How to use hair curlers.

This woman should be able to change, delighting themselves and others surprising.She can wear straight hair, to appear with an unusual hairstyle and make beautiful curls of different shapes.The question of how to use hair curlers, many women are interested in.The article describes the features and benefits of this simple procedure.

curlers - accessible means curling

Long before the emergence of women curlers used paper or cloth bundles, often Producing their own.Hairstyles ladies of the Middle Ages were created mainly using these accessories.In addition, the activity of employed professional hairdressers, since the use of curlers convenient, inexpensive and effective.Then, commercially available products were denser materials with fastening elements on the hair.

now they can be purchased in many stores the respective directions of the assortment.Papillotte produced rubberized rubber, foam rubber or other synthetic material.This colorful sticks with a length of 20 - 25 cm. Their flexibility is caus

ed inside the wire, which makes it easy to give the product a variety of shapes when bent in different directions.

how to use hair curlers

girls like them as easy to use hair curlers, their acquisition does not imply any particular material costs, and the result is palpable.Curlers are waterproof and resistant to chemical reactions with the components that make up tools for hair care.

winding strands

How to use hair curlers?The procedure is as follows:

  1. First you need to wash your hair and blot them dry with a towel or hair dryer.
  2. papilotok prepare the right amount - somewhere 10 - 15 pieces.
  3. Divide the hair into 3 parts: the occipital, temporal, and have the crown and secure with clamps.
  4. curling should start by grabbing the lower rear locks.
  5. from the main beam to be separated a little bit of hair, hold them wet comb or lightly sprinkle with water, if necessary.
  6. Apply a small amount of a strand styling.
  7. Implement winding curlers from the center, making it tight and without haste.
  8. Secure curlers, bending it like a horseshoe.
  9. curlers must be placed in a checkerboard pattern, as it eliminates the appearance of overt partings.
  10. on the head better to tie a scarf or wear fishnet.
  11. Leave the curlers need to 5 hours or more.

curlers to use

Tips wrap

uncomplicated manner described above, and fixed curlers.How to use them most effectively, the recommendations suggest:

  1. The wetter the curls are in the beginning of the procedure, the more pronounced hair as a result.But long wet hair can not dry out during the night, and dry acquire only small waves, so you need to determine for themselves the golden mean.
  2. Capture hair to gently, without leaving hair sticking out, because the result is reflected in the hairstyle.
  3. For good curler curlers must remain on the hair for 5 hours.You can wind the hair and go to bed, because it is quite soft structure curlers allows it.
  4. use of the products obtained by the small-diameter bulk haircut, and for large bends need appropriate rollers (curlers).
  5. how to use them, if you want to just curl the ends of her hair?In this case, the strand is wound only to the desired length.

curlers curlers to use

How to get beautiful curls resulting

took 5 hours or the morning came, and now need to gently dissolve the hair and leave the house with beautiful styling.Since the right to use hair curlers must not only when they are securing, and removing them from the strands, always take into account the following tips:

  1. Deploy curlers need in the same manner in which you and wrap, that is, from the back of the head.
  2. strands are separated by a comb with a few teeth or just your fingers.Use a brush is not necessary, because the result is a "fluffy dandelion."The main thing here - carefully remove the curlers.
  3. How to use gel or wax to create the effect of wet hair?Apply a small amount onto the strands before winding, wait until dry, and then remove the curlers.
  4. After laying recommended lightly sprinkle hairstyle fixing varnish, but do not use it in large quantities, because the loose hair should look natural.

curlers to use the photo

Benefits papilotok

Barber industry is constantly offering new products: this advanced electric appliances and accessories.Nevertheless, many women around the world continue to use curlers.How to use, the photo above clearly show, the resulting effect is also shown.

today make beautiful curls can be independently using forceps, termoutyuzhka, hot air dryer, etc.However, it is important to take care not only about a single installation, but also the health of your own hair.Curlers in this respect are a great alternative to the harmful effects of electrical appliances.

Advantages of the method:

  1. soft texture of the rollers allows to leave them on the hair at night and sleep well at the same time.
  2. papilotok A wide range of variation and drying period allow the creation of a variety in appearance curls.
  3. harmlessness hair associated with the lack of refractive clamps and heat treatment at curling.
  4. Practice shows that curls by curlers, persist longer than the waves from curling.
  5. No need for special skills.
  6. No risk of mechanical damage to the hair when they are unfolding.

how to use hair curlers

As curlers own produce?

needed for this segment of linen fabric.You can use, for example, an old sheet.Requires its strips cut length of 15 cm and a width of 2 cm. We also need the most common paper towels on the number of tissue segments.

required to take a towel, fold it in half, put on the table vertically.On top of it place the fabric horizontally.Wrapped in a napkin.Thus, a matter in the paper basis.Free from pieces of cloth napkins - is to secure the elastics.

So uncomplicated way turn-curlers curlers.How to use them, guess any woman: it is necessary to wind the strand on a product, to engage elastics and at the end of the procedure put on the head of a special mesh.Experience comes just a couple of sessions.

curlers - is a simple and harmless way to make your hair curly.