How to choose a speaker for your phone?

To begin with a brief talk about how to choose a speaker for your phone.In fact, everything is simple: you go to the store, listening to the sound of you liked the product and learn about its compatibility with your model cell.If you are satisfied, you can safely pay for your purchase and enjoy loud and clear sound of your favorite tracks.Choosing speakers for phone, pay attention to such nuances:

Speakers for your phone

  • as compact speaker system and how much she weighs;
  • diverse sound quality of music;
  • how much it will charge the battery to keep the selected device;
  • whether column connectors, memory card slot, radio;
  • Is there a model player MP3;
  • whether they are equipped with individual monitor;
  • find out how to connect the speakers to the phone - via cable or via Bluetooth.

Popular models

Based on these criteria, you can easily select different speakers to the phone, which faithfully serve you for years.Now let's talk a little bit about popular models.

Sanyoo MIC (35-45 $)

This versatile speaker for your p

hone, which differ primarily due to its modern, colorful design.Sanyoo MIC allow you to at any time, wherever you are, enjoy the clean, rich sound.The columns support the receiver FM, and comes complete with two remote controls.Compact size Sanyoo MIC allow speakers to take with you anywhere: on nature, the beach, a meeting with friends ... You can play music from the card MicroSD.Li-on battery device is able to maintain in working order of 3 to 5 hours.

speaker phone for small

3Q QUBA SP-101M V2 (20-25 $)

Another versatile speaker that can provide high-quality and clear sound of any music.It works with frequencies from 150 to 18,000 Hz.Playing files is like using the line input, or via the flash memory card MicroSD.It weighs only 139 grams column, and its dimensions are 5 x 5 x 5 cm. So you can easily take it with you wherever you go.The richness of colors allow you to choose the design that you like.

i-Blason ST002 (20-25 $)

It's a great speaker for your phone: a small, but extremely functional.Firstly, i-Blason ST002 is adapted to play the tracks not only the phone, but also MP3-players, flash drives USB, as well as devices iOS.Also it has a slot for memory cards MicroSD.There is a function of the receiver FM.Housing i-Blason ST002 is very ergonomic and equipped with a special handle.Charging the device occurs within 1-2 hours, and battery life can be up to 3 hours.

how to connect the speakers to the phone

Monster iBeats by Dr.Dre SK-S10 (45-55 $)

Monster iBeats - one of the most famous models of speakers for phones.It battery life even further increased and reached the mark of 20 (!) Hours.A full charge takes devaysa about an hour, and it can be recharged by connecting to a PC or laptop via USB.Monster iBeats connected to any smartphone via Bluetooth.Frequency response device - from 80 Hz to 20 kHz.Dimensions speakers make up only 6 x 6 x 5 cm, and it weighs 233 grams.I hope this article will help you determine the choice of the accessories like speakers for mobile phones.Good luck and enjoy listening!