Good romance novels and their film adaptation

now published a huge number of romance novels of varying quality.Really good romance novels are not uncommon, but they also have to search among a huge number of other worthy works.

good romance


How can you describe a really good romance?

Firstly, they should not be present and vulgarity, because we are still not talking about the erotic genre.

Second, although it is not a detective story should not be predictable, as this will cause boredom and unwillingness to read.

Third, it is unlikely someone will like, if one book will repeat another story, so each novel must be at least something new, otherwise it will be of interest to very few people.

authors of novels about love

Perhaps it is no secret that the vast majority of the authors of romance novels - women.Perhaps the reason is that the target audience of such books is female.And who will be able to better understand their problems?Only a woman.Not that the men at the entrance to the "romantic area" is forbidden, but it must be done carefully.

top writers of romance novels

best authors of romance novels - who are they?Question subjective, so focus on the ratings are not worth it.You may need to read a couple of reviews, see some annotations of books, sometimes to see quotes.Beware, as it all may contain spoilers.Sometimes it is enough to read a book to figure out whether you like the style of the author or not.Sometimes you have to give him another chance because you can form a final opinion only after reading several works.

list of the best love stories

among the best writers of romance novels are distinguished writer such as: Judith McNaught, Jude Deveraux, Johanna Lindsey, Kathleen Coulter, Julie Garwood, Bertris Small.These women are really the most famous, they deserve recognition and the love of many readers from all over the world.

Ranking of the best love stories

Ratings - is subjective, so you should try to select a list of the best love stories of all time.Perhaps all of them have already heard, but not all read.It is strongly recommended to read them, because often all the modern novels the plot is taken from them.So often in the list of "Good Romance" includes such books:

  1. "Gone with the Wind."
  2. "Romeo and Juliet".
  3. "Pride and Prejudice".
  4. "Goldcrest - bird singing."
  5. "Loneliness in the network".

the best writers of romance novels

can accuse this list in a one-sided focus, because rarely in the best romance novels really the story ends with a happy ending.But such books are dearly loved by readers.

Best short romance

Not everyone likes long family saga, which describes in detail each family member, paid attention to absolutely all events.Sometimes you want that all happened quickly, without excessive and unnecessary detail.

the best short love stories

include short novels noteworthy following books:

  1. E. Winfrey "More than one": the heroes of this book are childhood friends, at some point they decided to bet which of them will love earlier, probablythey themselves do not understand what happens from this bet.
  2. A. Wood "Last groom": an incredible romantic story about how one ugly bypassed all the beauties in the struggle for a handsome prince.
  3. Reid "groom her friend": quite original book in which the protagonist falls in love head over heels in her spouse's best friend, and even marry him, however, for the groom to marry the fictitious.
  4. L. Graham "noble seducer": perhaps mysterious, alluring and mysterious East attracts all the ladies.It has everything for lovers of ethnic loyalties.
  5. L. Patrick "Pretty Boy": an interesting story about first love and disappointment, love and revenge, which is known to be best served cold.

book or movie?

This is probably one of the main contentious issues, which many are.For book lovers argue with movie lovers each leads his arguments, and always tries to stay at the.

the best movies romance

book What could be better than the movie?

Firstly, it is almost never need to trim it to fit into a specific timing.

Second reading brings undeniable benefits, it teaches us to think, to experience, to represent and imagine, as well as to increase their vocabulary.

The third reading, we create our own interpretation of events, not imposed by the director or someone else who participated in making the film.

Finally, the film is a kind of squeeze major accidents books, so after viewing the viewer does not get a complete picture, it will be like a brief retelling of the plot.

Benefits films

Among the advantages of the film before the book can be noted such:

  1. spend less time.Sometimes interesting to know the story, but do not have time to read a book.It is enough to provide about two hours and watch a movie.Not the fact that he will like, but at least give an idea of ​​the plot.
  2. Ease of perception.Above the book to think and somehow interpret spoken words of the author.The film also represents the processing of thoughts of the writer director, who shows his interpretation of the viewer.Since it is possible to agree, but you can read a book, take out the verdict to express personal opinion.

the film adaptation of the best love stories

In addition, the visual image is stored in the memory of man longer than reading the image, so more details will remember the viewer, not the reader.It is also a pleasant musical background and special effects add more clarity.

best adaptation of romance novels

often happens that the film adaptation fared worse than its literary source.However, sometimes the opposite is true.This section will try to note and consider the best films, love stories that are the basis for the plot.Among them are such films:

  1. "Phantom of the Opera": very few people do not know this incredible story of Beauty and the Beast, about a love triangle.Perhaps because of the excellent musical accompaniment, or thanks to perfectly matched cast of this film adaptation of better and more interesting than the book, according to the audience.
  2. "Mistress into Maid": nice story, filmed on the novel by Alexander Pushkin, which pretends to be a simple peasant girl to favorite did not know who she really is.The reason for this lies in the feud between their fathers.Wonderful movie, fully convey the original story, of course, it is an excellent adaptation of.
  3. "Love Story": a sad and a sad story, which is almost always ranked first stamp "Good love stories of all time."Transfer the plot is not worth it, because for sure there are those who have not watched this wonderful film.It should only be noted that it is not necessary to look too impressionable, as well as those who have everything in life is a very rosy and beautiful.But for the rest - it's incredibly moving film with the famous melody in the background, a little naive, but this and attractive.
  4. "A Walk to Remember": the case when the adaptation of a much brighter handed plot of the book, there are more feelings and love, more romance.Recommended for those who have not seen: first, it is desirable to see the "love story", as they are somewhat similar, but this film was made much later in the chronology of this case it is better to observe.
  5. "The Painted Veil": not the most well-known story, but it certainly deserves the viewer's attention, besides the film somewhat brighter and more interesting than the original book.

bad adaptation of novels about love

considering the excellent film adaptation, which can be considered the best book, turn to the not so successful examples.In the opinion of moviegoers, a good romance turned into a boring film narration in films:

  1. "Time Traveler's Wife": tighten slightly reworked the story not everyone was impressed, although in this film adaptation has its fans.Perhaps those who have not read the book, and perhaps those who, in principle, prefer movies.
  2. "50 shades of gray": a sensational bestseller filmed, but it has turned out, in the opinion of many viewers, not so successful.Some dissatisfied with the casting, someone just did not like the interpretation of events.In this case it is better to confine the book and not to waste time filming.

Best Romance reviews

If you are interested in the best love stories, comments on them can be found in almost any book forum.Read novels about love is necessary, as they are forced to worry about the main characters, something to teach, help thinking about any situation.