How to cook a rabbit in the oven.

rabbit meat is very tender and juicy, and if properly prepared, it complements and diversifies family feast.How to cook a tasty rabbit?Very easy, just bake it in the oven.Recipes cooking a lot, just select one and surprise all your friends.Here are some simple and original recipes that will help with the question of how to cook a rabbit in the oven.

Recipe number 1 How to cook a rabbit in sour cream

Let's start cooking.If the stock is not part of the rabbit, and his carcass, it is necessary to cut into small pieces a la carte.Pre-need to marinate the meat in wine.Now all of the carcass must be fried in oil, preferably odorless and then put in a baking dish or pan with high sides.But that's not the whole recipe, which describes how to cook a rabbit in sour cream - amazingly tasty and flavorful dish.

most interesting ...

In a pan fry the chopped onion head and one grated carrot (in butter).Prepared vegetables spread on rabbit and use of spices (salt, herbs, pepper).Meanwhile, in a refractory vessel heated half a liter of sour

cream and pour it rabbit.Dish need to boil on the stove and then put in the oven (it should be heated to 180 degrees).Simmer without a lid, and periodically pour the meat juice, which is in the form.Then cover with a shape and simmer until cooked, the fire will have little abated.

Recipe number 2

How to cook a rabbit in the oven?Just bake it, using small pieces of meat with bones.They must be washed and put in a pan with a thick bottom, filled with water on top of the meat (it should completely cover the pieces).By the way, here you can add dry white wine, enough to drink.Put on the stove and wait until boiling, remove the resulting foam and add chopped vegetables - such as onions, parsley, carrots and spices (herbs, bay leaf, peppercorns).Once again, the liquid boils, rabbit swap in the oven, to be heated up to 180 degrees.We wait readiness: time can vary, it depends on the size of the pieces of meat.In general, the preparation according to the recipe rabbit takes up to 1 hour.

and sauces in addition

Once the meat is ready, lay it on a plate and in broth, enter any vegetables (mushrooms, tomatoes or onions, by the way, it is possible and olives) and simmer another 15-20 minutes inoven.The resulting sauce pour the rabbit.In this case, as a side dish will be good to use rice.

Recipe number 3 how to cook a delicious rabbit

To make use of the rabbit legs.Pre-wash them a little pat dry (use a towel) and place on a greased baking sheet (two feet leave raw for further preparation).Put in the oven and bake for about 30 minutes - 40, time may need more because the meat must be well-baked.

Realize in the form

Then boil the potatoes and cut them into slices, if desired, take the place of tubers buckwheat, rice or wheat porridge (optional hostess).Beautiful pan or baking dish, brush it with a piece of butter and put a layer of potatoes on top you need to put the cut pieces of rabbit (and neatly into small slices, cut the meat from the bones).On the meat laid out again potatoes.Now, with the remaining legs must be cut meat and cut it into small pieces, mix them with spices and sour cream.We can also add the garlic passed through the press (it attaches rabbit meat spice).The resulting mixture was spread on a layer of potatoes.Above you can put a sprig of rosemary, and the answer to the question: "How to cook a rabbit in the oven?" Found.Baking filled products should be put in the oven and bake until done.If the form allows, after preparing her post on a thick plank on the table.

Recipe number 4 How to cook a rabbit in the oven Here's another recipe that will tell you how to cook a rabbit in the oven.Mix in a comfortable capacity of 150 grams of butter, a little vinegar, spices (optional choice and hostess).We spread here as pieces of rabbit and pickle for about an hour.Then the pieces of meat you need a bit of cloth and wipe well-fry in a pan.Then lubricate utyatnitsu or baking dish with oil and place the rabbit now fill it with the marinade in which he was lying there too, add the prunes, chopped onions and carrots.You can put a sprig of herbs and garlic.Simmer in the oven until cooked.By the way, certainly prepared to prune before adding it to pour boiling water a few minutes.

As an epilogue

Rabbit meat is very easy and quickly prepared, and if a little dream, you can prepare a fantastic culinary masterpiece, even without much experience.