How to clean suede from salt.

autumn-winter period is accompanied by dirt and snow on the street, that spoil the boots and shoes, leaving them salt stains.Immediately raises the burning question of how to clean suede shoes from the salt.On this question there are some effective tips to help keep the "clothing" for the feet clean and dry.

Tips for proper care

To get started, try to clean the shoes dry brush for suede, they have soft hairs that will not damage the surface and will not spoil the smoothness of the coating.If this procedure does not work, you need to attract the "heavy artillery".

How to clean suede from salt how to clean suede from salt

Take a small container with hot water and dilute it a couple of pinches of detergent, then this water (which is liquid soap), wipe the boots or shoes.Wipe clean with a damp cloth, then wipe dry.Now shoes should be dried, for such purposes in the market you can buy a special electric dryer.In extreme cases, use of the newspaper (excellent desiccant), they need to cram into the mash and wet shoes.After drying

chamois wipe dry special brush and it is advisable to cover the repellent.

How to clean suede from salt how to clean suede from salt There are several options for cleansing the shoes of this material.For example, it is possible to bring the contaminated sites pan boiling, the steam that comes out of it, slightly loosen dirt and salt, and they can be easily removed.You can wipe the shoes, and a solution of ammonia and water (approximate ratio of 1 to 4).After such washing is best suede again wiped with a damp clean cloth.And in the first and in the second case, after all the procedures necessary to dry thoroughly and then apply paint or water-repellent.

If all else fails ... how to clean suede shoes from salt There is another method, it is quite tough, but it helps to 100%.Remember, it is better to use, if the previous cleaning methods have not helped.So, how to clean suede on salt?Shoes and dry them, stuffed the newspaper, well wipe special brush up and down the pile to dirt and reagents completely removed from the surface.Carry out the cleaning procedure can be fine sandpaper (but carefully), typically a salt or a piece of dry bread (better to use a crust).At the end of Shoes handled eraser (which erases pencils), then better to use the paint with water-repellent effect.

few simple general rules

To the question arises, how to clean suede with salt, stick to some of the recommendations that will help keep shoes in top condition.To start the purchase.Do not take the product for growth in the process of socks on it necessarily will appear dents or creases that will spoil not only the appearance but also will collect dirt, salt and dust in the street.Handle with shoes of such a delicate material like suede - any scratch or abrasion will affect not only the appearance, but, again, on pollution.If you need to clean, spend it in advance, but not before the exit to the street.The application of paint or spray should be dry or they will be covered with dust trite that stick and ruin the surface of the suede.

Folk remedies cleanse suede shoes There are several popular methods that will absolutely not thinking about how to clean suede on salt because it just will not be on the shoes.

Potato Tuber

potatoes should be cut and grate half pre-cleaned and dried suede shoes.Then it must dry and only then you can comb and cover the top of the special impregnation.

Alcohol Alcohol is involved in many spheres of human activity, and that he also did not pass.So spreading the alcohol with water at a ratio of one to one, you can wipe the shoes to impart smoothness and natural shine.The liquid is applied to a cotton swab or cloth that is lint-free, and rub the surface of the boots or shoes.

Conclusion When you first buy suede shoes, you know, it is necessary to tinker, but her beautiful appearance compensates all the inconveniences to care for her.