"Lada Tarzan."

But if Tarzan hero movies and TV series, host of the jungle, their appearance and abilities able to conquer only women, the car with the same name managed to win a man's love is universal.And this despite the fact that the car is very rare, few people know of its existence.Let's see what the "Lada Tarzan."


In already distant 97th year, the company "Lada-Consul", together with colleagues from the design group Decon, and with the participation of experts from the OPP SEC "AvtoVAZ" decided to create a car that would be combined inStatement patency "Niva" and the comfort of front-wheel models VAZ.This results in a fairly original and rare off-road, all-wheel drive, passable, comfortable car "Lada Tarzan" 4x4.Lada Tarzan

Needless to say that the experiment was a success in the best way?"Newborn" the SUV was able to embody the best of their parents.The machine has successfully passed all the tests and received the necessary certificates.The index model - 210834. However, there may be a body of any brand.T

oday, there are "Tarzana" in different bodies and different versions of it.In total there are 3 types of vehicles.The car expected to collect the order and the customer will choose the appropriate body.


"Lada Tarzan" - it is a hybrid, which is based on the chassis of the "Niva".All major components, except for the frame and unique driveshafts completely serial.Motor not installed transversely and longitudinally.This happened due to the fact that the design of frame and any special adaptations are not required.

basis and is considered a highlight of the model chassis.It is taken as a basis for a completely original and unique design, which is made of rectangular profile with variable section.Also, the chassis can be considered a feature of the rear axle.Engineers are able to use the unique front nivovsky bridge.But he installed backwards.It launched.In general, the engine, transmission, transfer case, front axle - by "Niva".Lada Tarzan reviews

Such is the "Lada Tarzan."Frame it possible to significantly strengthen the body, giving it extraordinary strength and endurance in a ride on the road, and how to install the engine allowed without changes to equip the machine wheel drive.With the presence of this frame, engineers have reduced noise and vibration while driving.


Among the features of the model can be noted independent suspension both front and rear.This allowed the car "Lada Tarzan" confidently pass any obstacle.Such a system will further increase the comfort nivovsky units.

bodywork and modifications

first generation came with bodies of three kinds.This is a 3 and 5-door hatchbacks of eights and nines VAZ, respectively.Even in nature, there is a 4-door sedan from 21099.

design of the car "Lada Tarzan" has turned out quite original.Joints body attachment to the frame hidden by special plastic clothes.Powerful look for a machine formed by the extended wheel arches and bumpers.The SUV was more like a sports car for the passage of raids in the desert.As for the popularity and demand vosmerochnye body is particularly popular among fans of exotic and sedans almost nobody ordered.

"Tarzan 2"

With the advent of the 99th year, started production of the second version.There was virtually no difference on the technical side.This version features a different body from the "tens".First released in 2111 on the basis of universal, then appeared hatchback.Motorists are sure that this car "Lada Tarzan" 4x4 third version, or "Tarzan-sport".Tarzan Lada 4x4

Solid superstructures made it even more elegant, and the noise reduced.The wheel arches that perfectly complements plastic clothes on the sides, along with the tubular body protection given "Tarzan" this kind of SUV.Externally, the car is already too aggressive and at the same time quite elegant.The design will not leave anyone indifferent.

Utilitarian "TarzanĀ»

Yes, it was and is.This version looks quite interesting.It was assumed that the car will use the utility.The machine has a completely original up of plastic.


interior of the car "Lada Tarzan" is not particularly write reviews because salons virtually indistinguishable from typical VAZ interiors.To distinguish "Tarzan" in the interior can only be on the transfer case control levers.The steering wheel has an amplifier, and the steering column is adjustable.The design of the steering used by 2115. The body rose higher, so now the rear wheel arches are simply not needed.The trunk has a completely flat floor.Under the hood

There is also nothing special.Under the hood will show the power unit volume of 1.7 liters from "Niva" or 1.8 liter engine.It should be noted that the unit of 1.8 liters is not more powerful than nivovsky.However different the best motor torque that it develops at a lower speed of the crankshaft.It is important for such machines.Lada Tarzan specifications

These cars were going in small batches and to order, so if there was a desire, you can install the upgraded 1.7-liter unit, which has a maximum capacity of higher standard.Lada Tarzan price

Transmission is from the "Field" with known problems.This is especially true inconvenience knob to.By the way, the lever slightly changed here, it looks like a dozen.

Driving performance

The automobile starts to move quite confidently.It feels torque at low revs and nivovsky checkpoint.Also, there is not an off-road, and a very high-spirited acceleration.The level of noise "Tarzan" in the "Field" does not look like.Reviews motorists confirm that it's a real car.

on a flat road car is easy to come up to speed.Even at maximum speed, while in the cabin, you can talk.In cornering machine comes with ease, even at high speed.Not afraid of SUV and off-road.Suspension safely smooths all the bumps, even at maximum speeds.

But on the pavement any car rides great.Although, even if you go on the dirt road, it is not felt.The machine is quite confident going anywhere without a problem rises to steep hills.Side slopes - no big deal.Lada Tarzan specifications

About climbs.If you include a reduced, differential lock, the car confidently goes to the mound, as noted in reviews of the owners.Is "Tarzan" will be better "Niva"?However, there is.Drivers say that in the end, almost on top of the hill, the car touches the ground.But it is doubtful whether this can be considered a disadvantage.

Machine dynamic, comfortable, confident riding in all conditions.Reviews generally approving.

"Lada Tarzan" - specifications

The performance characteristics of this little "Niva".Engine 1.7 liter capacity of 83 hpThe maximum possible speed is 150 km.Fuel consumption - 10 l.Car engine in this way to gain speed of 100 km / h in 17 seconds.

second generation is equipped with a 1.8-liter unit.Power 82 hpThe maximum speed of 140 km, the same rate and the same overclocking potential.

Brakes presented disc brakes on all four wheels.They allow you to safely control the car in all conditions.Lada Tarzan frame

Although four-wheel drive, vehicle weight is 1080 kg.Touring second generation weighs 1245 kg.Wheelbase increased, it is 2580 mm.

How much?

Today it is difficult to buy a car "Lada Tarzan."The price is very different, because most cars are sold on the secondary market.The price range from 20 000 to 13 000 dollars, depending on condition.