How to make a necklace of beads with their hands and beads?

Beautiful decoration - an integral part of the image of any woman.Necklace in this list is by no means the last place.Of course, not necessarily that it is of precious stones.Modern jewelry will not give beauty the most expensive jewelry.If you run a necklace with his hands, it will turn out unique.Repeat the manual work is simply impossible.Most impressive it will look beads and large beads.There are a lot of interesting ideas how to do it.Here is one of them.

Necklace with their hands

What will it take?

For this necklace of beads, in addition to patience and minimal skills in beadwork, you need the following materials and tools:

  • number 10 beads of different colors (black, white, brown and gold);
  • oblong black beads with a diameter of about 1 cm;
  • filler for bead beads (eg sintepuh);
  • thread beading;
  • jewelry wire to assemble necklaces;
  • buckle hook;
  • needle for beads;
  • scissors.

When making a necklace with his own hands is very important to choose a quality beads.It must be the same as the size and color.Ideally, t

his should be Delica brand or TOHO.If not, you can replace any production Czech Republic.From China and other cheap beads should be abandoned.Work at best get untidy.At worst - do not get to collect beads.

Beads Bead

main decoration of a necklace - beaded beads braided.They are made in the original technique, which involves assembling each of the individual squares and triangles.It's quite hard work.Therefore, such a necklace of beads with your hands to make the beginner can not do.However, a little practice, you can decide to weave a higher level of complexity.

Necklace of beads with your hands

Production of beads of beads consists of two stages: the production of components and assembly.For each will be described below in great detail.

Weaving elements

Each element - and the squares and triangles - is performed in a circular weaving technique.To work went faster and easier, it is best to prepare in advance the needle, thread, scissors, and disassemble the beads by color.For triangles need gold, brown and black, and for squares - and more white.So, where do you start to weave necklace with your own hands?

on thread type 3 gold beads and closed in the ring.Another nearby place between each of them on two brown beads.In the third row is used black beads.Between brown beads knead for 2 pieces, and between the pair of them - one by one.In the fourth and final series between a pair of black beads accommodate 3 beads of various colors, and among the rest - one black.As a result, a triangle with a bright yellow middle and corners.Total beads required for every 8 shares.

You can now weaving squares necklace with your own hands.Schemes as such is not required.For each type requires four gold beads and put them in the ring.Then between each accommodate one bead brown (only 4 pieces).The third row is dialed in the same way black beads.In the fourth place at the corners with two black beads, and in the middle of the side - one white.Another close dial 2 black and white beads, respectively.In the last row in the corners of a square type 2 black, 1 yellow and 2 more black beads, and on the sides - one white.At the ending of a square weave.Total of need one large bead 6 pieces.

Assembly beads

Now that all the elements are ready, you can begin to assemble the beads for a necklace of beads.The hands it is easy to do.Take one of the prepared squares and sew the sides of 4 triangle.Then place between 4 square.Already at this stage the conversion can be seen in the bead.Now you need to sew the sides of the square between the remaining 4 triangles.There is only one element.This is a square.

Necklace of beads with your hands

before it finally sew, you need to fill the bead filler.This is done in order to keep the shape it is.After all, with this method of weaving, it is hollow.Then, carefully sew on all sides were square.So, there is one bead for necklaces, made with his own hands.Their total take at least three.However, they do not necessarily equal.You can experiment with colors, patterns and textures.


Once everything is done, it remains to collect their own hands necklace of beads.On jewelry wire dial one of them, then place on each side of 3 conventional beads.They may be different in size.Now, from different sides, one more bead bead.And then the different beads necklace on both sides until it get the right length.Secure the security cable to a jewelry clasp.This necklace of beads and beads ready.

Necklace with their hands: scheme

course, this workshop can be upgraded and create a variety of ornaments.As a complement to the necklace can make beautiful beaded earrings or a brooch.As a result, needlewoman get the original set of ornaments.