Funny comedy about children

Comedy about the children - it's a great time to get together with your family and enjoy the exciting world of adventure, fiction, children's drawings and unsurpassed humor.

Top Hollywood comedy about the children of the XX century

The first part of this amazing comedy came out in 1990.Today, there are five sequels of this hilarious film, which today does not lose its relevance."Home Alone" - a family comedy of all time.Every child knows about the adventures of the little Kevin's parents accidentally forgotten at home.To the surprise of his family, he is the smartest small and even save the family property from looters.

comedy about kids

«Dennis Menace" - a film about the little prankster, who came to the big screen in 1993.The film was a success at the box office, producers released a few sequels, each of which focuses on the antics of the little restless.

last decade of the last century was rich in comedy about children.Another masterpiece of American filmmakers - the movie "Problem Child."Family Junior Healy

adopts seven years, but the child is simply walking "problem."

Children Comedy Soviet cinema

Masters of Soviet cinema offers viewers a wonderful touching comedy about kids who were not only fun, but certainly instructive.

One of those films - "Welcome, or No Trespassing."It was filmed in 1964 by Elem Klimov.The film tells a story from the life of Bones Inochkin.For his antics, he was expelled from summer camp, but in order not to upset the parents, Kostya returned to the camp and goes into hiding.Friends Inochkin help him and are trying to derail the upcoming parent day.

funny comedy about children

funny comedy about the children in the Soviet Union were able to shoot, and most importantly, love to do it.Gorky Film Studio nurtured a galaxy of talented children artists.In 1977, screens out the picture of Vladimir Grammatikova "mustachioed nannies."Loser and varmint Kesha gets a job in a kindergarten.The kids help him grow up and become more independent.

«The Adventures of Petrov and Vasechkina ..." - one of the cult comedies of domestic cinema.Petrov, and third graders Vasechkin - absolute opposites, but this fact does not prevent them to be friends and always gets into various funny stories.

top 3 modern children's comedies Hollywood

boom in the US comedy about children subsided with the start of the new millennium, however, many directors and producers continue to work in this genre, relieve not only sequels to all your favorite movies, but telling the viewer newincredibly funny stories about kids and teenagers.

In 2005 the studio Walt Disney Pictures presented its offspring - "Bald nanny".Shane is forced to guard commando of five children of a scientist working for the government.Spy thought that the hot spots he was faced with all but the education and protection of children - this is the most difficult task.

comedy about young children are always full of humor and full of funny situations, is no exception and the picture of Alex Zammit "Little rascals save the situation," released in 2014.The company is trying to help the children of an elderly woman to retain their bakery.Earning money guys ever get into the ridiculous and absurd stories.

«Alexander ... very bad day" - Amazing comedy about children and their parents.Nothing but trouble - is it good?Of course not, these days are created in order to appreciate the good moments.

Best Russian comedy about children

Two escaped from prison are criminals as summer camp.And so begins the "High Security Vacation" - a great comedy with Sergei Bezrukov and Dmitri Dyuzhev starring.

a comedy about young children

«Leader raznokozhih" - funny comedy about 11-year-old Daniel, which is constantly being kidnapped, but because of his "angelic" liking return a week later.At this time, the boy accidentally stole his real father.

«Real Dad" - another comedy about naughty children and their parents.Roman Shilo - crime boss, his life is monotonous and harsh.Once he learns that he has a teenage daughter.She falls on the head of my dad along with his younger brothers and sisters.