Raspayachnaya box.

Repair modern apartment, home or office can not be imagined without the installation of wiring systems in which electric power is distributed to the consumer's point (switches, lights and sockets) using raspayachnyh boxes.

raspayachnaya box

Raspayachnaya box - a key element of modern electrical equipment.It connected all of the electrical wires and wiring for electricity distributed in the desired ratio.

Appointment raspayachnyh boxes

Without raspayachnyh boxes can not be replaced electrical wiring.They are usually installed on the route from the public distribution panel in the stairwell to each apartment and from the panel in the hallway of each apartment to all the rooms.

Depending on the manner in which you post is selected and the box raspayachnaya.The price depends on the size, capability and performance of its options, ranging from 50 to 1,000 rubles.

Box raspayachnaya 100h100h50

Since the place where the wires are twisted, and where these are connected to twist, is the most dangerous in terms of possible circuit, besides an acc

eptable appearance to raspayachnym boxes still apply and fire requirements.They are designed to prevent the spread of fire farther on electric wires.

Despite the large variation in prices for products that are not necessary to save them.Especially since the acquisition of higher quality boxes is not much effect on the total cost of repair of electrical wiring in the apartment.

Raspayachnye box with built-in terminal blocks

If twisted wires made of poor quality, in place of the unreliable connection will be a permanent heat, which may result in a fire.Raspayachnaya box is designed to protect flammable materials away from heat.

raspayachnaya box for surface mounting

Among the building materials in recent years the most popular solutions that have built-in terminal blocks for a more secure and therefore more secure connections of electric wires.

function raspayachnyh boxes

In addition to protecting against fire, any raspayachnaya box should protect wiring from moisture, dust and mechanical damage.Otherwise, a violation of the internal and external integrity of the wires will inevitably occur a short circuit or increase the contact resistance caused by mechanical damage, which will reduce the quality of contact.

raspayachnaya box for flush

Any electrical installation or repair electrical wiring will look for the shortest way to the near raspayachnoy box.This desire to save cable and simply unwillingness to perform extra work.Therefore each apartment is usually quite a lot of boxes.Even 2-3 in the same room.In any case, the result will be lamentable.In addition, such a box cover from the eyes of unsightly wires wires, terminal blocks or caps (Vaga) and so on.

Types raspayachnyh boxes

There are boxes for outdoor (open) wiring and internal (hidden).In other words - external and internal.Since all wiring is carried out before the open way, the first box appeared raspayachnaya metal.They were simple round glasses from not thick metal, which closes the outside of the metal cover.They do not burn and quite tight.Sometimes, instead of the factory products using ordinary cans.The same metallic glasses in build into the wall for the flush.

Box raspayachnaya price

Nowadays durable metal boxes are used mainly in the industry.But this type of boxes is becoming less popular because of the high cost and complexity of the metal handling.Increasingly began to use plastic boxes executed from shock-resistant plastic and are not subject to combustion.

External raspayachnye box

This type of boxes used in electrical circuits with open wiring.That is, when the wires are laid on top of walls, ceilings and floors.These boxes do not require shtrobleniya, but with the modern standards such decisions do not apply to a residential area.Moreover, such a wiring looks pretty ugly.

Raspayachnaya box for surface mounting can be of different sizes, because sometimes a large number of twists in it should fit.In most big items are made square shaped and have multiple inlets wires on each side.Available in standard box, but this box raspayachnaya 100h100h50 mm is sometimes not able to accommodate the desired number of wires.The holes are closed with plastic plugs or who need to break down, or sleeves made of rubber, which can be simply cut to the shape of the cable or corrugated pipe.

raspayachnaya metal box

have round boxes entries supplemented by specially shaped sleeves, made of plastic, which contribute to leaks during installation.Because of this open posting boxes are divided into three- and chetyrehrozhkovye by the number of possible entries.

Raspayachnaya box open wiring can be hidden in a special plastic box that easily gets to the box for color or design.This option is much easier to work on the installation wiring.

caps round products are usually fixed or screws, or thread a big step.If you are using a square box raspayachnaya 100h100h50 mm, the cover is worn with little interference.The main thing - do not lose it during installation, so how to find exactly the same it is sometimes not possible, but separately they are not sold at all.So often boxes are sold separately from the dangling on the yoke covers.

Raspayachnaya box for flush

Boxes flush also come in several forms:

  • for solid walls.
  • for hollow walls.

Available in boxes of both species as a round shape or square.Only have intended for hollow walls, for example plasterboard, there are a couple feet pressed against on long screws.

Mount raspayachnyh boxes

raspayachnaya This box is mounted similarly podrozetnik or glass for the switch.Cut a hole in the wall, just in size.Paws box then pressed to a sheet of drywall on the inside.Outside the closed lid.Raspayachnaya box for flush designed for solid walls such has no legs and fastened with plaster or any quick-drying solution.

raspayachnaya box

Sometimes, instead of using Enclosures raspayachnoy box that does not contradict the rules and regulations.The main requirement is that the self-made cover was also non-flammable, strong and airtight.

How does raspayachnoy box connected wire strands are usually decided by the installer.However, the box is already available to the established contact groups, which are inside the tube, for example of the BCA.How easy is this raspayachnaya box, hard to judge because the nominal load of the terminal is limited and the number of entries is small.They have to be removed from the box.In such cases, the time-tested rescue Siza.

Installation raspayachnyh boxes

Usually raspayachnye box pulled from the ceiling or at a height of about 2.5 meters. This saves cable and also convenient in that they do not interfere with anyone.

Note, however, that need constant access to the box.Raspayachnaya box itself must be an integer and not a broken.The cap must be worn securely and tightly.If the required number of wires will not fit in the box, you should not score it, and you should use a larger box or an extra.

Box raspayachnaya 100h100h50

Since further repair wiring or its modernization can not be done without opening the raspayachnyh boxes, you need to prepare their plans.They need to specify the number of lines.This is especially important when mounting boxes for hidden wiring.Sometimes they are completely closed plaster or wallpaper.And of course, it is not necessary to seal the box raspayachnye tiles or other structures because of concern for their availability.