Genres official - business style - laconic to the point of genius

In business there are no trifles.It does not matter in the documentation or in the negotiations - all should be traceable accuracy and specifics.Since every item of the contract and every word spoken during the discussion of the transaction - it contracts and money.Of course, special attention is paid to the executives that employees knew genres official - business style of speech.What is it?What are the genres of official - business style?Everything in order.The main genres of this style include linguists attorney, statement, receipt, classified, business letter and, of course, resume.The official style of speech is necessary for the maintenance of relations between businessmen, public authorities and private entrepreneurs.The main features of official - business style - is, above all, the dictionary capacity and specifics.In the documents of the style you will not find the speech tools, individualization.They are more templates, nomenclature and derivation of words, technical terms.Official genre perf

orms the function of prescribing information and a written implementation.Give such a look at some genres.Genres official business style

Letter on the case

business letter - a generic name of various documents.It is necessary for communication agencies, companies and private individuals in the process of production or other activities.Business letters may contain a reminder, request, confirmation, notification, and so on.Depending on their content, they are divided into supporting, information, warranty, reclamation, arbitration and others.Letters to be sent to agencies and departments subordinated to include its contents indicate questions, instructions and news reports.A business letter addressed to a higher institution, usually carry the queries, reports, explanations, answers and suggestions.Component of such documents on the letterhead.It must be printed the author's details.Text usually contains only one question, and is divided into two main parts.The first - sets the facts that led to the writing of the letter, and the second - offer, request, and conclusions.Parts may not necessarily be written in that order.Allowed to rearrange them.the basic features of formal business style

little about the contract

Genres official - business style is impossible to imagine without a contract - another common legal instrument.It establishes a relationship among equals.There are lots of types of contracts: rent, supplies, maintenance, purchase and sale, and many others.And when a new employee to work with him enter into an agreement, known as a contract.But no matter what type of relationship prescribed in this document, it always contains the following elements: the name of the parties who enter into a relationship, the essence of the contract, the mutual obligations, financial relations, the responsibility of a party, the impact of force majeure, otherconditions, legal address and details of the parties.All these elements are allowed to register differently.They can be interchanged, something to endure in an annex to the contract.However, they will certainly be present in this genre.Genres official business style of speech

Summary - the most democratic genre

Also, we would like to elaborate on a resume.Today without it does not do any work on the unit, and genres of official - business style without it would seem incomplete.Thus, the summary has a dry style of presentation.It is an important fact, concise, focused and correct wording.For example, a "fast learner", "promptly acquire new knowledge."Also needed phrases like "reduce the deficit of 10%", "mastered the new technology in the short term."Genres official - business style are based on the well-known rules, and only resume allowed elements of creativity.Welcomed the original presentation of information.However, it should be stated quite succinctly and very clear.