The scenario of anniversary woman 60 years: pathetic, frankly, fun

Soon your family anniversary: ​​60 years old woman he loved and appreciated for generations.How to organize a celebration?How to make a feast, without which it can not do our holidays not turned into a banal booze?Share your experience.

Preparing to write the script of the anniversary of women 60 ye

ars old, need to be well prepared.Our training consisted of several stages.

  • First, we wrote off and phoned all the relatives and asked them to remember the most important or just funny stories, a party which was the heroine of the festival.These cases, we then included in the script.Part staged, are often used as short stories.the scenario of anniversary woman 60 years
  • We thought a woman of 60 years.The script must display its way of life.Just so that no one was bored.We took and made a short presentation: the birthday girl from birth to the present day.For each photo came up with an unusual background, funny captions.
  • 60 years, we thought, is not old age, but it is very honorable age.And, therefore, the scenario of anniversary of women 60 years of age must be not only fun, but also solemnly pathetic.Therefore we asked the younger relatives think sensual, beautiful greetings for each of them to choose the correct, a little sad, but very solemn music.
  • 60 years - this is not the only grandchildren and great-grandchildren yet.Our advanced youth prepared for the grandmother surprise.A few weeks they avoided relatives and friends with a camera, and all said the same thing: "We are preparing the scenario of anniversary of women 60 years of age.This is our grandmother.What can you say to her? "Someone embarrassment, someone openly posing, told the story of his acquaintance with the heroine who utters wishes.Then grandchildren mounted shot with pieces of the cartoon: Get a touching, sincere and very funny movie.woman 60 years old script

organizational issues

When all the preparations were completed, we assembled them in the script.Toastmasters decided not to hire: its role is played by one man of the middle generation.A woman thought out decoration cafe (apartment all relatives are not together).Along with the traditional balloons and flowers decorated the room with drawings the kids (they were asked to draw a pre-grandmother) and newspapers.These newspapers were like wedding, but were dedicated to Hero of the Day, and her family.Consider how best to seat guests, signed for each card, to avoid confusion.A grandmother arranged for "the royal throne."She - the eldest in our family.So she set the table on a high platform, chair made into a throne.Even the scepter and orb made of cardboard.

60 years anniversary of the woman


script anniversary of women 60 years of age has been implemented in such a chronology.

  • meeting guests.Tea, coffee, soft drinks.
  • seating guests.
  • Solemn meeting of Hero of the Day.
  • Congratulations.
  • presentation clips.Music.
  • Again congratulations, music.
  • film about the hero of the occasion.
  • Congratulations youth with pre-prepared songs and dances.
  • Dance of the birthday girl.
  • general merriment.

Conclusion Since the addition of the holiday has passed more than a year, but our friends still remember the cheerful anniversary birthday.By the way, such a plan can celebrate any anniversary.