Predictions for the New Year joke - a way to entertain your company

Predictions for the New Year are a humorous way to make a feast, corporate or matinee interesting for the participants.It found its future almost everyone subconsciously wants.Therefore humorous predictions 2012 - is one of the ways to meet this need.Moreover, if the process is converted into an interesting game with defined roles and clothe all of this into an interesting shape.However, before you begin to entertain the guests, you must determine the number of points.Namely, choose the text, select the appropriate time in the evening and come up with a scenario, what this is all to clothe.predictions for the new year comic

What predict?

If no time is something to write on their own, then a variety of New Year's 2012 comic predictions can be found online, or special entertainment literature.Of course, if you allow creativity, to make them better.In both cases it should be understood that the predictions for the New Year comic must comply with the audience for which they will be read.What companies will be acceptable and fun, for

others it may be vulgar and tasteless, or even worse - boring.For example, if it is a purely male team, where everyone knows each other for a long time, there is acceptable almost everything that does not go beyond what is permitted too.However, when children or women predictions for the New Year should be subject to certain comic censorship.The same goes for corporate events, there must be a certain subordination.Too freestyle joke can backfire.humorous predictions 2012

When predicting?

Typically, this game begins when the participants of the event included a specific condition.Not at the start of the holiday.This is to ensure that the predictions for the New Year comic perceived easily, without insults and restriction.Also, if for example, it is a feast, after the pre-holiday bustle bite and a little drunk, people become happier and more open to dialogue, liberated.Another important point, this number can not be too delayed.Ten minutes will be enough to all a good laugh and they do not become boring jokes.The main thing with this - to cover majority of New Year's Eve, if, of course, not too much.It is important that no one was hurt and embarrassed that he was the subject of jokes, but it is not a friend or colleague.New comic predictions 2012

How to do it?

options on how to arrange all this action, quite a lot.Among the most common recommendations for this issue often can be found, for example, the distribution of some baking with a surprise inside.Of course, you do not just get around with a tray of holiday guests, and play any scene with a quick change.You can dress in Baba Yaga, a fortune-teller, an animal - a symbol of the New Year, or even some fantastic character.The papers with the predictions can be put in a hat, hat disguised as someone leading in the bag of Santa Claus.They can be awarded as prizes in some cheerful spirit of competition or mobile game.You can also use this for spinning roulette.