German tank "Leopard."

At the present stage, the focus, many countries are giving it military industry.And it is no secret that the subject of pride in this area are tanks.Therefore, there is nothing strange in the fact that attempts to create a perfect fighting machine.Improving weapons systems, developing armor, used in the design of new materials - all directed to a formidable, powerful tank.And in this report will be considered by the German model called "Leopard."This tank in its history has undergone many changes and modifications.All this in more detail in this article.

Create the German war machine

Leopard tank

Construction of tanks it began in 1957.It was developing, with the participation of France.But the attempt to design a single tank did not become successful.It should be noted that the work in both countries took place in parallel.And in 1963, when there were carried out a comparative test of German and French models, Germany has decided to abandon the partnership.As a result, each country were designed their nation

al model."Leopard" - German tank, and AMX-30 - fighting vehicle France.During development, priority was given to German firepower and maneuverability.Subsequently, as a change of attitudes, the German designers have become the leading position output parameter security tank in combat.Because of this there have been several events aimed at raising its level.

first order for the production of military vehicles in the amount of 1500 models was published in 1963.And already in 1965, the band released the production tank "Leopard-1".He was solemnly handed over to the Bundeswehr.By the mid-70s completed the planned program.It was constructed several series of combat vehicles, wherein a variety of modifications.

What distinguishes the tank?

What can you say about the combat vehicles "Leopard"?The tank has a classical scheme of the overall layout.The driver was located in the bow.His working position has been shifted to the right side.The commander of the machine, and the gunner were located in the Battle of the right of the gun.To her left was charging.

Engine-transmission department, which longitudinally positioned engine, occupied a volume of 6.2 cubic meters.m at the stern of the hull.The capacity of any and all fuel tanks was equal 985 liters.They were located in the MTO.Ammunition for the gun was located in the front, slightly to the left of the driver.There was also ammunition in the fighting compartment.The volume of the tank was equal to 18.2 cu.m. Of these, about 4.2 cubic meters.m accounted for the tower.

warheads German model

How different weapons "Leopard"?The tank was equipped with a 105-mm rifled gun, which is manufactured in Germany by the British license.An ejector has been installed in the high pressure.Due to its eccentric location on the trunk did not happen reduce the angle of reducing gun.Precision firing managed to increase through the use of the heat shield.It uses special types of recoil devices.They helped to create a small rollback resistance until the departure of the projectile.The trunk was designed for about 400 shots.

main gunner's sight, which had a tank "Leopard-1", to coincide with a laser rangefinder.By using the thermal channel managed to achieve firing at night.Range in this case was equal to 2000 meters.Field of sight has an independent stabilization in several planes.The tank has an automatic system shall be verified sight.Also, there was also a system that has control over the operation of the fire control system.

addition to the main sight had a helper.Sights commander and gunner equipped with shutters that close automatically.Due to their short-term managed to eliminate glare when shooting at night.Due electronic ballistic computer able to generate the correction for the velocity target, depending on the crosswind, range, roll pin gun, temperature, etc.Two guns are auxiliary arms.One gun was paired with a gun, the other - the zenith.

Protection of tank shells enemy

What else can you say about a fighting machine "Leopard"?The tank, or rather his body was welded by using monolithic armor plates.The frontal sheet was fixed with an angle of 60 degrees.The sides are protected by the section protivokumulyativnyh screens, which used rubber-coated steel sheets.Their thickness was 10 mm.Cast tower was equipped with extra protection.The tank was equipped with HLF and fire units.In order to be able to put a smokescreen used grenade launchers in the amount of 8 pieces.On the tank deforming paint was applied, which makes it difficult to detect with night and day vision.Reducing the level of heat radiation of the power plant has become possible due to the mixing of the engine exhaust gases with the air flow coming from a special fan.

One of the best tanks

Leopard 2 tank

main German war machine is the "Leopard 2".The tank of the model by some experts as the best, as it has improved fire control system, an excellent weapon, armor strong.Regardless of its weight of 70 tons, this machine is capable of speeds up to 72 km / h.This can slow down the tank for a few seconds.

In 1979, the Federal Republic of Germany for the first time adopted a "Leopard 2".The tank immediately able to prove itself on the positive side.In this regard, it began deliveries to other countries.

Construction tank held under the joint project of American and West Germany.It all started with the creation of fundamentally new machine MW-70.But the project failed.In 1969, after the project began to collapse, there was a model called "Kyler", which reminded some parameters MW-70.In 1970, the German designers decided to come to grips with the development of MBT.

more advanced models

occurred parallel development of two versions of the tank."Leopard-2K" was supposed to be equipped with standard weapons.Another model, "Leopard-2FK", was armed with anti-tank missiles.In addition, subjected to a variety of testing the fire control system, as well as chassis components and weapons with hydropneumatic suspension.The first model was developed in 1973.

tank production ended in 1987.But a year later he entered the order, involves the development of 250 combat vehicles modification "Leopard 2A4".In 1990 finished production.However, modifying the car's designers have not stopped.The latest model is the tank "Leopard 2A7 + '.That he has been recognized by many experts the best MBT (main battle tank).

facilities armored

review of Leopard tanks

The tank is equipped with a combined armor.Among other things, provides for special attachment on the front sheet for additional armor.The sides are protected by a multilayer protivokumulyativnyh screens.They can be removed before shipment.

front plate, which is equipped with the tank "Leopard-2A4" in thickness reaches 640 mm.Starting with the 2A5, have additional armor modules that increase the level of protection of the forehead of the machine.Among the weak point of weak protection of the bottom of the hull.At the time of detonation of mines MBT driver is almost always dies.In this connection, the tank "Leopard-2A6" was equipped with armor plate special invoice, which is installed on the bottom.

It should be noted, and last modification.She received overhead modular elements, cover the entire forehead, as well as two-thirds of the board.These elements are necessary to protect the machine from grenade launchers, as well as anti-tank missiles and other weapons.

Tank "Leopard 2A7" combat unit was equipped with a machine gun, the caliber of which reached 12.7 mm.Weapons can be controlled remotely.On top of that there are smoke grenade launchers.The fire control system is perfect enough.This was achieved through thermal imaging channel.Through it you can keep shooting at night.There is a stabilization system and overlapping control channels.The electronic calculator allows you to automatically take into account all the parameters specific to the environment.This increases the accuracy of the shot.

Features inherent in the tank

German tank is characterized by mobility.Regardless of the large weight of the machine is able to reach speeds up to 72 km / h, to perform a U-turn on the spot in just 10 seconds.There is an opportunity and an instant stop.

tank "Leopard 2" is one of the best.He also managed to do some fighting, although a bit.This happened in 2007 in Afghanistan.Some of these tanks were blown up by explosives.However, the crew survived, but one of the driver.It was after this subsequent modifications were equipped with additional protection of the bottom.When taking into account all the parameters of the German machine can confidently say that the "Leopard" is a worthy representative of the "feline".

fighting vehicle of the new generation

Leopard tank 3

German tank "Leopard 3" is not a complete model.This kind of demonstration, which aims to show their latest system offered on the arms market.According to the developers, these systems are needed in order that they can be installed on existing models in order to upgrade them.It should describe in more detail, which includes "Leopard 3".

The tank is equipped with a monitoring system of pan.There is also a warning about the firing of combat vehicle.Most likely, these devices operate by installing special cameras in the corners of the tower.These systems are automatically associated with the system active protection that is required to produce a protective ammunition for shooting anti-tank missiles.With this comes the destruction of her on the approach.Shooting is done by fan-shaped blocks barrels stacked up in front of the tower.

What else can be said about "Leopard 3"?The tank is also equipped with an automatic weapon emplacements.Set it on the roof, which is well protected from small arms.On top of that war machine is closed by the powerful dynamic protection units.These are only some of the system.Total of the tank around 12.

Will popular upgrades?

According to the developer company "Rheinmetall" on existing models can install all of which is equipped with a German tank "Leopard-3."In this situation, it turns out exactly the same war machine as the one that was presented at the exhibition.You can install and individual part systems.There is a huge variety of variations.Naturally, all this can be possible if there are buyers and willing to carry out the modernization of their tanks.But the fact that there are, no doubt.As recent events have shown, the tank is too early to retire.Accordingly, their improvement - an excellent opportunity to acquire a modern fighting machine for a relatively small sum of money.It was a brief description of the tank "Leopard-3."

Is the German model better of its kind?

German tank Leopard

One party new tanks called "Armata" has entered the Russian troops.To say that the new model is unmatched specifications - to say nothing.It should be mentioned as an example some evidence for this.

main differences

First of all, it should be noted that the tower is uninhabited, and new tank control over it is digital.This allowed the crew to move to a special, fully armored capsule.It should be noted that this innovation was a huge step forward for the domestic tank building.It's no secret that a great fighting machine T-90 has some problems with the safety of the crew.This is due to the placement of ammunition directly into the fighting compartment, next to the crew.If the projectile successfully get into the goal, it will be followed by an explosion with the death of all personnel.Reviewing the tank "Leopard", it should be noted that it is characterized by exactly the same problem.

armament and protection

The tower "Almaty was" is a 125-mm gun.She has the ability to launch rockets.If it is not needed, it can be replaced by a 152 mm gun.It should be noted immediately that the gun "Almaty was" much more precise 152-mm guns mounted on the tank "Leopard" last modification.It should be emphasized that the wear resistance and the Russian sample is much higher.What do the "Leopard" and "Almaty was"?Both tanks are equipped with the diagnosis and analysis of the condition of the machine.

domestic tank armor thickness remains secret.We can assume that this issue combat vehicle in what will not concede the model T-90.It is also known that in the manufacture the new armor steel.Speaking of the tank "Leopard", it should be noted that he was "afraid" hit in the forehead, as well as home-made grenade explosions that may occur next.

Comparison of two armored

T-90 vs. Leopard

should now understand what a tank T-90 against "Leopard."The Russian model has sharply differentiated armor, which contributes to protect the machine from a direct hit.Steel thickness up to 1350 mm in the frontal part.It should be noted that the national sample are weakened zones.This is the area around the inspection unit and the tower on both sides.There was a place for the active protection system, as well as for modern electro-optical complex that helps cornering power and homing missiles to the sides.It should be noted that such a system does not have "Leopard."Furthermore, the German model has a lower degree of protection.The reason for this is to keep the total weight of the machine in the region of 50 tons.

armament combat transports

Tank T-90 is equipped with a 125-millimeter cannon, which has a barrel length of 48 calibers.The gun found in the front part together with the heavy machine gun.There is an automatic loader.Fighting machine has the ability to produce fire by means of controlled anti-tank missiles.This increases accuracy.

Tank "Leopard" has a 120-mm smoothbore gun.Barrel length reaches to 5520 mm.Sighting range of fire is equal to 3500 meters in a fixed state, and 2,500 meters in motion.There is a special sighting system, which includes a built-in stereo and laser rangefinders.

combat vehicle tests on the strength

During extensive testing the T-90 has demonstrated an excellent opportunity to position the shooting.After making ten shots on target enemies that are located at a distance of six kilometers from the combat vehicle, it was received 8 hits.When shooting while driving result has not changed - 7 hits.Designers believe that the rate of fire - one of the best in the world.In addition to the distinctive features of national development is the presence of a sufficiently high strength armor.As an example, the results of numerous studies.From a distance of 200 meters on the military machine it was released about six shells.Thereafter, the tank alone could reach the observation deck.After minor repairs, the board combat vehicle was fired from grenade launchers.Again, it was not possible to penetrate the armor.

parameters characteristic of the German model

should now lead indicators specific to the tank "Leopard."The firing range at the German tank is 4 kilometers.Precision is quite high, which turned out to achieve through the use of unique in its own way guided missiles.It follows that the tank is capable of independently calculated as the trajectory and speed of the projectile.In this connection failures hardly occur.However, it should be noted that neither heavy nor light tank "Leopard" does not have the same armor as domestic combat vehicle T-90.