Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper?

repairs in the apartment - an event that wants to finish as quickly as possible.Therefore, constantly searches for ways to reduce time-consuming.Very long and difficult job is to prepare the wall for pasting, so the best option at first glance does not seem to release surface of the walls of the old cover and seal the new next layer.Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper?What do they think about the professionals?

repair specialists, who put performance above all else, answered unequivocally - no.Before you glue the wallpaper, you need to carefully prepare the wall.Clear the old cover, smooth the surface, primed, degrease, only new wallpaper will look flawless and their life will be long.

What pasted newspaper on the wall?

Attentive readers may ask a tricky question right now.If the answer to the professionals so categorical, why pasted paper under the wallpaper?

Why pasted paper under the wallpaper

In Soviet times, the newspaper solves several problems at the same time due to the lack of high-quality construction and finishing mat


  1. replacement of plaster.With their help, aligned walls curves.For the moment, there are more suitable and comfortable material.
  2. secure fit.Another object was to retain the newspapers finish.Fine newsprint well impregnated with glue and glued to the concrete walls easily and securely, so keep a good wallpaper.
  3. last task - paper, glued in multiple layers that act as insulation for the walls.

now to address these issues, there are more efficient methods and materials, so the newspaper is no longer glued.But if you want to repair the budget, for example in the country, then we can use the experience of the Soviet era.Just consider the important thing - Soaked ink can tread through the coating light and spoil the picture.

Cases where the wallpaper can be glued wallpaper

However, there are no rules without exceptions.During the Soviet era, when the wallpaper produced only paper, it was permissible to stick to the wall up to 5 layers!These layers can later trace the history of the apartment.Therefore, the wallpaper can be glued to the wallpaper if:

  • were old paper, not vinyl, non-woven, washable.
  • Wallpapers firmly glued to the wall and nowhere do not depart from it.
  • texture of the old coating is smooth, there is no volume, released figures that can tread ugly irregularities.
  • can be glued on the old wallpaper if the new darker shade, otherwise all the work will be spoiled.
  • Old wallpaper were thin.

If you decide to glue the vinyl wallpaper with paper, pay attention to the fact that the adhesive thoroughly soaked the wall and was able to hold all the layers securely.

whether it is possible to glue wallpaper Wallpaper

Why not hang wallpaper on top of old coating?

advantages of the solution over the old wallpaper glue slightly - saving time and budget, but much more disadvantages:

  • Attaching wallpaper to the wall is less reliable, the risk that the coating is gone, increases several times.
  • Exterior walls worse.
  • joints may be uneven.
  • lifetime of new wallpapers reduced.
  • increased likelihood of mold.

Therefore, if the essence of the question, is it possible to glue wallpaper to wallpaper is only to save time and budget.Think you will not do any more such savings in the future?

How to work with maximum quality?

If you decide to leave the old wallpaper, here are some tips on how to achieve an attractive appearance of the room.

Wet walls with water and remove all the trim pieces that extend from the wall.It is recommended not to paste over the wall completely at once, and paste only one lane and leave it until the next day.Then check securely hold the coating on the wall, there are no delamination.If all is well, it is possible to paste over the room completely.If the wallpaper away from the wall have to leave this idea and start preparing the surface.

wallpaper glue on top of the old

During the work eliminate the possibility of an active movement of air around the room, both warm and cold.This means that the window should be closed, you can not operate the air conditioner or fan, you can not prevent occurrence of drafts.This is an important rule to be performed, and if you kleite wallpaper on the walls clean.Otherwise, the coating will move away from the wall, and you'll begin repairs again.

Cut the first strip so that the joints of old and new coverage does not match, then the appearance will be more accurate and the wall - more even.

can glue the wallpaper on the Desktop?

At first glance, wallpapers less demanding on the quality of the walls, the picture masks uneven.But this is only at first glance.Desktop release on a different basis: paper, vinyl, cloth.Vinyl wallpaper rather dense and thick, so they can be pasted over the old coating.If Desktop are made on the basis of paper or fabric, the uneven wall eclipsed the picture and spoil the look of the room.

Hang wallpaper over old can only making sure that the surface is flat and smooth, her nowhere wrinkles, bubbles, wallpaper and never fall behind the wall.

Can I hang wallpaper in the wallpaper, when the walls were originally developed by all the rules?If during a previous repair surface is perfectly aligned and papered paper wallpaper, finishing second layer - a valid option.

How quickly clean the walls?

save time for removal of the old help cover special solvents.The solution must be prepared according to package directions and then thoroughly wet the liquid wall.After some time, the solution impregnate the cover and remove it will be much easier.If the wallpaper is tight, the solution will need to apply several times.To him it was easier to penetrate the coating structure, walk along the wall pinion, then the solution will saturate the wall.

wallpaper wallpaper can be glued

There are times when even I remove the wallpaper from the wall, but there is a thin paper layer.The question arises whether it is possible to leave?If it clings to the wall, it does not become an obstacle for new wallpaper.

use of bases under the wallpaper

There are a number of cases, when a finish is glued basis:

  • walls have minor defects.
  • On the wall there are dark spots and bright wallpapers.
  • indoors, to heat and sound insulation.

use basis helps to distribute the glue evenly across the surface of the walls, makes it easier to align the joints in paintings, promotes uniform drying without the formation of bubbles.

vinyl wallpaper glue on paper

What glue for wallpaper can be?The base material may be different, ranging from paper to different types of insulated material.

How warm walls foundation under the wallpaper?

If the winter cold in your apartment because of the thin, lacking insulation of walls, it is possible to solve the problem, pasted on the wall insulation.This is a simple and convenient way to save up the heat in the apartment, while maintaining a useful floor area.

Basic types of insulation are two: roll insulation and thermal insulation plaster.Roll insulation can be found on the basis of different materials:

  • polystyrene - to secure the finish is best to choose a heater with a top layer of cardboard.
  • Polystyrene foam, it is covered with a layer of paper on both sides, so it is easy to glue wallpaper to the wall and it is well kept.
  • cork insulation - a natural material, can be used as decoration.
  • Ready wallpaper adhesive for thermal insulation of the non-woven fabric and aluminum foil.

You can glue the wallpaper on the Desktop

All these materials provide not only insulation but and sound insulation, as well as make a smooth wall.Wallpaper glue on top of the insulation can be reused, remove it from the walls at each subsequent repair is not necessary.But under the insulation wall itself still need to be prepared - cleaned of old coatings, plaster and primed, and only then stick insulation.

Gluing material should be as normal wallpaper, carefully smoothing it in hand, as well as from the top down.Bands need to fix the butt.Sutures are recommended to glue paper tape or masking tape.Time for drying of need from one day to three days.Only then you can stick on top of the finish.

This type of insulation cheaper and less time-consuming than standard methods with the installation of the framework and implementation of the lining.Another important advantage - the area of ​​the room does not become smaller.

How to decide?

Let's summarize the discussion topic - is it possible to glue wallpaper to the wallpaper.When it comes to repairing the budget (for example, in the country) and quality have not much care if during a previous repair the walls of the apartment were brought into perfect order and wallpaper previously used only paper and lighter, the paste over the wall without any treatmentpossible.

You can glue the wallpaper on the old

If the walls are uneven, wallpaper embossed, not of paper, dark, if you want not to think about the repair within a few years, if you care about the quality of work, it is necessary to invest time and energy to thoroughly prepare the surface.It will pay off the pleasure of contemplation perfect wall!