Why not create a folder CON and how to get around the ban

Have you ever tried to create a folder, or CON folder named «PRN», «NUL», «COM1», «COM2», «LPT1» and so on?You could not do this, do not you?Why not create a folder in Windows CON and can I get around this ban?

answer to this question is both "no" and "yes"!

answer "no", because when you create a new folder and rename it to try any of the above names, you can not do that.In Windows XP, the folder name is automatically changed back to "New Folder", no matter how many times it will be an attempt to rename.In the case of Windows 7 or Vista, when you try to rename a file you will get an error message saying that the specified device name is not available.

Why not create a folder con

Why not create a folder CON?

fact that these names represent the internals of the operating system, so you can not create folders with the same names.Name CON were used for console device, PRN - printer, AUX - for additional devices, LPT - for parallel ports, and the like.Microsoft has taken this initiative in order to avoid any conflicts that may

arise as a result of these keywords.If you're wondering whether it is possible to circumvent the ban and still create a folder named CON, AUX or any reserved name, the other answer is "yes."There is a workaround for this purpose, but it is not recommended, as this may create some uncertainty.It should nevertheless be borne in mind, why not create a folder CON.If desired, you can try to do it exclusively at your own responsibility.

create a folder named con

You can achieve this by following

Open a command prompt on your system by clicking on Start, and then - in the "Run" and type CMD.When the command prompt appears Record, specify the full path to your desktop and enter it between quotes.The entry should look like this: & lt; a route (the address of your desktop) & gt ;.Fully introduced the team should look like in a Type MD \\. \\ "& Lt; address of your desktop & gt; \ Con".Then press Enter.After you follow these steps, you will create a folder named CON desktop.Similar actions you can perform in order to use all the other names!

Can I remove it?

So, you could create a folder, what now?You need to remove it.Once again, why not create a folder CON?The ban is linked to the optimization of the system, and this should be remembered.But when you try to delete, you can not do that!However, there is a simple way to delete this folder.To delete it, the next clue: Open a command prompt on your system by clicking on Start, then "Run" and type CMD.When the line opens, re-enter the address of the desktop, the command Type 2 Rd \\. \\ "& Lt; e desktop & gt; \ Con".Press Enter ".

folder named con

Alternative method In addition, you can create a folder named CON, using the Alt key and the numeric keypad, which is a simpler way.To do this, create a new folder anywhere on your computer.Then click (right-click) to rename it.Select the appropriate menu item.Press and hold down Alt, enter the sequence of numbers 0160 using the numeric keypad, and then release the down Alt.Now the folder name should disappear and you can enter it any name of your choice: CON, PRN, NUL, etc.Then press Enter.