Rose from a tape or Satin Beauty

Probably, you do not just pay attention to the beautiful satin or silk miniature roses.When you look at a work of art, even in the head does not come, that it can be done by yourself!But a rose can make one.

What do I need to get a beautiful rose from the tape?

Pink Ribbon If you have experience with the tapes is limited interweaving them into braids, the better to start with a tight satin samples.You will need: scissors, needle, thread, Melt, candle, beads, or beads, and, of course, satin ribbons in several sizes.Most convenient in the width of three to five centimeters.Try to choose natural shades, if you plan rose from the tape to decorate the room.And in the case of use as a decorative element wardrobe all depends on the color gamut of the entire set.To decorate the children's things, on the contrary, will suit a bright and cheerful colors.

rose from the tape.How to do it?

First draw on the paper pattern petal flower.We need three sizes How to make roses from the tape sheet from the bigger, which is the height of about 5 centimeters,

and ending with a smaller, about two and a half centimeters.So, how to make roses from the tape?If you remember the little lobe shape, you can ask the seller sample colors.Although it is not so important.Draw on the paper and cut the approximate shape of a satin ribbon of eight petals of each species.Stencil need to apply so that he was lying across the length of the tape.Carefully cut.We must now melted edges of petals, quickly passing them over a candle flame.First practice on unnecessary scraps, so as not to damage the petals.It is important that the end did not have time to darken.And do not touch it directly.Given that the tape material - synthetics, it is heated immediately.You can get a little, but at the same time a very nasty burn.Cooled collect the petals on a string, forming a first layer of each of the respective sizes.Then all three layers together secured using thread and Melt.Whatever you like.From beads or beads are preparing decorative midway.Rose from a tape ready.If you want to experiment, you can make different color petals.Then the finished flower will look more alive.

paintings using tapes

Tree Ribbon But of satin ribbons, you can not only make the gorgeous flowers and embroider cushions or pictures.Having made the same way blank, you do rosewood from tape or cherry blossoms.The trunk can be embroidered thick thread or perform in technology applications, and the leaves carefully sew or glue Melt.In addition, the flowers will be luxurious decoration beach footwear or hairpins.Using this technique of manufacturing, you can turn an old bag in a work of art, securing her a bouquet of roses or poppies.After all, not necessarily do one thing.Having mastered the conversion of tapes in ornamental flowers, you will have a great opportunity to save and update your summer wardrobe.Just start, but the idea of ​​what and how to decorate, will come by themselves.