Stretch marks on the priest - not a cause for sadness

Every woman wants to have a beautiful body with a smooth, even and taut skin.To achieve this result, beautiful ladies need to regularly and painstakingly working on her figure, to give her enough attention, however, agree that the results are worth the effort.I especially want to get close to the ideal in anticipation of the beach season, the long-awaited vacation, and therefore, should start right now to eliminate all defects.

stretching the pope

Where are striae

lot of grief for women of all ages can deliver extensions to the pope, the abdomen or chest.Stretch marks (so called doctors stretching) can occur at any age.Their appearance may provoke a hormonal teenage rebellion, a sharp increase in body weight or weight loss, pregnancy, in general, everything that is connected with the stretching of the skin during a short period of time.As a result of such rapid change, the skin gets a microscopic injury.Lost its elasticity, the ability to reduce and place injury filled fibers of the connective tissue.At the initial s

tage of stretching the pope or other parts of the body are painted pink to purple-red.It is through the thin translucent layer of the epidermis blood vessels.Over time, this layer thickens, and stretch marks gradually fade until they become white, slightly similar to the scars.Since there is no connective tissue pigments, stretching the pope will be more noticeable than the darker skin tone.Gradually, they can be reduced in volume and become more invisible, but without the participation of surgeons to get rid of them completely fail.

Forewarned - forearmed

Cream against stretch marks To prevent the appearance of the skin of this defect, it should be given at certain times of the Protection maximum attention.Depending on the cause, and change their places of deployment.When pregnancy is suffering most of the chest area, stomach, hips.And during puberty often appear stretching the pope, waist, bust.So, the skin in areas of potential danger should ensure the proper level of moisture and additional support.Preventing stretch marks - a complex event, only if all the conditions can be obtained exactly the result for which it's done - smooth and velvety skin.


skin condition has a great influence what she gets in enough all the necessary minerals and vitamins.Potassium, calcium, vitamins E, A and F - are the main enemies of the stretch marks.Increase the amount of cheese on the menu, fish, dried apricots, vegetable oil, cheese, tomatoes.

say "no" stagnation

To improve circulation, come to the aid douche.Due to the sharp temperature changes, the walls of blood vessels, "play", increasing their strength and elasticity.stretch marks on the abdomen self-massage gives excellent results, it can be done by hand or with special tumblers, the benefit of their range is wide - from mechanical to a plastic or wooden cutting-edge that will make all the work for you.Conduct these sessions, using olive oil or one that is intended for massage.Thus reduced pressure on the skin, and it receives lubricant from additional moisture and nutrition.Sport, too, will be superfluous.Swimming, running or fitness - a matter of taste.After the massage and exercise, should be applied to the skin a special cream against stretch marks.To avoid stretch marks on my stomach appeared while carrying a child start to use a moisturizing cream or olive oil to lubricate the skin as soon as you learn about the interesting position.No need to wait until the belly starts to grow, the same applies to the chest.From 5-6 months of pregnancy buy support bandage, it will remove the excessive load on the skin.

Do not give up

If your body is already decorated with stretch marks, you can reduce them.Scrubs, wraps, creams will have its effect, but if the striae are very large and noticeable, the need to address them to resort to the services of specialists.