Paintings on the glass with his hands.

Painting on glass - it is very laborious and quite hard work, but its results are usually glass, transforming, turns into an amazing work of art.You can endlessly scrutinize the painted glass products experienced craftsmen, admiring their unique and magical painting with his hands

glass painting with acrylic paints.Materials

1) As a coating that is opaque inks are used, typically acrylic.They dissolve with water, easy to mix, give a bright and pure colors, dries to form a solid stable layer.Buying acrylic paints to paint, choose the ones where noted on the packaging: "Glass".

2) To make better use of acrylic paint brushes from synthetic № 1-2.Acrylic paint dries very quickly, so you need to brush thoroughly washed often.It is more convenient to do glass painting with his hands using several different colors of paints brushes simultaneously.

3) To work required contour acrylic paste, Framing, 2-3 colors.Well look golden, silver, bronze color.

4) Acrylic glossy varnish.

Glass painting with his hands.Techniqu

e painted glass bottles

Despite the relative complexity of this art form, it is possible to perform some types of artistic painting yourself.How do glass painting with his hands:

1. Glass requires grease.This can be done with acetone or alcohol.

2. Paste the restoration is significantly thicker than the loop, so it looks like a relief, like a metal wire.With it convenient to carry painted glass bottles, glasses, without drawing, and if winding "wire" from a distance, turning the thing around.This gives arbitrary intersecting lines forming a complex mosaic ornament future.Even if a line is accidentally interrupted, not terrible - you can start from anywhere.You need only make sure that the cells formed by intersecting lines were not very large.On each piece of painting can be applied to a paste of different colors.The finished product will look better if the drawing will take no more than 1/3 of the surface.Next, you need to dry the product.painted glass with acrylic paints

3. Cells paint in different colors.It is important to fill the entire area of ​​the cell paint.On the palette lay two contrasting colors, such as blue and white, and add silver or gold.White and blue give a whole range of shades of blue, which adds gold shimmering gold threads.On brush recruit just three colors, not stirring them.Gently laying on the glass fills the entire cell.Paint randomly spread out in the cell, without going beyond the circuit, creating a very picturesque effect.

4. For the filling of adjacent cells, it is best to take the bright contrasting colors, and if some cells left blank, it will give the product lightness and airiness.Paint, varnish mixed with a ratio of 1: 1, after drying will become transparent, and we have stained the cells.

5. For a longer life and bright colors, after thorough drying the product ready to be baked in a conventional oven for 20 minutes at 120 degrees.


Paintings on the glass with his hands allow you to create a product that can make a great gift for lovers of art.