Polyutsii - is this normal?

Often young men and their parents have the wrong attitude to this phenomenon.Polyutsii - this is perfectly normal.In this article we look at why.

polyutsii - a sign of puberty

polyutsii it polyutsii appear during the adjustment of the organism.This phenomenon is, in fact, similar to the appearance of the first menstruation in girls.Some kind of signal about puberty.First polyutsii usually appear between the ages of twelve and eighteen.This variation is associated with the peculiarities of the body - health, sexual constitution and so forth. Factors.Do not confuse this phenomenon with ejaculation during sexual intercourse and masturbation.According to studies, this phenomenon is very common - about 83% of men have ever felt it.This most often occurs in the transition period.Men older than 20 years will be observed reduction in the number and frequency polyutsii.After 30 years, in most cases polyutsii disappear.Although there are cases when the 80-year-old male was observed at similar manifestations.But it is - a


polyutsii - a compensatory mechanism polyutsii what

Sometimes this phenomenon occurs in the daytime.Often this is due to the presence of sexual stimuli.For example, while hugs and kisses or in the contemplation of the naked body.There are involuntary polyutsii that can occur once a week in boys and about once a month in adult males.Night polyutsii gets rid of the accumulated surplus of the seminal fluid.It also allows you to remove a bit of mental stress associated with long-term lack of sex.If a man for a long time refrained from sexual intercourse, this can occur more frequently and regularly.If polyutsii mild, they are absolutely not dangerous to health.You could even say that they make sexual life.When a man finds a partner, symptoms disappear.

When polyutsii - this deviation?

night polyutsii If there are copious daily.Especially if it happens several times during the day, and if the man is a regular sex life.It can also alert change the highlight color or odor.This may indicate that it does not polyutsii and symptom of an infectious disease.You need to pay attention in the event of pain during polyutsii.In these cases, it is necessary to consult a specialist and, if necessary, undergo treatment.In particular - to observe the daily routine.And, welcome early awakening, cold douche, sleeping on a hard mattress, avoiding alcohol, walking after lunch and dinner.Also recommended supplementation of iron and bromine, which are easily available over the counter.

polyutsii: that this phenomenon can bring a teenager?

Some young men feel uncomfortable symptoms after polyutsii.For example, they may observe weakness, depression and malaise.All these feelings can have a psychological basis.The teenager fears that he has any illness.But if the parents are properly explained to him the nature of this phenomenon, let it be.