Pavlovsky Park in winter (photo).

Pavlovsk Park - is a magnificent place, which is located in a conservation area near St. Petersburg.There are seven landscaped areas.Each of them has its own organic world and attracts with its incredible beauty.Here you can find a small number of animals.They resort seasonally, which is why this place is worth visiting at different times of the year.

central place in this area is the Pavlovsk Palace and surrounding gazebos.It is also pleasing to the eye many attractive of molten bronze sculptures and a bridge over the Slavyanka.In winter, these remarkable structures are taking extraordinary and fabulous views, but because of the current resort, which is located there, visitors can experience the unique spirit of the whole beautiful Russian nature.

back in history at the end of the 70s of the eighteenth century on the site of the Pavlovsk Park was a huge pine forest.This wonderful nature is very interested in the future Emperor of Russia - Paul I, and he gave orders to build a country summer resid

ence for him and his wife.

Pavlovsk Park

In the spring 1778 there have been actively carried out work on improvement of the residence: from the surrounding villages were dispersed peasants and slave soldiers of the emperor began clearing the forest.They paved paths for walking and preparing land for construction of the palace.

By 1779 the construction of the two estates was completed.The emperor and his wife moved into a new home.

Around the house planted a small flower gardens and forest trails have been laid out small stone paths.The wife of the emperor invested his heart and soul in the construction and development of the garden.It was her personal memories zone.

Toward Soviet times

Revolution of 1917 is very influenced by the architecture of the Pavlovsk Park.There have been many graves in the depths of the remaining forest and built a monument in memory of the victims.

In June 1918, Pavlovsk Park has become a national landmark, and it was opened to the public three times a week.At that time it was one of the main cultural centers of Russia.A large number of people from different parts of the country come to see this beautiful natural wonder.

Pavlovsky Park in winter

Then this wonderful natural area began to be used as a place of recreation workers.For this purpose organized a whole range of entertainment and recreational activities.

In those years vacation in cold season was something unusual for Soviet citizens, and Pavlovsk Park opened them this opportunity.Ski became the most popular winter pastime among Russians and visiting tourists from other countries.

Modern day

In the 90 years of the twentieth century, the park has undergone restoration work.In 1997, the Pavlovsk Palace was restored, so that the newly arrived tourists could familiarize themselves with the rests of the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

Already in 2007, updated the Temple of Friendship and adjacent to the park area, which contained a magnificent bridge and colorful flower beds.

Nowadays almost all the protected area was placed under the protection of government agencies that protect architectural structures and monuments of culture.

Since the twenty-first century, Pavlovsk Park annually receives about one million tourists who want to plunge into the early days of the Russian Empire.

rink in Pavlovsk park

Winter's Tale

unusual nature and fresh air offer new opportunities.Pavlovsky Park in winter - it is really a miracle.Here you can see the unthinkable: running over animals, which return there each year in the cold period of time.

Pavlovsk Park also is equipped with special courts, ice rink and the ski slopes, which are allowed to stay, even with children.

Here you can spend a relaxing weekend with your family and enjoy the true atmosphere of winter, this will contribute to the various activities that take place on the territory of the protected area on weekends.

remarkable landscapes and ways of hanging seasoned travelers, you can see in the article on the many photos.Pavlovsky park in every season of the year looks different, and this is demonstrated in the gorgeous images.

Pavlovsk Pavlovsk park

growing stronger body - resting soul

This extraordinary area has a very developed infrastructure.Russian authorities made sure to preserve not only existed as a part of the story, but also has become the perfect holiday entertainment center.

Pavlovsky Park in winter offers a great resource for those who prefer an active lifestyle, and can provide great ways to relax in a spa and hotel.Your children without any problems organizing mass entertainment and leisure time with your family is to visit the legendary estates of the emperor and his wife.

Among the many services it is worth noting rink in Pavlovsk park.Here you can ride in the open winter sky and feel like a really relaxing shower of gray everyday life.Skates are available for rent.You can come in and with his.Also, during the time of riding you will be accompanied by soft music that sets a positive and light note.

Rink in Pavlovsk park - a place where getting stronger physical and morale.Well furnished area will provide pleasure not only to those who already know how to stand on the ice, but also those who are just beginning to learn.

Pavlovsk Park ski resort

Snowy trails

If you - an adherent of the extreme winter sports, the adrenaline will get exactly the Pavlovsk Park.Ski resort is equipped by several routes of different difficulty levels.Employees recreation periodically clearing the slopes via snowcat, which allows without obstacles riding on hills.There are also several trails that are illuminated at night.This service will help to get a true extremals real thrill.It is possible to rent all the equipment that will be required for downhill skiing for adults and children, making a very comfortable family vacation.

Additional services

In order to get a full and active relaxation after a busy day, be sure to visit Pavlovsk.

Photo Pavlovsk Park

Pavlovsky park is equipped very comfortable barbecue where you can cook barbecue and other delicious dishes.Also, there is a place for avid fishermen.Reservoir can catch perch, pike-perch, bream and pike.Equipment is available for hire.

Coming winter in Pavlovsk park, you will plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Russian Empire!