The first 9 days after death

9 days after death - a period in which the soul is going through a lot of events and changes.What happens after the funeral?

first 3 days

9 days after death In the first 3 days the soul is where it is important to be.For example, if a person during his lifetime was very attached to his body, he would be nearby.In the case where some people meant a lot to the deceased, his last time on earth, he will hold with them.In fact, in many documentaries it says that some souls do not know what to do.Some are beginning to ride the subway and watch out for relatives, others are trying to secure the future of their children.Every possible attempts to complete or earthly affairs for the last time to look at something that is very significant.


Worship done many times: the day of death, and then - on the third day, on the 9th day after the funeral, 40 days after the burial, as well as directly before the Last Judgment.People who go to hell, perform worship and after the trial.

From the 3rd to the 9th day

after 3 to 9 days after death, the soul examines the beauty of paradise.She sees the monastery, which she was destined.However, people who have been vain, did mortal deeds and walked on evil ways, never enter paradise.

Ordeal 9 days after the funeral,

9 days after the death ordeal begins.They last up to 40 days.After the death around us our sins.Each of our bad deed has its "guardian" -besa.When the soul leaves the body, these demons surround it.Lawlessness and misery of so many that they can not find.That's all a person's sins committed in life.Some think that after death the soul ascends upward, and nothing can stop her.But this is not so, because it is the forces of evil belongs to the space between the earth and the sky.The Mother of God prayed that the death did not see the evil demons, when preparing for the rapture.Therefore the Lord himself came to take her soul.It is marked on the icon gusto.As you know, the demons come not only "simple" people, but also to your favorites dying.

9 days after death before and after

the soul after the death of 9 days until the ninth day is the feeding period and registration "body of eternity."Relatives and priests are starting to funeral procedures.Up to 9 days the soul sees the delights of paradise, and after - the suffering and horrors of hell.40 day appointed place.During the nine days of the deceased gradually ceases to hear the relatives and friends, as he can not see them.All contacts he may be exercised only by using the sense of smell and touch.

Why celebrate these days?

soul after the death of 9 days of travel and know the possible places of their stay.Until recently, she did not know what fate awaits her.She shows how the beauty and charm of heavenly life (for a much smaller period) as well as the terrible events that happen in hell.During that time, relatives can pray earnestly, asking for a better fate until, until a Last Judgment over the soul of the deceased.Correct behavior can help to close the soul to go to heaven.Therefore it is very important not to be lazy and go to church, ordered prayers.Himself also need to devote time to this task.And it should be done correctly.You can get clarification from your priest.