How to reduce the calves - an effective set of exercises

rare woman does not dream about her to have a beautiful slender legs.And here they are, unfortunately, not everyone.Someone has a slim figure by nature, and someone needs to really work hard to acquire harmony, and then have to follow a certain regime, involving regular exercise and diet to again plump.

General recommendations

full of calves

Well, then, let us not lose heart and try to understand what exercises to do to achieve the shapely legs, and what recommendations should be followed in the diet.It is known that there are a lot of exercises for the hips.Certainly, every woman knows at least a couple of examples.And here is how to reduce the calves hardly known to many.Let's start with the fact that, to complete the calves gained an elegant shape, just do a little exercise.It is necessary to follow a certain diet that is low in protein and fat, as these substances contribute to the growth of muscle and adipose tissue.And it is in this case is highly undesirable.As for exercise, it is important that the

y are carried out regularly on a daily basis.Only in this case will be the slender legs and calves will get a beautiful and elegant shape.

Special exercises

how to reduce the calves

Now Pohorje on how to make thinner calves with special exercises.The main thing in this issue - not to overdo it.It is possible that you are "pumped" the calf muscles, and instead to decrease in size, your calves will increase.With the same purpose should avoid strength training on its feet, fast running, biking over rough terrain.But jogging, various stretching, walking the stairs up and down, exercise on a stationary bike at the gym and dilution and mixing legs should be fine.If you can not go to the gym, and you want to know how to reduce the calves without any special exercise equipment, you'll like the next set of exercises to perform to be two sets of 20-30 times:

- stand up straight,their feet shoulder-width apart, rise on your toes and slowly move downward;

- stand up straight, feet are shoulder-width apart, move the weight on his right leg, put it on the toe, hold for 5 seconds, then down, and then do the same with the left foot;

- stand up straight, put the feet shoulder-width apart, toes inward deployed;slowly stand up on your toes, to fall down;

- stand up straight against the wall, both hands rest against the wall, behind the right foot back and well pull a calf muscle;Do the same with the left foot;

- stand up straight, feet at this time are at shoulder width, lunge forward with right foot, left foot to pull;do the same with the left foot.

After six months of daily training, you will notice that your calves markedly decreased in volume.

How to reduce the calves' instantly ยป

how to make a thinner calves

course, six months - a period of decent.And so eager today to look slim and toned, have beautiful legs.There are several ways to visually stretch your legs and make them slimmer.Firstly, do not neglect the heels.It is no secret that in shoes with heels, even the most complete and small women look much slimmer and higher.Heel makes women's legs slimmer.Secondly, you need to wear tights in black only, or at least the color of dark tan, not flesh.This technique also helps to ensure that your feet "immediately" become slim, and you will not be so worry and frantically looking for a way how to reduce the calves.Those women who have the fullness of the legs is determined by hereditary factors, do not despair.Yes, there are cases where neither diets nor exercises for the legs is not helping.But beautiful legs - it's not all beauty.Surely, you have beautiful eyes, beautiful hair and slender waist.It is these advantages, and it is worth emphasizing.