Ready muffins in silicone tins?

Today cooking is appreciated not only taste and attractive dishes, but also the speed of preparation.When the time to cook a little something about the complex on the formulation and the duration of baking hostess did not even think.And rightly so!Why expend energy and long hours of difficult pies, if you can prepare light, tasty and quick muffins in silicone tins.Recipes of cupcakes is very simple and suitable for a family tea or as a dessert for the holiday dinner.

muffins in silicone tins recipes

silicone cookware - your friend in cooking

silicone cake pan is convenient because it does not pastry undercooked and did not stick to the walls even without lubrication oil.It is easy to get golden brown, because the form can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees!At the exit you turn out neat, lush and ruddy muffins, and the silicone dishes can simply rinse with water.

How to cook muffins in silicone tins?Recipes will use different: with cheese as the main ingredient, two-color and sunny orange muffins recipe.

Curd Cupcakes: and tasty and useful

For the first method, you need the following ingredients:-ounce packet of cheese, 150 grams of butter, flour and sugar, a teaspoon of baking powder and cinnamon (if desired) and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

melted butter and all the other ingredients except the flour mix well until smooth, then bring to the density, vsyp flour gradually.As a result, you get a lot of resembling the consistency of thick cream.The dough is ready.Then you can dream up, adding to taste nuts, candied fruit or chocolate chips, for example.

future now send cakes baked.The form can be slightly samzat vegetable oil, then pour the batter into each well by filling about 2/3 of its height.This is done in order to test which was to rise.To prepare our pastries will be a little more than an hour at a temperature of 180-200 degrees.And, voila, curd cupcakes in silicone tins ready for tea drinking!

cakes in tins paper

stylish black and white cupcakes

to party with friends or other event is to take care of a spectacular variety of delicious desserts.In that case, the cupcakes are ideal "day and night".For simplicity, we take the preparation already familiar dough recipe and slightly modify it.Separate obtained after adding the weight of all ingredients in two parts.One vsyp two tablespoons of cocoa powder, and in another, you can rub a little lemon peel.

cupcakes in silicone tins

now fill the molds, pouring into each well at first dough with cocoa, then without it, until it is filled to 2/3.As a result, finished cakes will have a black and white pattern, as day and night or zebra stripes.

certain your guests will be thrilled with these muffins in silicone tins.Recipes will be asking all housewives!

Orange cakes - a piece of the sun on your desk

very fragrant and sunny turn out cupcakes with orange.For them, it needs 150 grams of butter and sugar, as well as 400 grams of flour, 3 eggs 2 teaspoons baking powder and 1 - soda.For flavor you can add a little vanilla sugar.And, of course, the main "highlight" of the recipe - orange juice (1-2 things).All components are mixed and sent to the hot oven for half an hour.The aroma in your kitchen will be incredible!

If you do not know how to cook delicious muffins in silicone molds, recipes, described above, will help you with this.Please the loved ones fragrant homemade cakes, but do it easily and quickly.By the way, similar to the silicone molds can cook muffins in paper cups and serve them, even without removing it from the wrapper.