Plans kitchens, living rooms.

Increasingly, owners of apartments combine the kitchen with living room.This saves the area home, often small.Now widespread studios, where the kitchen combined with living room.There are apartments with free planning.There, too, it is more convenient to bring the kitchen to the living room.

Zoning cuisine

Plans kitchens, living areas require differentiation kitchen, dining and living room.This can be done through the arch of the drywall or different partitions, shelving.Suitable for this sofa or table.

plan kitchen

Zoning highlights different types of wallpaper: working in the kitchen area, they are simpler, washable, in a recreation area - more expensive.But certainly they should be a single set.

Different floor coverings can also serve as a demarcation zone.

interesting solution would be a multi-level ceiling.

The kitchen area is usually stove, sink, refrigerator, kitchen with worktop, various household appliances.

plan kitchen living

The dining area consists of a table and chairs.

Sofa, located near a coffee table

and chairs can be used for relaxing after dinner.You will be able to watch television, which is also located in this area, watch the smooth movements of fish in an aquarium and admire the flowers that come in handy in the kitchen.

Kitchen, as well as any of the rooms can be decorated in different styles.

Classic style

The walls are painted in bright colors, decorated cloth, painted, elegant wallpaper.

planning small kitchens

cornices, rosettes made of polyurethane and plaster decorate the interior.The floor is made of parquet, laminate or marble.Furniture made of wood corresponds to the classical style.She, as well as wallpaper, cornices, moldings, decorated with gold leaf.This is relevant in spacious buildings.Because in the classical style is usually decorate the spacious living room.It is not suitable for planning kitchens Khrushchev.


This style of active youth.

program planning kitchens

It is characterized by red, black, white and gray.Furniture of metal, plastic and glass in various forms, including transformers.The windows are installed blinds.This interior should be supplemented with modern appliances.Electric light bulb on the ceiling and the furniture will make the room lighter.

Plans small kitchens

Most housewives want to have a large bright kitchen.

plan kitchens hruschevke

But not all succeed.So we have to get out, squeezing it as much as possible all sorts of useful things.This can be done in different ways.Train things like in a maze, and constantly cling to all kinds of angles and surfaces.

It turns out there are planning small kitchens.They allow even the small room equipped with everything necessary so that it will be beautiful, comfortable and cozy.

Plans kitchens 6 square meters can be so:

  • Kitchen set is a single line.The table on the opposite side.Refrigerator can be supplied as near the headset, as well as in front of him.
  • With inner right angle.Furniture in this case to produce rounded surfaces.Right angle can be used for cooking.Refrigerator, stove, oven and washing stand along one side.
  • with a sink in the corner.Table for washing rounded or beveled.All the furniture is narrow.The refrigerator and oven with a hob are arranged along the long side.In this case there is more space for the table.

To plan kitchen 10 square meters.m need to determine how many rows will be placed furniture.When she was single in the art to make and kitchen area on the opposite side is the area for rest.The table can be placed near a wall, in a corner or in the middle of the room.If the kitchen door is located on the middle of the wall, the furniture put in two rows.

table can be positioned in the middle of the room if it is not very narrow.Then the stove, sink and refrigerator will be placed along one wall, and cabinets - on the other.

Rectangular kitchen can be equipped with a bar.It may be a continuation of countertops.Conveniently fill the corners of furniture.Plans angular kitchens can be in the form of the letter T and P. The latter involves the use of a wall with a window for the placement of low furniture.

kitchen in a private home

walls and floor of the kitchen-living room is better to be painted in the same color.Kitchen area of ​​the recreation area can be separated by a breakfast bar.

plan kitchen of 6 meters

different lighting zones.The kitchen should be lighter on the living room it can mute.This will create an atmosphere of comfort and promote relaxation.The decor elements, you can use bright colors and shades.They will help to place accents in the right places.TV is better to install in the center of the room.Then it will be convenient to watch everything.Mirrors and various glass doors expand space visually.

Disadvantages alignment:

  • the kitchen need to regularly maintain perfect order;
  • smells from the kitchen disperse throughout the apartment;
  • rest prevents noise appliances.

fighting measures

distance from the gas stove to the window or balcony must be at least 30 cm, to washer - 60 cm. Refrigerator is located at a distance of 1.5 meters from the car wash.In many projects, the distance between the stove, sink and refrigerator - 1.2 m.

plan kitchen 10 sq m

In the kitchen, you need a lot of light.After cooking in the dark it is very inconvenient.Preferably, in addition to general make lighting the working area.

desirable that all used kitchen utensils - from the fork to the pan - were hidden from the eye, dust, insects.For this you need a roomy kitchen set.Even if you have a small kitchen, hanging lockers allow compact arrange all these things.Yes, and you are comfortable will know that every detail is in its place and yet at hand.

Dining table - the king of the kitchen.It creates an atmosphere of comfort.If the place is small, you can buy a folding table.It is very easy to use: quickly unfolds, it is easy to move around the room.

Program plan kitchens

In order to successfully plan kitchen-living room, you need to have some knowledge and experience design.And what about those who do not?

You can rely on your intuition.Then the room will like at least one person - you.Order layout designers are not very cheap.

And here can help free program plan kitchens.There are several.

program Sweet Home 3D

free program plan kitchens and other rooms, has a Russian version.It has convenient interface.There are video instructions and a detailed description.

Allows you to simultaneously work with two-dimensional and three-dimensional image.When you create a plan for the plane, it is immediately interpreted in a second window in three dimensions.There is a large range of interior items, which can be painted in any color and make the desired size.All furniture and furnishings are also becoming bulky.This allows you to see at a glance what you have planned.

All selected items added to the list.What piece of furniture can be temporarily or permanently removed from it.And the result of print.

To better understand how it will look from anywhere in the room, you can use the option "virtual visitors".It will take a picture of any place of the room.

Program Ikea

help plan kitchen, office and bedroom.Program settings allow you to change the height of the walls and furniture, windows, doors, location of outlets and batteries.

The downside is that the program plan kitchen-living room offers fill only furniture of the company.But it can calculate the cost of the kit.There is also a disadvantage is a small set of interior and the fact that you can not plan for every room.

program Stolplit

This program plan kitchen is convenient because it has a standard template apartments.You can download them and use everything for your kitchen.

If you set the parameters themselves, the program builds a three-dimensional image.It allows you to pick up plaster, wallpaper, tiles, as well as curtains, furniture, equipment and even lamps.

downside is awkward interface and a size mismatch of individual items.

program Modernline Furniture

program in English for planning kitchens and other rooms of various shapes.But intuitive interface, flexible configuration.Because it is easy to understand.The advantage over other programs - that it can create the room with indirect angles.Create a sketch premises can arrange it furniture and other accessories from the template list.The size of objects can be changed by setting the values ​​you want.There is an opportunity to experiment with textures of flooring, which can be rotated both along the walls, and diagonally.

helps plan not only the room but the stairs, fireplaces, bar tops and columns.

The disadvantage is that the value is in feet, which is necessary to transfer to the subway.Old reliable English program a little behind the times and does not create a 3D-image.

program Roomle

Standard program, which allows to create any room layout.You can even "settle" to animals.A wide range of templates, but they are all gray in color and small size, which is not very convenient.And the 3D-model of a rather unsuccessful: allows you to see the room just above.

on the Russian site can plan a house or an apartment, count the number of wallpapers for each room.Creating a final draft, you can immediately go to the sites of sellers of furniture and equipment, to order them or to find unclear point.