Recreation - is the restoration of human forces

Education, work, fast pace of life, stress, stress - all this causes fatigue and leads to a decrease in health.Consumption of energy and their recovery - related and constantly alternating process.The term recreation represent the restoration of spiritual, physical strength and the development of human personality.From Latin to Russian translated as recovery recreation, relaxation.

Recreation and its resources

So recreation - a procedure and organization of rest to recuperate.It has a wide range of activities, both individual and collective: Recreation, tourism, sightseeing, physical activity, and so on.Carried out in their free time, in designated areas outside the home.Recreation is

Recreational resources - a natural, climate, health, educational facilities, cultural and historical attractions of the city or village, which used to provide recreational services.Recreational resources have several directions, such as natural, spa, travel, sports, and others.

As you can see, there are many forms of recreatio

n, today we look at a small portion of them.

Types recreation

recreation can be divided into passive and active.

  • passive recreation - is to visit parks, museums and theaters or implied vacation near the residence.This type does not require any financial costs or special planning.

Types of recreation

  • active recreation - a holiday at a great distance from home and living in a new place (hotel, camping, tent, etc.).

Natural recreational territories and resources

part of the surrounding space environment, which is reserved for the rest of the collective people called natural recreational areas.This includes medical, recreational and resort areas, areas of lands of water or forest resources, conservation areas and historic destination, as well as other recreational facilities to ensure that the work of recreational activities and comfortable environment for guests.

natural recreational resources refer to natural health, spa, resort factors and resources used for the purpose of rehabilitation and restoration of human vitality.It may be having a healing effect minerals, organic or mineral origin (mud, mineral water, etc..), Special climatic conditions of the terrain and landscape of natural character (beaches, forests, mountains, parks, etc.).

Recreational tourism Recreational tourism

- the movement of people in the free time to relax and restore vitality and mental strength.In many countries, this type of tourism is very popular.Evaluation of tourist recreation constitute the basis of tourist recreational resources.These include the relief of the region, water bodies, vegetation, climate, natural healing resources, etc.

Tourism and recreation

Tourism and recreation contribute to the elimination of negative factors that affect a person in everyday life.Relax and get healthy participants such hikes allow sufficient muscle activity, which provides the main functional systems of man: respiratory, cardiovascular, locomotor, etc.In addition, a positive effect on the body itself a change of scenery.

Motor recreation

Motor recreation - is any active work with physical activities and sports complexes exercises (outdoor games, sports activities, exercise), in other words, - leisure.With technological progress, most of us lead sedentary lifestyles, little moves, does not observe a mode of day, etc.From this disease appear, deteriorating health, there is a constant fatigue, insomnia, nervousness.Therefore motor recreation, also called physical recreation, should be part of the life of modern people.Recently, our company has paid much attention to this idea.Physical recreation

Recreational period

There are 5 most repeated recreation periods (cycles):

  1. daily - repeated every 24 hours.Activities lasting from 4 to 6 hours, next to the residence, with the active or passive actions.With the development of transportation the opportunity to travel longer distances.
  2. week holiday or weekend, - the frequency of 7 days.Stay (an average of 6 to 8 hours) at close to home areas, such as parks, squares and so on.
  3. Quarterly - repeatability from 65 to 90 days.Visits, lasting about 8 hours in a day are not very remote places of recreation (excursions, visits to relatives, friends and so on.).
  4. annual holiday - the cycle duration of 1 year.Visit places distant from the house.With the development of modern transport movement has unlimited distance.The average length of vacation from 10 to 14 days.
  5. life - the period from 10 to 15 years.Usually this is due to some great event, such as a honeymoon.Distance does not matter.The duration of rest between 10 and 30 days.

From all listed above, we can conclude that each subsequent period, a growing distance.

Recreation and Leisure

Recreation and relaxation are important for tired, exhausted man.Recharge your batteries, people increases efficiency, and they are less susceptible to disease.