Ultrasonic inhalers: instruction and feedback

There are diseases, the maximum positive treatment of which is directly dependent on the use of special machines.These devices come in various types.Recently acquired fame ultrasonic nebulizer.Use it at home, you can achieve amazing results in the treatment of many common colds.

Operating principle

Inhaler ultrasound is based on the remarkable properties of ultrasonic waves to convert liquid medicines into aerosol.Ultrasonic inhalers microscopic drug particles mist easily reach the most remote of the lesions of the respiratory system.

principle spray aerosol cloud transformed laid the basis for the name of the second unit.The word "mist" or "cloud" translated into Latin as "Nebula".Therefore, ultrasonic nebulizers inhalers became known.Inhalation therapy, using a device that is widely used in the fields of medicine, as the Allergy and Pulmonology.

ultrasonic nebulizer inhaler effectively assists the lower respiratory tract, even in cases of severe narrowing of the bronchi.From the patient is not required to coordin

ate the breath and exhale when you receive a medical facility.The substance is concentrated in the lesions in sufficient quantity, although served in small doses.Both adults and children can use an ultrasonic nebulizer.


Before treatment should be familiar with the rules of use of the device.Ultrasonic Nebulizer is very easy to operate.Ultrasonic Nebulizer reviews It does not require any additional installations.Procedure:

  • included in the network;
  • fill the container apparatus of medical devices;
  • press the power button;
  • wear a mask.

service unit does not require special training.Instant Timer automatically disables the device and ensures the safety of the patient.It is possible to individually set an acceptable aerosol propelled by the air flow regulator.

for ultrasound inhalation drugs used with water-soluble properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • specialized extracts for inhalation;
  • artificially by saline solutions "
  • mineral water" Borjomi "," Essentuki "and the like.

Have complete some models of the device special nozzles and allows masks of medical procedures, even in cases where the patient lies or sleeps.


ultrasonic nebulizer inhaler has a number of distinctive advantages over other similar instruments: ultrasonic nebulizer inhaler

  • compact nebulizer provided small size of the device;
  • mobility guarantee low weight;
  • simple operation does not require additional skills;
  • minimum noisethreshold;
  • used when moist indoor air.

device is easy to transport. The small size and light weight allow the product to carry out preventive and therapeutic procedures as an inpatient in the home, as well as directly in the travel and various trips.

The kit includes many models of batteries that allow you to include inhalers with no steady power supply.

sputtering method helps obtain maximum therapeutic results with minimal doses of drugs.

rapid and immediate impact of drugs on diseased areas leads to a significant reduction in the period of recovery.

of side effects minimized.


purchasing ultrasonic nebulizer should be familiar with its shortcomings:

  1. used medical drugs and the necessary support material have come to an end, so it is always necessary to monitor the availability and timely resupply.
  2. There are a number of restrictions on the use of medical devices.Under the influence of ultrasonic beams some drugs lose their medicinal properties.

In devices of this type do not use:

  • Antibiotics and hormones, as ultrasonic waves lead to a reduction of their medicinal properties.
  • solutions made based oils.
  • Various herbal infusions and herbal teas as they contain suspended microparticles.
  • Solutions "Diphenhydramine", "Papaverine", "aminophylline" "platifillin" and other similar drugs, because of their lack of impact on the therapeutic properties of the mucosa.
  • Application "Hydrocortisone", "Deksazona", "prednisolone" and other systemic hormones theoretically acceptable.But then there is a systemic impact on the target site, and not local.Therefore in practice.


effectiveness of the impact of drugs on the lesions of the respiratory system guarantees the ultrasonic nebulizer.Best Ultrasonic Nebulizer Reviews of the device is constantly replenished with new positive statements.Members

attract affordable prices.Many say and modern technologies used in the production of the nebulizer.Suffice it reviews the rapid action of the device to the patient's condition.

Model Selection

No concept of "best Ultrasonic Nebulizer."Each model in its own good under different conditions.Therefore, when choosing a device, you must first decide on the list of desired benefits.

First the intended purpose of the device, purpose of use, if purchased by you.If you want to buy a nebulizer for the treatment of certain chronic diseases, should definitely consult with a qualified medical professional.And then it becomes clear answer to the question: "Ultrasonic inhaler - which one is better?"

fundamental characteristics of the ultrasonic device is the size and uniformity of aerosol microparticles.The major components of up to 10 microns, are in the nasopharynx.In bronchial asthma should pay attention to instruments, degrading drugs up to five microns.The microparticles to two microns able to reach the alveoli.When selecting a model of the nebulizer should be based on the unit area of ​​influence on the human body.If the model of the device is selected correctly, ultrasonic nebulizer, the use of which determine the status of the patient is required to ensure better health.

Model Selection inhaler for a child

Children, especially small harbor no sympathy for strangers big and noisy devices.Ultrasonic inhalers User therefore may refuse to carry out the necessary medical procedure.To interest the child and to engage him in a proposed "game" models for children thought up an unusual design of the device.Used with the bright colors.Instruments attached to the form of toys to the healing process turned into an exciting experience.

order not to frighten the child, special attention should be paid quietest machine.Choosing Children's Ultrasonic Nebulizer, you must be sure to read the reviews, to purchase model of the device for the required parameters.

Mesh inhalers

Combining the best qualities of compression and ultrasonic nebulizers have been successfully achieved in the electron-mesh inhalers.It is absolutely silent unit with an extended list of used drugs.

"Rotor" - an ultrasonic nebulizer

Ultrasonic inhalation procedures "Rotor" is the latest generation of nebulizer.An extended list of medical drugs, including alcohol-based products and oil (rosehip, sea buckthorn, evklipt, mint).an ultrasonic nebulizer which is better

This device is used to treat a number of diseases:

  • bronchitis;
  • flu;
  • asthma;
  • ARI;
  • throat;
  • laryngotracheitis;
  • occupational diseases of the bronchi and lungs.

Operation ultrasonic device "Rotor" simple and uncomplicated, no different from the rules of a conventional nebulizer.

By the unique features of "Rotor" are:

  • completely silent during operation of the device;
  • lightweight plastic housing unit, easy to transport;
  • The instrument includes a special-purpose mask which is suitable for both adults and children;
  • has the ability to spray antibiotics and oil solutions while preserving their therapeutic properties;
  • used only high-quality raw materials;
  • reasonable price of the instrument;
  • home nebulizer, which is produced in the territory of Russia;
  • instrument manufacturer - OAO APZ "Rotor" - a warranty of 12 months from the date of acquisition;
  • scientifically proven ten-year period of operation of the ultrasonic nebulizer.rotor ultrasonic nebulizer

Existing models of ultrasonic nebulizers differ in specifications.Each has its own appearance, individual size, color, power, volume spraying medicines and performance.But it unites all kinds of ultrasonic devices working principle of the instrument, based on aerosol spray medications in the respiratory system of the human body.