"Tortured" denim: how to make ripped jeans with his hands?

Years ripped jeans are a trend, a little giving ground, then taking off again at the peak of fashion.Stylists say that finally they betray not soon forgotten, and therefore give quite logical advice is in everyone's wardrobe should be this stylish piece of clothing.But absolutely no reason to spend fabulous sums for the purchase of ripped jeans from top designers.Convert old and beloved denim in a stylish thing you can on their own.The main thing - to know how to make ripped jeans.The entire process is under force even to those who have never held in the hands of a needle.

Practical advice

In addition to information on how to make the ripped jeans, you will need:

  • jeans;
  • chalk or pencil;
  • stationery knife;
  • thick needle and tweezers;
  • pumice or sandpaper;
  • chlorine or bleach.

Step by Step

So, we turn old jeans into a fashionable thing.

how to make ripped jeans 1) Select your favorite model.No matter where you will find the prototype - in the famous boutiques or online search engine.The main thing - clearly und

erstand what you really want (scrapes, holes or slots) and decide where and how to do it.Ragged jeans will look like, even if done only scrapes.Later, after several washings, they become a real hole.

how to make jeans shorts 2) Schedule a pencil or chalk the place where the future will be located holes.Remember the slots on the buttocks look awful.The same can be said of his lap.It is best to place them above and below the knee.

how to make jeans torn 3) Getting to the most important step.Spread the pants on a flat surface.Lay a piece of wood or a piece of plastic between the legs in a scheduled location.Select an option - slots, holes or scrapes.And follow the instructions on "How to ripped jeans." slots : cut the fabric on the drawn line of stationery with a knife or scissors.Hook needle transverse threads and remove them with tweezers. holes : Make a cut in the shape of the letter "H" with a long bar.So cross the line will come out a lot easier, and the hole itself will look more than just slot.It is also possible to make two parallel slots and the short longitudinal threads therebetween gently pull the forceps. scuffed : intended, rub a pumice stone or emery paper.A slightly different effect will be if to scratch jeans razor.

BLEACH Jeans 4. In order to give a more convincing shabby trousers, put around the holes and slots a little bleach or bleach and always wash the product.

Instead of conclusion

pair of standard holes If you are not satisfied, and you think about how to make ripped jeans even more impressive and pretty, then be patient, time and read a couple of tips.Not limited to one option - holes or frayed.It is interesting to look more notches on his belt and pockets.In addition, you can even go beyond and make a hole circles, hearts, triangles.They, in turn, can be clad with thread, sewing and / or decorate with sequins, lace, sequins, ribbons ... After your jeans experienced all possible forms of "torture", the question of how to make jeans shorts, younot stumped.After the first pair of pants hand will be packed full of ideas for decoration and only increase, which means that very soon in torn jeans in the wardrobe and join stylish shorts.