"Media": reviews of doctors, instructions, product description

Contraceptive oral contraceptives great many, and one of the most popular is a hormonal drug "media", which reviews the most different.

Structure and Composition

This contraceptive available in the form of tablets, coated white film cover.They have a round shape and a lenticular engraving G63.

One pill contains 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 3 mg drospirenone.Additional components of the preparation: lactose monohydrate, corn starch and pregelatinized just corn starch, povidone K25, magnesium stearate.The shell is composed of polyvinyl alcohol, macrogol 3350, titanium dioxide, talc, soya lecithin.


Median reviews

oral contraceptive action aimed at reducing the likelihood of ovulation and changes in the endometrium.

Medicinal properties of drospirenone is characterized by anti-androgenic and minor antimineralocorticoid qualities.The substance does not estrogenic, glucocorticoid and antiglucocorticoid effect.This feature makes drospirenone similar to the natural progesterone.

It is rapidly and completely absorbed in the body.The highest concentration of active ingredient equal to 37 ng / ml is observed 1-2 hours after administration of the tablet.For the full cyclic reception (7-14 hours) the maximum concentration of the drug is 60 ng / ml.

After taking the drug, "median" (reviews about this tool, talk about his good contraceptive effect) occurs repeatedly decrease in the concentration of drospirenone in serum half-life of 1,6 ± 0,7 hours and 27,0 ± 7,5 hours.

After receiving drospirenone dock with serum albumin, globulin exceeding that affects the hormones.

Ethinylestradiol as drospirenone, as rapidly and completely absorbed in the female body.The maximum concentration of the active ingredient is observed 1-2 hours after ingestion and is 100 pg / ml.The substance binds to proteins of blood in 98%, and its volume of distribution is 5 l / kg.Does the process of protein synthesis of sex hormones and transcortin content in the liver.With daily administration of the drug active ingredient concentration of 350 nmol / l.


Median doctors reviews

drug "media", which reviews say that it is much cheaper analogues, designed to protect against unwanted pregnancy.Is oral combined hormonal contraceptives.When taken regularly can improve the condition of skin, hair, remove the pain in the abdomen, resulting in the critical days.

«median»: instructions for use

Reviews say that before drinking hormonal contraceptive should be a thousand times to think about the consequences that it can cause.First of all, we should take into account the side effects and contraindications.If this information is not pushed from the use of birth control pills, you should know that they must be taken daily, at the same time, drinking plenty of water.

Median reviews Women

If the lady had not drank hormonal contraceptives, the pills "media" (responses of many women talk about their effectiveness) shall begin on the first day of menstrual bleeding.

Daylight "Med" with other methods of contraception

When replacing oral contraceptive vaginal ring or transdermal patch use pills start to the day after the last use of contraceptive pills last.In this situation, the drug should not be later than a week's break in taking the medicine.When carrying out replacement of the vaginal ring or a transdermal patch drug reception "Median" Doctors about which positive in most cases must begin no later than the day after the previous removal of a contraceptive, preferably in a daily removal.

In a situation of transition with progestin (the "mini-pill", injection, implant) or intrauterine device, a woman begins to take a hormonal drug combination at any time for her.With inplantanta or intrauterine device - the day of their removal from the contraceptive jabs - from the day of the last injection.In these cases, during the week you should use additional contraception.

In the case of abortion in the I trimester of preparation "Media" (Women reviews say about the many side effects that occur with regular oral contraceptives) are starting to drink immediately after a miscarriage or abortion.In the early days are subject to additional methods of contraception.

in the postpartum period or abortion in the II trimester woman can start using the "Med" only on the 21-28 th day.At a later taking the drug there is a need for additional protection measures.

Missed pills

Missing pills used in less than twelve hours did not significantly reduce the ability of kotratseptivnuyu.In this case, the tablet should be taken as soon as a woman of her remember.Later pills drink already fulfilled schedule.

Reception tablets can not be stopped for more than 7 days, and full suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovarian activity occurs after a week use of the drug.Median user reviews

If a tablet is missed in the first week, then it should be drunk as soon as possible, even if a time pills superimposed on another.In addition, during the week you need to resort to additional measures of contraception.If the sexual act was to missed pills, there is a possibility of fertilization.

The more missed tablets as it approaches the week break, the greater the chance of pregnancy increases.Despite this, note the high contraceptive effect of the drug "media" reviews.

Guide advises a missed taking the pill in the second week to drink it as much as possible, even if the two will have to take pills at a time.When used correctly, the drug need for additional measures of contraception is not necessary.

missed pills in the third week significantly reduces the contraceptive effect of the approach of a seven-day break in taking the medicine.If the lady up to this point has taken hormonal drug strictly according to the recommended scheme, there is no need for additional methods of protection.If not, throughout the week use additional contraception.In this situation, you should take the missed pill as soon as possible, and the remaining tablets to use on the already well-established pattern.In this case, do not be a week-long break, and after receiving the last of the old pills package the next day should take a pill from a new package.

can get out of this situation, to stop taking the pills from the old package, then make one week break.

How to delay menstruation

To menstruation came late or not come at all this month, it is necessary to give up a week's break, and after the end tablets in the old pack, the next day should be consumed the drug from a new package "Median"(tablets).Instruction (some reviews give point to breast augmentation and body weight during treatment) argues that delay the menstrual cycle can be only up to the end of the second pack of pills.

Side effects

Median instructions for use reviews

When you receive a combined oral preparation may be a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, including vomiting and diarrhea.From the nervous system observed: headache, depression, decreased libido and mood swings.In rare cases, there are minor bleeding, swelling and breast enlargement, breast pain.Some women after administration was seen migraine, weight gain.There may be acne, hives, jumps in blood pressure.


Median tablet user reviews

drug "media" (reviews of doctors say it is good for the body, but it should take into account negativnoye points) is not used thrombosis of the veins and arteries, disruption of the heart valve, atrial fibrillation, and uncontrolled hypertension.Ban is a surgical operation, smoking after the age of 35 years, kidney failure.It is necessary to renounce the use of combined oral contraceptives in cerebrovascular diseases, arterial thrombosis, diabetes and pronounced dyslipoproteinemia.The drug is not taken, if there is a predisposition to thrombosis, pancreatitis, liver disease, kidney failure, hormone-dependent diseases of the reproductive system, bleeding of unknown nature, pregnancy, sensitivity to the drug and its components.

should not at the same time to use the drug "median" and alcohol.Reviews say that after its cancellation raises serious health problems.It may be irregular menstruation, abdominal pain, the appearance of tumors of various kinds, the deterioration of the skin and hair.

drug "media": reviews of doctors

Median reviews and alcohol

taken in the morning or in the evening a contraceptive?Experts say that no matter what time of day will be conducted receiving the drug, most importantly, that he was at one and the same time.Doctors note that the drug has a low content of hormones, low cost in comparison with analogues.From their words, each hormonal agent should be selected strictly individually and only after a medical examination.

all women drug acts differently.Some take this contraceptive for years and not feel discomfort.Others note an increase in breast, disruptions of the menstrual cycle, headaches, depression, and decreased libido.

primenyavvshih certain part of this facility in the review indicated that after taking the tablets have improved the condition of skin and hair is not as painful are critical days.Many talk about the negative consequences of drug withdrawal, which manifest themselves immediately, but gradually.Also adjusted long natural menstrual cycle, there are isolation, pain in the abdomen.

Despite different opinions about the drug "media", reviews women, one and all, say that he has an excellent contraceptive effect and copes with the task, although accompanied by a number of side effects.