Learn how to change your password in Maile

"Why are you not answering? I told you an additional 10 minutes ago!".This phrase 20 years ago could make a person in the eyes of other people crazy.However, now it is no surprise.Today, you can even send a photo via e-mail.You do not know how?This and much more - in the article.

How to send photos via e-mail
How to change your password at Mile

To send someone a photo, you must register online Mayl.ru;click on the word "Search" and enter the name of the person that you need;visit his page, select the "Friendship".Soon you will be notified of acceptance of friendship or to reject the application.If you have added as a friend, you can start writing posts.However, in some cases, there are no restrictions, and you can just send a letter, so even stranger.To do this, select a word and click on them, and then click the mouse on the field for writing messages.Will function to send photos, videos, and other files.Select "Photo".And then proceed depending on where the image you want to send.Although easy to use, sometimes problems arise.

On one of them is the question of how to change the password at Mile (when the page hacked, for example).The fact that this must be taken, read on.

Send photo by e-mail

How to change your password at Mile

  • go to your account in the section "Mail."
  • in the upper right corner, select "Settings".
  • On the next page is a column of possible actions.In it find the word "Password and security."Click on them.
  • Click on the line "Change Password".
  • white window opens.You will need to remember and enter your old password.It is necessary for the security, because to change the password at Mile thus only able to account owner.After all required actions, click "Change".Done.Do not forget to write down somewhere your new password.Now that you know how to change your password in Maile, you can do it almost every day.This is not a futile exercise - so you reduce the likelihood of breaking the page.Not always we have the opportunity to use a computer, while Mile is an important resource for many people, including business people.And I know it's an important letter or not, sometimes it is necessary.

How to set up email on your mobile

set up email on your mobile Here all the same as on your computer.Just to begin to connect the Internet.Today it may be unlimited, even for mobile phone, and charge per month basically no more than two or three hundred rubles.You can go to the salon of cellular communication to your mobile operator's representatives have helped you to understand.However, you can do it on their own.The main part of the case behind.Now that you have the Internet, go to the e-mail.To enter the account will need to enter your username and password.For convenience, add the page to your bookmarks.Now you can actively use e-mail how to use a computer, and via telephone - in short, any time, anywhere.