How do water towers?

Water towers are technical facilities which mankind has been using for more than one century.In the Middle Ages these buildings the enemy tried to destroy first.It made the local army to capitulate quickly, t. To. She remained without water.Today, water towers are still relevant.

water towers

Water Tower - the special design, it is necessary to monitor the pressure of the water and its flow, which allows to observe how stocks are formed in the water system.Typically

tower consists of a tank (fluid reservoir) and the barrel on which the tank is fixed.

History of

Water Tower has been designed as an engineer AARozhnovsky in 1936.Up to this point in the country we used similar structures built of brick.Rozhnovsky also offered a very advantageous solution to the problem of accumulation and storage of water.This structure is very quickly assembled - only 2-4 days.Its construction goes minimal costs.In addition, there is no need for compulsory heating performed in order to prevent freezing.

In 1942 AARozhnovsky was awarded the Stalin award for his invention.

But the tower, do not require heating, he developed not only AARozhnovsky but PIZemskov.Last I came to the conclusion that the construction of such structures can save significant amounts of money.

Railroad at the time needed in large tanks where it would be possible to store a supply of water intended for steam locomotives.Until 1951, water towers used only in this way.But after these structures began to appear, and in agriculture.

Appointment water towers

The main purpose of these structures is to provide constant and uninterrupted water supply of small settlements and enterprises engaged in light industry.Towers suited for storing large stocks of water.In addition, if you suddenly stopped all pumps, fluid flow is provided at a low pressure.It also kept fire and backup supply of water.Also, these designs are needed in areas where electricity is supplied with frequent interruptions, the pumps have a stable job is simply impossible.

Water Tower Rozhnovsky

Water Tower Rozhnovsky has proved reliability, durability and ease of design.It is indispensable, provided that the building is operated properly.


unified design water towers.Single copies are distinguished only by the capacity of the tank and the height of the trunk-support.Reservoir volume is in the range from 15 to 50 m3.The height of the water tower can be 9-25 meters.It all depends on the terrain, as well as to what the loss of pressure in the water network and, of course, the number of storeys of buildings serviced.All the necessary calculations are carried out even in the design.

water tower work

However, water towers can not be built in areas where karst phenomena occur, as well as in the permafrost.If the temperature falls below -20 ° C, it should be carried out twice daily water exchange.


design of the tower can be made of steel, brick or concrete.At the height of the structure can reach several tens of meters.In the upper part it necessarily has a capacity for water.In most cases, this container is cylindrical in shape.As used tank volume depends on the power washer, serving it, and the water flow therein.

For example, a small business, or the village will take a few cubic meters.In the cities, the volume may increase by tens and hundreds of times.

work depends on the water tower:

  • pipe extension for water inlet and outlet;
  • overflow device that automatically shuts off the pump, to prevent overfilling;
  • water level measurement system, which transmits signals to the control room.

In some cases, water drive reservoir is not provided support.Water storage tank is installed in an elevated location.Usually this method is used in a mountainous terrain.

most common tanks have a rounded shape.Technological and architectural and construction considerations dictate norms ratio of height to diameter of the tank.The tank should not be very large, because in this case increases the height of water rise.Furthermore, in the system there are significant fluctuations in pressure.

Appearance tower must be aesthetic and not out of the general composition of the terrain.The architectural ensemble of the area at the same time continues to be harmonious.Quite often industrial plants (if there are two or more networks of different pressure) set several tanks in the tower.Thus, they are located at different heights.The size of the whole structure determines the pressure of water in the water tower.

order to service facilities shall be established by an outer staircase with railings.If the height is more than twelve meters, the equipment also has an additional area with fences.

water pressure in the water tower

How does water tower Rozhnovsky?

Naporno-Diluting pipeline provides water to the tower.If the tank is used for the sampling of water and fire, the riser pipe is equipped with two closed valves.

pumping station collects groundwater in the water tower.During the injection there is a filtration and disinfection of water.From the reservoir, it is served by piped water in homes.

It is important to determine the height of the water tower.The tank must be located above the last floor of the building.This contributes to a normal water supply.

pumping station

pumping station always remains intense.The water should enter the container and accumulated there tower while its consumption is reduced.When there is a need for more water, the accumulated water supply begins to be used.

the pressure in the water tower

water is pumped.At that moment, when the liquid level in the reservoir reaches the upper allowable mark, a sensor is activated, and the pump is deactivated.Since the consumption of water is continuous, then the level in the tank falls upon reaching the lower limit.Here again, the pump signal is the need to incorporate.The tank is filled again.As the consumption of fluid pressure in the water tower is reduced, which causes the pump to work again.

technology services organization that operates a water tower, it has to perform maintenance.In the event of a fault in the system must first drain the water stored in the tank.Only after this procedure, you can proceed to the elimination of the fault.

Compliance with all the necessary technical requirements for the operation affects serve as a water tower, and how often will become unstable.

Components installation

Every year the number of fires increases.determine the height of the water tower

That is why the demand for water towers, with a non-standard size or an unusual design, is constantly growing.Such claims arise in the preparation of water supplies that will be needed to extinguish forest fires.

most common water towers in the configuration are:

  • ladder with guardrails;
  • outlet pipe;
  • supply pipe;
  • loop for lifting and installation of the tower;
  • internal staircase;
  • upper and lower inspection hatches;
  • bracket-ldouderzhateli;
  • 4 stretching having a thickness of 12 mm.

How are water towers at low temperatures

Tower by AARozhnovskogo today applied in various climatic conditions, including low temperature conditions.But even these designs have limitations, which makes it impossible to use them in the following conditions:

  • winter design temperature should not be below -35 ° C;
  • acceptable weight of snow cover is 100 kg / m or less;
  • possible wind pressure - 38 kg / m or less;
  • no groundwater;
  • permissible seismic activity in the area could be 6 points or less;
  • soils should be no distending not subsiding, t. E. Homogeneous.

the height of the water tower

decisive role during the installation of a water tower Rozhnovsky plays a negative account of the limits of temperature.For example, the installation and operation of the construction is impossible in conditions of permafrost or in the area of ​​karst process.

In most cases, the water tower is not necessary to insulate the special means.Usually, there is a natural formation of heat "shirt."

If water is used in the normal mode, it simply does not have time to freeze.If it is used less frequently, then you can install the additional tank "tent" made of wood, which will slow down the freezing process.When the water tower used in the field, before the winter the water must be drained to prevent freezing.

When prepared site installation design, in most cases in less than three days.The basis is a reinforced concrete solid foundation, providing inserts.These welded bottom support.Further, the lower part sprinkled soil, the height of which should be at least 2.5 meters.This ground should be resumed in 3-4 years.It is needed to prevent corrosion, which significantly prolong life.

In addition, every 3-4 years, and with regular use, should be updated and the inner surface of the cover.

should be remembered that if the company has decided to establish such a structure as a water tower, the price will depend mainly on the volume of the tank and the height of the support.