The law contains an article "Insult of personality"

Often people are quite reserved and even unpleasant words at them react calmly, holding within itself the experience.But some are beginning to swear in response, and the most hot-tempered fist in a hurry to protect their dignity.Only whether to tolerate this attitude to yourself, how to react in such a situation, and what this says about the law ?!There are people that do not know the rules of cultural behavior in society and can easily offend another person contrary to good morals.The law protects the rights of citizens, there is even a special article "Insult of personality" and its violation may result in punishment.

Article personal injury What is an article

humiliation - humiliation of the individual up to the brutality, it is perceived as a criminal act.Legal aspects of this article considers "insulting the person" № 130 of the Criminal Code.Humiliation orally, in writing or action (often obscene) are usually addressed to a specific person, his goal - to profane person.Let it be slander or infringement on obesche

schivanie personality - all this is formally recognized as an insult.Punishment under this article are subject to special since the age of sixteen.When public insults Kara significantly worse.If humiliation regards the composition of the court - it's contempt of court - Article "Insult of personality" № 297 of the Criminal Code, if addressed to the authorities - art.319 of the Criminal Code, with respect to the military - Art.336 of the Criminal Code.

Legislative moments for the insult which article

Penal Code Chapter 17 examines the crimes against personal freedom, honor and dignity.If interested in knowing the penalty for the offense which article - it №130.She describes what they considered indecent humiliation person.It is punishable by a fine of up to 100 minimum wages, or any monthly income.There is a possibility of its work in time to 120 hours, or six-month labor.Article "Insult of personality in humans" could lead to the offender penalties to two hundred minimum wages it (and possibly other types of income) for up to two months.There is the possibility of awarding (180 hours) of compulsory work or up to six months of corrective labor.

Disorderly conduct

Administrative Code Chapter 20 of the offense, which encroach on order and security in society.Specifies various items violations of the law, such as disorderly conduct - Article № 20.1.Considered in the article and non-compliance with social norms, and disrespect to the society and his fellow citizens, and obscene curses and insulting encompassing individuals and causing harm and destruction of property of others.For penalties apply administrative measures in the form of penalties from five hundred rubles to one thousand rubles a conclusion for up to fifteen days.

hooliganism article

punishment inevitably

If disorderly conduct simultaneously due to the disobedience of authority or special guarding the social rules that eliminate non-compliance with social standards - necessary kinds of retribution compounded respectively.The size of the penalty payment is increased from one to two thousand five hundred rubles, and in relation to the possible use of arrest periods increased to fifteen days.