As the "start" Man in different ways

Some times the force affects us so that we suddenly want sex.But to see in the eyes of her boyfriend the same passion, will have to try.Ways of how to start the guy very much, but the use of each of them depends on your location and situation.How to bring a young man with whom you passionately want to close, read the article.

To have a guy SMS As a "start" Man with a kiss

When you kiss him, hold his lip and gently pull or slide the tip of the tongue on his palate.Men can also initiate a gentle caress and sucking ear lobe with a little smack.This whisper to him something nice.Then slowly spend their lips over his temples, cheeks and forehead.Kiss her neck, sinking lower, slightly biting, then the chest, the abdomen, and gradually work up to the penis.Connect and stroking hands.

As a "start" Man by SMS

If your guy is now at work, and you really want it to excite, to send a message which read: "I have no panties ... '.Then proceed to describe how would make love to her lover.

How to create a Man with a kiss As a "start" Man on the phone

If it is somewhere with friends or parents, and does not hurry home, and you badly want sex call him.Tell me what you miss, ask what he was doing, and when he comes.After proceed to action - describe what you are wearing right now.For example, that you only new red negligee that barely covers the buttocks, black stockings and red sandals with thin heel.Do not hesitate to say that your nipples excited and you will be left to languish with desire to have sex with him.Can you give a couple of examples of caresses that brought him the greatest pleasure during the last close.Describe all what you want to do when he gets home.Your voice must be always calm and passionate.

As a "start" Man at a party

To do this, you need to tell about your sexual desires in his ear at the table.Now he will be thinking how to turn your words into action.Or sitting at the table, start to stroke his hand knee and inner thigh, moving gradually to the intimate area.If you manage to find a secluded place - hold his hand between her legs.You can also use SMS.Write: "I am in the bathroom ... I'm waiting."When it go down, close the door, push him and kiss passionately.

How to create a Man As a "start" Man in the car

To do this you need only stockings and a short skirt.Cast legs and quietly correct the skirt so that the stockings were visible.If this does not help, put your hand or foot in the area of ​​his genitals and massage.It excites him instantly.

As a "start" Man in the cafe

Skinte shoe and start stroking his leg his foot.At the same time, see him passionate eyes.Lift the leg higher and higher.You can also undo the couple pugovichek on her blouse and bend forward.

As a "start" Man House

first way: if he looks out the window, hug him and pierce his hand into his pants, start stroking his genitals while touching his ear with the tip of the tongue.The second way: tell any sexual lewd phrase and go into the room, turn around, look at him coquettishly and sexy pose wait for him in bed.The third way: lie naked under the blanket, and when he did lie, start to stroke his hand erogenous zone, and then nestle so that he felt your body.

Guys are very fond of variety.So do not get hung up on any one of the ways of excitation.He will get used to, and the relationship will lose any novelty.Use any way when your guy least expects it, that for him it was a surprise.