Decorated cake at home in different ways

Thus, decoration of cakes at home - it is exquisite workmanship: often, the process of decoration may take two, or even five times longer than the actual baking.With this encounter and professional bakers.For statistics: wedding cake preparing day (on average), and baked and mounted in the first three hours, the rest of the time - soaked and decorated.Cake decoration at home


cream cake decoration at home cream - perhaps the most common and easy way, but there have to be smart and imagination.To get strong curbs, beautiful stucco ornaments and flowers, a paste should be moderately thick and sticky, and at the same time - soft.Best Mode - oil-based cream (sweet mass, which makes both the condensed milk, and of proteins and sugars).The classic recipe: 100 g butter erutsya 4-5 tablespoons condensed milk (mixture should be beat with a mixer until fluffy smooth consistency).To get a variety of bright cream cake decoration at home allows the use of dyes or their natural equivalents - berry juice, carrot juice or s

pinach, coffee and cocoa.How to get openwork patterns?Using pastry bag with a variety of syringe-largest nozzles.

Homemade Cake Decoration Decoration mastic

itself mastic - a good, moderately sticky and resistant material, making the decoration of cakes at home much easier.You can prepare yourself with the help of Zephyr marshmallow, melted with a little butter in a water bath, but it's better to ask his presence in the candy store where sealant is already available (multi-colored and the desired consistency).To ornament failed too sweet and sticky, but retained its plasticity, it put the potato starch and powdered sugar.You can also add cinnamon and vanilla, a little salt and cocoa.Before applying the material kneaded in the hands of the cake and coated with them, as if the potter molding.

Ornament "icingĀ»

Decorating homemade cakes

We all like shoplifting products, decorated with delicate openwork butterflies and flowers, but the home decoration cakes can also show off a similar procedure.To make the drawing paste, you need protein and lemon juice, whisking which gradually interferes with powdered sugar.This mass, again, pour in the sweet gun or kornetik is applied to the plastic wrap and place in the freezer to dry completely.It remains then only to remove the lace and hoist it on the cake.You can add food "beads" in the form of the jewels of the glaze.

Decoration chocolate

Probably none homemade cakes decoration is complete without the use of this product: be it chips of various kinds of chocolate or topping, pasta like "Nutella" chocolate or Drops.Melted chocolate with butter in half, with the addition of rum - a perfect coating (that she froze as popsicle, it added a little bit of the stabilizer).

way, beautiful color chips are produced by melting in a water bath of white chocolate and add to it the desired coloring.Then there is only frozen and grate - and let your imagination be envied fashion magazines.