Cane Corso breed description and reviews (photo)

Today we talk about a great rock, which is called Cannes Corso.Breed will allow you to become better acquainted with this amazing animals, learn about its merits.This is truly a royal dog a terrific friend and bodyguard, gentle and caring nanny for children, strong and reliable companion who loves hiking and nature walks.With all the advantages of today it is quite difficult to buy the Cane Corso.Description of the breed is well known to professional breeders, but also among their adherents of these little dogs.Only recently, it was officially recognized and allowed to breed, so buy this puppy on the market simply impossible.Cane Corso breed description

History of breed

Not any dog ​​can be called so expensive and rare as the Cane Corso.Breed tells us little about its origins, so we will try to reveal to you the pages of many generations of breeding.Its roots lie in ancient Greece, according to one version, it refers to the ancient mastiffs, on the other - it was the ancestor of the great Roman dog.In any case, the history o

f the breed flourishes in the Middle Ages.The dog begins to be used for big game hunting and guard the flock.Even then determined the high status of Cane Corso.Breed shows us a magnificent creation, under the feudal lord and becoming.Ordinary people could not afford such a friend and helper.Lords not only used the dog as a decoration of the yard, but also took with them to hunt, and also used in the war.

After World War II, the world situation has changed, a sharp decline in the economy has meant that the breed was on the brink of extinction.In the 70s there a minimum number of members of this wonderful breed, and just enthusiasts founded the club, which is dedicated to its revival.In the books of the club in 1992, there were about 500 representatives of Cane Corso.Breed, photos, show results - all this is the pride of the club and kept in the museum.Even after 1994, when the vicissitudes of perestroika began to subside again began to grow interest in this stunningly beautiful animals.Cane Corso breed photo description

General characteristics of the breed

Particularly interesting it will be for those who have not yet heard about the Cane Corso.Breed, reviews breeders and owners agree that it is the most intelligent friend and a wonderful companion.The calm, seasoned dog has excellent working qualities.This is the best guard and a beautiful bodyguard, it is able to assess the situation, to catch on the fly thought the owner and, if necessary, and make their own decisions.It can live in an apartment or in the territory of a country house in the presence of a warm cage or booth.Cane Corso have a very stable psyche, she gets on well with children of any age.If you dream of perfect obedience to your pet, as well as the stellar successes in training, get yourself Cane Corso.Breed character equates to a human, and in the very best.They are credited with characteristics such as friendliness and responsiveness, strong attachment and loyalty to his master.Cane Corso breed description reviews


These are real athletes of the dog world.Medium height, compact, with strong bones, well muscled and mobile.At first glance, they are very similar to mastiffs, but dry physique and lack of wrinkles is a fundamental difference.

This dog is easy to keep and educate, so it is well suited to those who first gets himself a four-legged friend.Externally color Cane Corso resembles tiger.The dog always attracts the attention of all passers-by, it is impossible not to notice.She is big, strong and yet very elegant.Relief muscles clearly drawn on her powerful body.Let's take a closer look at the standards of the breed for you to have a complete picture.Cane Corso breed character description


If you are going to take the dog, then pay attention to the Cane Corso breed description, feedback.For some, this breed is suitable?Breeders say that it is easy to get along c, children and adults, it is the ideal partner for an elderly person.Faithful to the last breath of his family, she never does not show signs of aggression, if the house does not penetrate a stranger.

If you take a puppy with a pedigree, it is important to you its compliance.The head of a dog a broad, typically Molosser.The skull is wide, and the width of the jaw is its length.The nose is broad and black.Muzzle strong, short and square.The neck is strong and muscular, about the same length with the head.The body of the dog is very strong, slightly longer than the height at the withers.Dogs bulky, but not chunky.The back is very muscular and strong.The limbs are wide and strong, sweeping motion.Cane Corso breed description Health


If you have a family and you choose a friend to their children, is ideal for this purpose, Cane Corso.Breed description with photos, you must first examine the whole family to be decided on jointly.Cane Corso is very smart and disciplined, you do not need to be a professional dog handlers to teach your pet basic commands.The dog will grasp knowledge on the fly and with great pleasure.Terrible guard for thieves and intruders, with their hosts, he is tender and obedient.Suffice it once to explain what can and what can not, and the dog will remember.

If a family has young children, do not worry.Cane Corso - excellent nurse, they take kids under his wing and will give them the best companion for games.These dogs are very sensitive to children, they will never drop a baby and will meekly endure all his whims.

elegant and distinguished appearance hides a corresponding character.These dogs are noble and benevolent, they get along well with any pets, be it cat, rat or parrots.All it will take under his wing and will defend.Cane Corso breed description of the disease

Walking with Cane Corso

This is a topic for another discussion.How many times have you seen in the yard, the hapless owner of sweeps for your pet, barely holding in his hands stretched to the limit of the leash?And the final destination can be a bunch of garbage, cat or other dog, which is ventured squabble.Cane Corso is too honorable for that.Walk with them - it's a pleasure.They are not quarrelsome, and not depart from the host, even walking without a leash.They will never provoke a fight but if you notice that the danger looming over their master, will protect him even at the cost of his life.But without a serious threat or a team owner, they never attacked themselves.And this does not even need to specifically teach.They are born with the already established program.

Corso breed description reviews for whom suits


Despite the fact that the dog is quite large, they live well in an apartment.But a resident of the street it is difficult to imagine.It's not just that short undercoat does not warm in extreme cold.A strong, freedom-loving and very sociable dog feels bad for a chain, so if you are looking for a faithful friend, try to provide him with the best conditions.

These dogs are rather homebody than mobile and athletic creatures.Nevertheless, to walk with them requires regular and long.In the context of the city walk should be at least one hour twice a day.It is undesirable to take his cane corso, if you are most of the time at work.They are so attached to their owner, they can get sick if they are left alone every day for a long day.

short wool dog does not need special care.Molting they are practically invisible, it takes place twice a year.The rest of the dog should be occasionally comb and bathe as needed.Sharp, peculiar smell they have.But pendulous flews and constantly drool hanging delivers certain inconveniences, keep a towel.


Think about it before you find yourself Cane Corso.Breed Health defines as strong, but depends on the normal development and well-being on a diet, which gets a dog.You can make the choice to purchase a ready-balanced diet or switch to natural feeding.Adult Cane Corso a day would need about 250 grams of protein (about 4000 grams of meat) 70 g fat, 500 g carbohydrates.Should serve as a fiber supplement (40 g) and at least a liter of clean water.Optimal homemade food including dairy products, meat, vegetables and cereals.Do not forget about vitamin and mineral supplements.

Disease and treatment

There are a number of ailments faced by a dog Cane Corso.Breed of the disease usually does not affect, leaving this important mission breeders who must warn future owner.Very often, these dogs pursues bloating, so you need to follow the diet of your pet.Quite often there are also allergic reaction, which is also tracked by careful introduction of new products into the diet dog.Of the more serious diseases for which there is a predisposition, include epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, ectropion, hip dysplasia.All of these diseases can be noticed in time and ask for help to the veterinarian if your pet to watch.

Choosing a puppy

crucial moment - you need to include a bevy of beauties to choose the right one that will be your faithful friend for years to come.Experts advise to pay attention to the behavior of the child.As far as he is cheerful and playful, whether he eats.Look closely at his muzzle.Eyes healthy puppy funny, shiny, without evidence of separation and acidification.Pity - a bad adviser.Sometimes people choose is clearly a sick puppy, citing the fact that the rest of the owners is easier to find.In fact, it is very difficult to leave this baby with no technical knowledge, and the trauma of his death can be a serious challenge.

choosing a puppy again weigh whether you can afford it.Who will walk and talk with them, whether you have enough time for him, if you have enough funds for nutrition and qualified medical assistance if necessary.Only by being fully confident in its decision, take responsibility for the life of a small Cane Corso.