A little bit about how to go to the "Contact" invisible

computers and the World Wide Web has become part of the lives of virtually every man.And each time they are consolidating their positions stronger and stronger.On this basis, we can say that such a bypass the network as "VKontakte" will fail.The users want to know about her secret as much as possible.

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how to come into contact invisible

Today, this social network is the largest resource of Russia, which does not stop in its development.Users log into it from almost all corners of the country.Therefore it is not strange that many people want to learn about the social sphere is something new.For example, both go to the "Contact" invisible.This question arises when no one wants to talk, but the soul to go to the page requires.It is for these and many other cases were invented by a variety of loopholes, which will be discussed in the article.

How to enable anonymous

As anonymous log in contact

Asked how anonymous go to "Contact", there are three answers.

  1. With the help of special software.To date, it created a huge amount of applica
    tions to simplify work in the social network.One of the main applications is similar VkLife.It has a wide variety of features, some of whom are required invisibility.It is through such a utility and you can answer the question of how to go to the "Contact" invisible.To use it, you must download ustanovochnik and put the program on your computer.On the whole procedure will take no more than five minutes.But it is necessary to exercise all their vigilance, as now under the guise of such a program you can download a virus.
  2. In the case desires to download additional software is not, but the question of how to go to the "Contact" invisible, does not leave you, you can resort to alternative solutions.All the matter is that your presence on the network can be found only when you go to their home page or to the page of another user.Come into contact invisible If you do not go to the main page and its visit their friends, then your presence no one will know.In other words, you want to go to your profile link, for example, vk.com/feed and clicking on the option "My Page".Thus, you will be the main functionality of the network is available, in addition to viewing their pages and pages of other users.If you decide on how to go to the "Contact" invisible so you can download and listen to music, browse the news.
  3. third way for those users who visit your page through a browser Mozilla.What should I do to go to the "Contact" invisible in this case?You just need to type in the address bar as follows: «about: config».Thereafter open configuration.They are, namely, the line filter is required to write «network.http.redirection-limit».By clicking on it twice, you will see the window where you need to change the number that appears to zero.Previous best remember.After that, you must open a new tab your profile.After an error occurs, you must go to any address "contacts" to return to the setting and instead of "0" to insert the same number.Then you can be in the "VKontakte" completely anonymous.