How to reduce the sensitivity of the head?


Some men suffer from hypersensitivity of the head that is most often associated with structural features of the body, sometimes caused by medical conditions such as phimosis and balanoposthitis.To cope with this problem can be.How to reduce the sensitivity of the head?

how to reduce the sensitivity of the head

As doctors offer to reduce the sensitivity of the head?

Usually doctors are advised to use a condom, as well as special sprays, ointments and other remedies that reduce sensitivity.

With the advice of friends?

Good advisers recommend a drink a little alcohol before sexual intercourse.Of course, alcohol dulls sensation, but regular libations before sex is not no good end.In addition, alcohol significantly reduces the production of testosterone and affects the quality of erection.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the head?Using sprays and ointments

apply these funds should be about 10 minutes before contact.During this time, will act active substances.Apply an ointment or spray is necessary to bridle the region.T

he main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the possible complete loss of sensation and lack of ejaculation.The effect of such funds provide a very noticeable and adverse reactions are extremely rare.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the head?Circumcision

reduce the sensitivity of the head

this very radical way has long been used in some countries.Through circumcision, the head of which is constantly in contact with irritants, becomes less sensitive.But this procedure is done at a very tender age.Rare men go for it as adults.


In some cases, the problem is not especially men, and that women need more time.The solution to this problem in the ability to hold the semen.To do this, man must learn to control his muscles.During urination should repeatedly to delay the process.Thus developed the necessary muscles.Another option - to try to "draw in," the scrotum and testicles solely by muscles.With daily even not too long training you will soon see results.When there were successes, to try to cut the muscles during sexual intercourse.Keep the voltage needed from the time when you felt a quick ejaculation, and for as long as the sperm will be released.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the head with the use of folk remedies?

Take juicy and fresh burdock leaf or cabbage.15 minutes before contact secure it over the depression in the lumbar region.This can be done with a towel.

Reduce the sensitivity of the head by the method of Wu-Syn

to reduce the sensitivity of the head

When you feel the closeness of ejaculation, remove the penis for 10 seconds, stop all sorts of affection and movement, take a few deep breaths from your diaphragm.Erections when this is slightly reduced.Further, the act continues.Interrupts must first few times.Over time, this need no longer, since the erection is stable and enduring.The main thing - the regularity of workouts.