Rating washing machines: choose model

It is hard to imagine a home without a washing machine.It is imperative this unit for families with children, because there washing produce almost every day.When choosing a washing machine, customers primarily guided by cost, features and reviews of friends and acquaintances.rated washing machines Today the market offers a great variety of devices for washing, so very easy to get confused, thinking about which model is best.

Washers: Rating

There is a list of devices created on the basis of the quality of equipment, the number of outages, the frequency of complaints of people in the service centers.It should be noted that if any brand got in this list, this does not mean that the products specified by the manufacturer is working perfectly.Rating indicates that the buyers of these models are turning into much less repair shops (compared to owners of other devices).

devices Miele

There are washing machines, which is rated very high.In today's market one of the most expensive brands is Miele.This model is collected in G

ermany alone, with the use and reliable quality parts.The duration of this technique is 30 years, but the fine German quality, too, can give a crack.Sometimes reliable Miele washing machines require repair, which is expensive.rating of reliability of washing machines


In the second place, you can put the device mark "Bosh", which are less likely than others in the service centers and repair shops.This brand - one of the oldest in Europe.Today the assembly of such units are mainly carried out in Spain, they are of excellent quality.But these devices sometimes fail.


This mark also falls into the well-known rating washing machines.It practically does not inferior to the reliability of the device "Bosh", is a small fraction of all repaired "stiralok."When assembling the models "Zanussi" use high-quality parts, produced in Italy.

"Electrolux" and "Siemens"

Devices "Electrolux" attribute with the "Zanussi" to one and the same family.Indicators of failure is small.Also pay attention to the model of the company "Siemens", which are included in the ranking of the reliability of washing machines.This German brand is considered one of the best in Europe.

Features Washers rating

It should be noted that many of the models have significant shortcomings in its design and very often under repair.They do not fall into the rating of the washing machines.For example, devices with vertical load Brandt are silumin calipers that when washing cotton garments gradually become clogged, and the resulting burst.In recent years, ranking has fallen dramatically washing machine "Ariston" and "Indesit", who use poor quality parts with the release of the control modules.The latest models after a period of work begins blinking like a Christmas illumination.This problem is solved by soldering a beat.Please be aware that many models come in for repair the fault of owners: because of neglect or abuse.