We consider in detail what makes otolaryngologist children or an adult.


pathology of the nose and its appendages

If you have any disease of the nasal passages, then it will help to eliminate the specialist.Doctor to start examining the breathing holes, and then his verdict.

If the patient has a banal rhinitis, caused by colds, the medical prescribers overall spectrum, for example: "Pinosol", "Sialor", "Protargol" and so on.Also, the doctor can detect over-dried mucosa during the inspection.For the treatment of this pathology appointed sprinklers and wetting drops.This group includes "akvamaris" "Saline" "Akvalor" and others.When edema and vasodilatation of the nasal passages, which are accompanied by worsening respiratory physician recommends the following drugs: "Snoop", "Vibrocil", "Tizin", "Nazivin" and so on.If during the inspection reveals that a bacterial infection, the doctor prescribes anti-microbial agents.This category may include means "Izofra", "Albucidum" and many others.

As you can see, the doctor corrects all possible pathologies of the nasal passages.In some cases, the physician is forced to retrieve foreign bodies from the airway.However, it can only do this when a foreign body has not yet left the nasal passages and will not fall below.Most often faced with this pathology small children.

also common disease of children is enlarged adenoids.These glands are analogous tonsil, but are located closer to the nasal passages.Treatment overgrown adenoids may provide medical or surgical method.All depends on the disease neglect and age of the patient.

otolaryngologist doctor that treats

Diseases of the ear

All pathology formed in the ear canal, and treats this specialist.Most often a person is faced with an inflammation of the eardrum or the external ear department.Thus the diagnosis "otitis media".It should be noted that the pathology may be of different nature: acute, chronic, suppurative, and so on.Thus all forms is adjusted otorhinolaryngology.In some cases, it helps to drop "Otipaks", "otinum", "Otofa" and so on.In more complex cases may require surgical intervention, which also serves as the expert.

otolaryngologist reviews

doctor otolaryngologist (who is, you know), treats excessive accumulation of sulfur in the ear passages.This pathology is accompanied by a deterioration of hearing and itching.

sore throat

Even before you entrust your health to such a doctor as otolaryngology, reviews about a particular specialist interests of the patient first.And not just because the doctor is better versed in diseases of the throat, rather than the therapist or pediatrician.But also because they want to trust is a highly qualified specialist.Therefore, if you have a sore throat, which increases with swallowing, then it is better to visit otolaryngologist.

doctor otolaryngologist who is

tonsillitis or sore throat in various forms are the most frequent cause of treatment to the specialist.At the same time, in some cases, the pathology becomes chronic.Then the doctor puts the patient on the account.Angina is often accompanied by inflammation peripharyngeal rings and tonsils.It is here that appear purulent plugs, which also eliminates the ENT.In most cases, the pathology treated with the following drugs: "Tonsilgon®", "azithromycin", "Stopangin" and so on.Also, a large effect is processing traffic jams and tonsils solution "Lugol", "Chlorophyllipt" and many others.

Pharyngitis is also a frequent reason for seeking to otorhinolaryngology.In this case inflamed pharyngeal mucosa.The patient complains of fever and severe pain in the throat.Medications in this case, the doctor prescribes the following: "Ingalipt", "Tantum Verde", "Kameton" "Valium" and so on.In addition, it is recommended washing the pharyngeal region or rinsing diverse decoctions and infusions.

Laryngitis is also a disease of upper respiratory tract.In this case there is an inflammation of the mucosa peripharyngeal ring and the inner surface of the neck.Simultaneously, the infection goes below and involves the bronchi.The patient is in addition to pain in the throat can torment and indomitable cough.All this will help eliminate doctor otolaryngologist (who is, above).

How is the medical examination?

If you are going to an appointment with the appropriate specialist, you should know how to take advice.To begin with the doctor asks the patient what he is concerned about, and stores the data in the map.After this, the inspection.If the person named any complaints, the doctor pays special attention to these organs.

First the inspection area of ​​the ear.To do this, the physician uses a special endoscope suitable size and Headlights.Next is the diagnosis and assessment of the nasal passages.The doctor uses an endoscope, and asks the patient to breathe in first one nostril, then the other.At the end of the inspection otolaryngologist asks the patient to open his mouth and stick his tongue.Using special spatulas doctor evaluates the condition of the mucous membrane of the tonsils and throat.

ENT otolaryngologist

If necessary, the doctor may prescribe additional studies.To those include:

  • ultrasound;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • endoscopic diagnosis;
  • audioskrining and so on.

results of such research allows the physician to correctly diagnose possible and choose the right treatment.

where he took a specialist?

Otolaryngologist is in each state clinic.In addition, there is also a specialist in a hospital, where the patients reside around the clock.Also, in recent years increasingly popular private medical centers and clinics.There usually is, as children and adults ENT doctor.

that treats otolaryngologist

Summary and small conclusion

So, you are now more aware of the specialty otolaryngologist (who is what heals and what preparations enjoys while).Use the services of a specialist, if necessary.Only a qualified doctor can properly diagnose and make the appointment.In some cases, should first consult a physician and get a referral is to this doctor.Treat the disease in time and be healthy!