Great White Shark: photo and description

Of all marine predators great white shark has caused a huge amount of speculation and gossip.By the way, about half of them - no more than a fantasy frightened people.But the shark is not giving up.Throughout its existence, it confirmed its title superhischnika.


great white shark was first classified by Carolus Linnaeus in 1758.He defined it as Squalus carcharias.However, this classification is not caught.Already in 1833, another scientist - Smith - identified as the shark Charcharodon.It is the generic name comes from the Greek word charcharos (acute) and odous (tooth).

final classification of the great white shark won in 1873.The International Shark scientific name - Charcharodon carcharias.As you can see, it came as a result of combining the names that gave and Linnaeus, and Smith.

great white shark physical data


Most divers would like to know, where is found the great white shark.Some were interested in this question because they want to, no matter what was to avoid a meeting with the larges

t predatory fish in the world.Others, conversely, dream at least once to swim with karharodonom.Forced to disappoint the good news first and second: predator lives in all oceans of the planet.The only exceptions are the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean.

but prefer the great white shark of tropical and temperate seas, living in seas around the continental shelf.The ideal temperature for life and reproduction of sharks - 12-24 ° C.Of great importance for it is the level of salinity.So, in the seas to meet predator malosolёnoy water impossible.This explains, for example, the fact that the shark swims in the Black Sea, while in the nearby, the Mediterranean, these predatory fish are more than enough.And it is found in the Adriatic Sea, and around the northern coast of Spain.Despite his dislike of cold water in the Atlantic Ocean predator even seen off the coast of Nova Scotia.With regard to the Pacific, the shark come to the shore, even to the shores of Australia.It should be clarified that the predator does not lead a sedentary life.She is in constant motion and migrate from one bank to another, the distance between which can reach a thousand kilometers.

where it is found the great white shark


Of the more than 400 species of predatory fish is equipped with the most is precisely the great white shark.Physical data karharodona impressive.It has a well-developed vision, hearing, smell, taste and tactile sensations, and even electromagnetism.Her body has a spindle-shaped with gray or lead-gray color of the back and white belly.These colors - a natural camouflage, predator needed to blend with the environment during an ambush.It must be said that the larger individual reaches, the brighter its color.Color Some may be completely lead-gray.

white shark is able to determine the level of salinity, as well as its chemical composition and feel their changes.This is possible due to special receptors, which are located on the head, the back and along the sides of the fish.

karharodona Sensitivity of smell is quite high.This is facilitated by the small grooves around the nostrils predator.They increase the rate at which water flows into the nostrils.

speed and agility predator provides a high degree of development of the circulatory system.Such natural data helps to quickly warm up the muscles of the shark.This is especially important, given that it must be in constant motion.Otherwise, she would have drowned, because the predator is no swim bladder.

size great white shark is impressive.It reaches 4-5 meters in length.The maximum size of the shark, which is called scientists - 8 meters.That is the figure accepted by most ichthyologists.However, some believe that the shark can reach even 12 meters in length.Photos of the great white shark, has ever seen the man, is provided below.Its length is 11.2 meters.

The average weight of a great white shark is equal ton.However, this is not the limit.The record is considered to be weighing 3.5 tons.But the biggest weight among the sharks caught a man possessed predator, caught more than half a century ago off the coast of Australia (1208.3 kg).

Lifespan great white shark is insignificant, given her physical data: only 27 years old.

great white shark


One of the most striking systems in the body the shark - it's her jaw.They could not be better suited to the killing.For once the shark pulls a piece of meat, the weight of which can reach 30 kg.

animal has several jaws.Their number may vary depending on the age and way of life predator.Giant great white shark may have an even seven rows of teeth.Although there are individuals, whose jaws have only three rows.

First, the outer jaw has 50 teeth.Lower serves to hold the victim in place and not to give it a go.The front teeth of the upper jaw play the role of the blades with which the predator can cut huge chunks of meat.Her strike force reaches 318 kg.

In order to fully understand what the shark the second, third, or fourth rows of teeth, probably would look predator under the skin.Such teeth more than a hundred, and they freely placed under the skull.To expose the gums and teeth at a sting, trigger special grooves and the muscles in the skull.While the mandible rises to clamp the next victim, her target is increased.Massive strike the upper jaw completes the job.Hunting thus Sharks can eat more than 180 kilograms of meat.And that's just for once!Given that catch prey sometimes is not so easy, shark constantly improve their mechanisms for the killing.And this time she had enough - more than a million years.

great white shark Photo

Government of

eyes - this is another mechanism established for hunting.But to do so is necessary in poorly lit environments.However, the authorities are of the most vulnerable place that is on their bodies the great white shark.Photos made by many amateurs and scientists confirm that the predator has to poke his head out of the water for a better look at the world around us.No other fish in the world is unable to.

shark's eyes have a special reflective layer located behind the retina.This allows to hunt even when light is insufficient.He otzerkalivaetsya in the eyes of the shark, and it can see its prey even in the dark water.But the sensitivity of the eye has its drawbacks.During the attack, they quite easily damaged.Perhaps the shark could not have survived for millions of years, if nature does not take care of this predator and did not give her the perfect remedy.Once karharodon ready for his famous fatal bite, his eyes roll back in.

a giant great white shark


To control this killing machine, you need really advanced intelligence.After all, it must not only good hunting to survive, but also to make long journeys.To decrypt the signals of all the senses (and their shark six), the level of development of the brain should be at a high enough level.In karharodona brain occupies the entire skull.Like all other organs of the shark, it was formed over millions of years.


white shark belongs to the ovoviviparous type of fish.In fact, it is not known how the pairing of animals and the birth of pups, since none of the people was not an eyewitness to.However, we can confidently assert that the female bears cubs about 11 months.Furthermore, among these unborn babies developed cannibalism.Scientists call it the intrauterine.Nature opened that destroys the weak strong offspring in the womb.The female can give birth to only one or two pups, but you can be sure that they have become the most powerful among his brothers and sisters.Naturally, once the kids are born with teeth.They also covered most of their bodies.So young to survive in the harsh underwater world.


By their nature, the white shark is very aggressive.It is capable of attacking a victim within reach.However, its main diet is seals, seals, bony fish and stingrays.In addition, the white shark shamelessly killing of their relatives - other species of sharks that are inferior to her body size.

Youngsters hunt begins immediately after birth.However, it is only by small fish, dolphins and turtles.After the young shark reaches a size of three meters, it is able to cope with the production, the size of the body which make up two-thirds of its own.

the size of the great white shark

attacks on human

It is said that the people - it is non-core and favorite menu component of a great white shark.Cases, when the shark attacked the man, occur mainly due to the fault or negligence of the latter.Some enthusiasts forget that swim up to the deadly predator.Sure, there are times when the shark attack unprovoked.The reason for this can be a severe famine as a result of previous unsuccessful hunting.Some populations of white sharks, such as the Mediterranean, set up in relation to the person to be surprisingly friendly.


white shark is at the top of the food chain, so natural enemies it has virtually none.The only exception is a major killer, and of course, people.To date, the shark is vulnerable.Hollywood directors, without knowing it, have rendered a disservice to the predator.After the release of the movie "Jaws" was threatened was the great white shark.Photo predator - is not the only trophy that want to get adventurers.Enormous popularity of shark jaws, which are sold on the black market at an impressive price.

Photo of the great white shark

Due to the fact that the population of this predator each year is reduced, in many countries it has been taken under protection.Among them -Avstraliya, USA, South Africa.