How to change gears while driving training?

Experienced drivers know how to shift gears, so the following tips are addressed to those who still feel insecure while driving.To better understand the processes occurring in the transmission of a vehicle while it is moving, it is necessary to understand their mechanical meaning.

how to shift gears

Why Transmission

Transmission - vehicle assembly is intended to create the force to the drive wheels, the desired motion in each of the speed ranges.Its principle of operation is based on the property of a gear wheel of various diameters in the effort to transform the angular velocity.It is necessary to imagine the transfer of two wheels - big and small.If you quickly turn the less, it rotates more slowly, but it is difficult to slow down.In other words, the slower spinning gear, the harder it is to stop.Transmission introduces mechanical interaction of the gears, providing a choice of the optimal speed.It remains to find out how to shift gears, that is, in what order and at what speed.

at what speed change gears


hardest to move the car from a place, you need to overcome the inertia of rest.First gear is designed to start a movement.Engine speed mode beginning of the movement is relatively small, about fifteen hundred a minute.The general rule for all modes and speeds is that the engine should not be howling from the strain.Drivers of vehicles who know how to shift gears, never allowed to increase above the critical speed.Thus, it is necessary to squeeze the clutch all the way, including the first, gradually release the left pedal, gently pressing on the right.Let's go!

how to shift gears in the vehicle

second, third, fourth and possibly fifth

As soon as the car began to move, you can move to the second speed.Gear Ratio she too large, so it is designed for driving on very steep climbs.Faster than 30 km / h it will not go, but the novice driver either at the speedometer, tachometer any need to look not only at the road.Hearing will tell you at what speed shift gears.If the motor began to work louder means - it's time.The third speed - acceleration.To speed up the movement of up to 40 km / h, it is necessary to go to her and gently put pressure on the accelerator.After reaching 45-50 km / h can include a fourth.If the five-speed box, then speeding a little, you can go to the highest gear.Its purpose - driving on the highway in the economy mode.

transition to a lower gear and engine braking

how to shift gears

important to know and how to properly shift gears at lower speeds.The position "reverse" is unacceptable as long as the car to a complete stop.Switching to a lower speed when driving fast may damage the gear and damage to the vehicle and, consequently, high costs for repair checkpoint.If there is need for engine braking, for example, ice, it must be done smoothly transferring speed without skipping with audio gear.

Feel car

last tip: to understand how to change gears in a car can be.But only assaults than one hundred kilometers in difficult conditions of city traffic, when often have to get a move on, stop, start again.With experience comes the feeling of unity with the controlled machine, where each "incorrect" sound painful echoes in the body.And no matter what brand of car - and "Zhiguli" and "Maybach" like smooth, but not fussy suffer sudden movements of the driver.So - practice.Good luck!