Youth problems: how easy is it to enter adulthood in post-Soviet society?

current at the moment the problem of young people just a few decades ago would be perceived as a real madness.This means that most of them are connected with the change of socio-political system of the country.What are the problems of young people causing the most concern?

problem №1.Getting an education

It's no secret that the act on the budget to the universities of our country is hard enough.Speaking of the most prestigious educational institutions, there will be even more appropriate word "impossible."Budget places are sold out in a few years, and the cost of contract training not every family can afford.Plus, corruption flourishes in the universities is not the first year, and therefore "fair" unlearn manage units.However, in general the problem of young people due to the fact that even getting the coveted red diploma - not a guarantee that in the future people will be able to get a normal (even high!) Paid work (official registration).


Problem №2.Employment

Youth problems related to emp

loyment, has long received the status of the most critical in today's post-Soviet society.Especially difficult to find work for students and high school students.The law prescribed moments regulating these issues.However, to assume greater responsibility and to provide space for staff to work only with incomplete work schedule, no entrepreneur wants.And, as practice shows, even having a diploma does not guarantee normal operation - virtually all employers require a certain length of service, which the man had only recently graduated from college, just can not be.And that's not to mention the fact that the services sector is suffering from oversupply, while production is in decline (now practically impossible to get on any plant or factory).

Problem №3.Housing

Considering the main problems of young people, to ignore this would be simply inexcusable.Firstly, the cost of apartments and houses which year increases.And to save the required amount is very difficult (especially - taking into account other costs).Of course, you can take the credit.However, in this case, due to interest it has to pay a premium of at least 1.5 times.And the slightest delay threatens to litigation and loss of existing assets.

the main problems of youth

Problem №4.Create family

another wave problem is the lack of adequate conditions for creation of family and state support.Young mothers receive child support, but "large amounts" exist only on paper.In fact, the benefits are not even enough for it to provide the child with basic necessities.A baby gets older, the most needed.That is why more and more people refuse to birth and upbringing of children in favor of career development (say, "first you need to get on their feet").This is - one of the main causes of demographic decline.

Problem №5.Bad habits

problems of young people in Russia are closely linked to bad habits - smoking, alcohol and substance use.Despite the fact that in all the media (and the Internet), in colleges and schools actively promoted a healthy lifestyle, the temptation to come from all sides.As early as 15 years in more than 60% of students have tried smoking.Cases of child alcoholism and drug addiction.And if smoking harms only the physical health (but also not underestimate its worth), then alcohol and drugs deeply affect the human psyche and make it invalid, which is not able to re-build normal relations in society.

problems of youth in Russia

problem №6.Lack of incentives for public and political activity

Our parents were confident in the future, that can change the world for the better.And they sought to do so.Now, from all sides, young people receive information, we can assure them that all the "role has long been painted," and they can not influence anything.Most of the young people passively accepts it does not seek to change, living "consumer" life.In turn, others are combined into radical groups who "find" the sole cause of all the ills of society and begin to deal with it (take, for example, the same skinheads, whose purpose is the expulsion from Russia of all persons of other nationalities).Hence, too, has its roots is another important issue - namely, the conflict between older and young generations.

problem №7.Cult west

It just so happened that almost all young people are dependent on so-called "cult of the West" - they try to learn from and duplicate actions of Europeans and Americans.And completely lacking understanding of what the mentality of the Russian people and the socio-economic situation in the society were influenced by very different factors, and, consequently, the need to approach them quite different.