Cones on the labia: causes, treatments

Cones on the labia is most often caused by inflammation of the Bartholin glands.These glands are located in the vestibule (subcutaneous fat large pudendal lips).bumps on labia Bartoli gland synthesize the viscous secretion that lubricates the vagina during sex.Said gland ducts occasionally clogged, which leads to inflammatory reactions.Bartolini usually occurs when non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.The disease causes a variety of bacteria: gonococci, staphylococci, streptococci, etc.

Clinic bartholinitis

Initially, the disease develops without any severe symptoms.Then the ball is formed on the labia.It is quite painful seal.Patients complain of a tingling and burning sensation in the perineum, the big shameful lips swell.Bartolini can occur without suppuration and go without specific treatment, relapses of the disease are often recorded.Quite often becomes chronic bartholinitis to form a Bartholin gland cyst.If an abscess appear sharp pain, which intensified during sex, the condition worsens, the

re is hyperthermia to 40 degrees.Bartolini during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, even.Therefore, if there are any tumors in the intimate zone pregnant should immediately consult your doctor.For the treatment of bartholinitis prescribed antibiotics.

education labia

Diagnostic Pathology

If you notice bumps on labia need to see a specialist: pass the inspection, deliver the complete blood count and make a smear on an infection.The reason for the formation of cones can be agents of chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis.We have considered the main etiological factor, because of which may receive a bump on labia.But we should not forget the fact that the genitals of women may be affected different kinds of tumors.

Neoplasms in the intima area: methods of treatment and prevention

As a rule, education in the labia are removed surgically.Forecast favorable in most cases, but some types of benign tumors may degenerate into malignancies (for example, desmoid fibroma, papilloma).As we can see the bumps on the genital lips - a serious reason to pass a comprehensive examination.

ball on the labia

To prevent the appearance of bumps on labia enough to follow some rules: respect for personal hygiene;not to wear tight underwear;annual visit to a gynecologist;thoroughly wash underwear and change it frequently;the appearance of clinical symptoms of the infection in the intimate zone go to the doctor.

Photos tumors in the intimate area can be seen in spetsliterature, brochures, etc., but the correct diagnosis can only deliver an experienced specialist.To confirm the diagnosis of the patient will have to pass the appropriate tests and swabs in the laboratory to make crop and identify the causative agent (usually a Escherichia, gonorrhea, trichomonas and streptococci).Based on studies of diagnosed and prescribed treatment regimen.