The main attractions of Kaluga: photos and reviews

Kaluga - a typical city of central Russia.Coming here, you begin to understand the beauty of the province, the beauty of her lovely, cozy patio, quiet parks and ancient churches.Life here goes on its particular routine, slow and measured.Attractions Kaluga is very difficult to describe, because the whole city - is one big souvenir vast country.It is located on the banks of the Oka River, in whose honor was named Russia's first compact car.Kaluga attractions

history Kaluga

This is a relatively small city that appeared on the map of Russia in 1317.At the same time there is evidence of settlements, which allegedly spread at the site of the modern subject for another 7000 years BC.However, the constancy of their presence on the land is difficult to estimate, so the official history of the city is from the XIV century.Just a tiny while, he even now has an area of ​​530 km.Despite this, the city is the center of the field.It emerged as an outpost on the banks of the Oka River, but with each year grew more and more until

it reached the current situation.Attractions Kaluga - it is primarily the monuments of ancient architecture, of which there are many.

In 1777 the town became the center of the Kaluga region, and since then, this status has not changed.Kaluga again at the center of the most interesting historical events, unfortunately, not always peaceful.For example, in 1606 there broke out the uprising of the peasants.Rebellious people managed not only to withstand the assaults of the king's troops, but also come to Tula.The greatest war in human history, too, was not spared the city side.Under the walls of Kaluga in 1812 formed the rear of the army Kutuzov.During the Great Patriotic War was held here the decisive battle for Moscow.Kaluga Photo attractions

Location city

Kaluga region is situated in the heart of the East European Plain, in the south-west of the capital of Russia.Attractions Kaluga are sufficiently well-known thanks to the convenient location of the city.Kaluga region on the border of Moscow, Orel, Smolensk, Tula and Bryansk regions.Muscovites are happy to come here to breathe the provincial peace and quiet, a break from the frantic pace.Nature itself has created the best attractions Kaluga.The town stands at the intersection of four rivers: Yachenka, Cherepets, Kievka and Oka.This creates favorable conditions for the growth of trees, it is not surprising that the city simply is buried in verdure.attractions Kaluga Photo and description

The known Kaluga

lot of interesting information keeps history of Kaluga.Sights of the city - it is a living page that serve as reminders of past glories.This is where he lived and worked outstanding mathematician, inventor, theoretician of cosmonautics Konstantin Tsiolkovsky.The city does not forget it, but as a confirmation that the flag shows the first Soviet satellite.That is why the Space Museum opens attractions Kaluga.Photos and descriptions of the object can be found in any guidebook, but much better to see everything yourself.

museum was opened in 1967.If you are passionate about history and the works of Tsiolkovsky, here you will surely enjoy.The scientific legacy of a brilliant scientist carefully preserved and kept, but everyone who wants to be sure to get acquainted with all materials.Particularly interesting is the history of Soviet cosmonautics, which comes to life in the museum.You can trace the entire branch of the first artificial satellite of the Earth-to-date long-term orbital stations, which is an academic complex.Visitors are introduced to the work of prominent designers.Of particular note are the collection box of rocket engines.The museum revives the whole history of aeronautics and space exploration, from the cradle to the present day it appears before the eyes of visitors.

Since the city is so famous honor of Space Explorers, he could not do without the planetarium.In the Kaluga planetarium held very interesting lecture, which will interest anyone.The session lasts about 50 minutes, during which time you will dive into the mysterious expanses of space and make a fascinating journey.Terrific among sunny day to get into the dark, starry night.Overhead, the sky opens all plays nice music and a lecturer slowly tells you legends associated with aeronautics, constellations and walks on other planets.This event is very fond of children, but it is interesting to adults.Kaluga attractions reviews


Attractions Kaluga and Kaluga region - is primarily a natural beauty.This is a real city parks, it is especially evident on.The whole town is completely hidden green foliage and cut this splendor blue line rivers.Perhaps the most beautiful and picturesque should be considered a central city park.Where today noisy shady avenues, once stood the fortress with battle towers.Since Moscow was willing to grab a lot, these walls are not just played out battle.

This park is especially proud of Kaluga.Photos attractions can be found in many gift cards.Ancient alley consist of oak and lime trees, and silver poplars.They are protected by the state.One of relic plants - a huge oak, which is more than 700 years.The park has a huge number of century-old silver firs and maples aquifolium, Siberian fir, larch and Weymouth pine trees.

In recent years, Russia is actively developing landscaping parkland.Not far behind, and Kaluga.Photos attractions shows that there are new avenues of ash and acacia, apple and rowan.In addition, planting shrubs were carried out: lilac, honeysuckle, acacia.attractions g Kaluga


continue to view the sights of Kaluga.Picture and description of historic buildings for many evokes nostalgia, but in this city really is something to see.The town has managed to retain a number of architectural monuments, to the oldest objects include stone chambers Korobov, built in 1697, and houses of the XVIII century.The building of the Noble Assembly, which became known as the Palace of Labour, built in the middle of the XIX century.It is a massive, powerful structure with columns, which are based on a balcony.Where the palace of pioneers, and today are performances, literary events, and various exhibitions.

Stone Bridge - is the next item on display, which offers you the Kaluga.Attractions (reviews confirm it) such a scale not often seen touring Russian cities.This bridge is a link between the city center and areas beyond the Berezuevskim ravine.It is the largest of the viaducts of our country.The bridge was designed by the renowned architect PR Nikitin.The length of this stunning buildings - about 160 meters, and height - over 20. Completed construction in 1785.Not all the attractions of the city of Kaluga find a response in the hearts of tourists.This show is really exciting.The bridge rests on fifteen large arches, with three central made of two stories.In the extended ends of the stone bridge, on both sides, there were stone buildings with shops.Today about them leaving only memories.The bridge was restored and reinforced grille and chiseled arms.Kaluga museums and attractions

Do not overlook the Gostiny Dvor.This building occupies an entire block and is a classic example of architecture of the XVII century.The building consists of 14 buildings, which connect charming arches and galleries.One of the most beautiful buildings - a house Yanovsky, an architectural monument of the XVIII century.The huge building with two wings were built for the richest merchants - Pryanishnikov.Until the revolution, he lived here granddaughter of the famous merchant, the wife of Nicholas Yanovsky.And then the Soviet government transferred the estate department of education, and since 1923 it housed the headquarters Infantry Division.The famous house constantly filmed in Soviet films.


This is the main asset of the city of Kaluga.Attractions, reviews of which are among the most published, certainly deserve our attention.First, we note St John the Baptist Church.It was first erected in 1685, then repeatedly underwent changes and reconstruction, but thanks to the art of the masters still looks like an ancient castle.Skill building of red brick with white ornaments.It looks wonderful dome - sky-blue like the sky.Inside the church is simply amazing: great painting, colorful stained glass windows and rich iconostasis ... All this gives a special mood.

Cosmas and Damian Church - a magnificent architectural monument in the Baroque style.Impressive composition of the bulk of the church: in the corners of a double tetrahedron has four very prominent eksedry, and they, in turn, become the round turret side chapters.This is a very elegant and proportional structure resembling the graceful ship.

Pearl Kaluga region - Temple complex in Grabtsevo - worthy of attention of everyone who decided to visit these lands.This ensemble of stunning beauty, including the temples in honor of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and Nicholas, a chapel in honor of the Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia and beautiful bell tower.Manor, which was built on the territory of this complex dates back to the XVIII century (1771).In 1780-m bell tower was built, so far it is stunningly beautiful: white stone patterns like lace covered red brick.In 1791, the St. Nicholas Church was built - it is made in the shape of a ship, the architecture has preserved traces of late borokko.Kaluga attractions reviews

is very beautiful, and St. George's Cathedral.It was built in 1701 in the style of Moscow baroque.The construction of different harmony of proportions and the abundance of decorative elements.Exterior finish is preserved almost completely.The temple stone floors, the roof is decorated with five chapters.The bell tower is a three-tiered octagon on the quadrangle.He crowned his high tent.This is not all spiritual attractions Kaluga - too many to mention all in a short article.


In the city a lot of beautiful obelisks and sculptures.As a reminder to the younger generation, there is a monument to veterans.The composition depicts an old man who sat down on a bench to rest.Not forgotten and the famous Tsiolkovsky: in his honor placed sculpture depicting a scientist on a bicycle.Monument to the young Gagarin installed next to the museum of astronautics.In addition, there is a huge number of ancient buildings that are landmarks of Kaluga and Kaluga region.Kaluga attractions and tourist routes

Museums Museum of the History of Cosmonautics, we have already touched on, now let's talk about the other.The city has a Museum of the War of 1812.It opened in 2009 and is located in the house S. Baten'kov.In addition, the city has an exhibition about the history of the Kaluga stick.Do not forget to visit the Regional Museum, which tells the history of the region, the richness of its mineral resources and the traditional inhabitants, namely the plant and animal world.Regional art museum exhibition constantly urban talents are exhibited paintings of famous masters of the whole country.In the world of art is very popular Kaluga.Museums and attractions of the city are themselves subjects for a variety of fabrics.

The city has a mineralogical museum.In his collection of more than 500 exhibits.This cultural facility is the result of a huge number of works Kaluga geologists.Alexander Sinitsyn and Konstantin Net (museum director) provided for its own fund collection.Here you can meet not only with samples extracted from the subsoil of the region.Europe's largest mineralogical museum "RAS Fersman" supporting, is located in Kaluga, some of its exposures.

The city operates a unique museum of crafts, architecture and life.It is dedicated to the restoration of traditional fishing clay toys.On the basis of this institution is a school of skill, to the forgotten crafts revived and developed.Open Museum in a unique building, the only monument of architecture in Kaluga with a loft.First floor tile, the second - a wooden one.It involved both adults and children, sometimes whole families come to learn.Putting the results of regularly organize exhibitions.Especially loved by tourists such events, because clay toys can be a great souvenir.sights of the city of Kaluga


Kaluga Drama Theatre has been around for more than two centuries.It has grown several generations of talented actors.Almost all well-known Russian talent began their studies and career here.In Kaluga, it served young Savina, toured here Motchalov P., M. Shchepkin, G. Fedotov, and many others.Nearby is a monument to the theater audience.It is a girl who is holding a sign.This sculpture is the first and only of its kind.And the theater of this scale is not so much all over the country.


very difficult to independently create the optimum program to explore the city of Kaluga.Sights and tourist destinations is best read in conjunction with the guide, which will help for a short time to have time to get into a great number of places.Today, however, it is developing a service for tourists who travel on their own.Issue special cards with different routes and in almost every stall you can buy a guide.In addition, throughout the city stretches a network of guide signs, each of which contains an icon related to one of four groups: "tourism infrastructure", "sport and recreation in the open air", "tourist and recreational areas and routes", "tourist attractions".For foreigners, the text is made in Russian and English.


Attractions Kaluga region and not limited to churches and parks.Each street of this historic town is distinctive and surprisingly beautiful, so if you are visiting the city, it is advisable to stock up on time.Leisurely stroll along the boulevards, go to the park, take a stroll through the alleys where centuries-old giants rustling leaves.A great number of exhibitions and performances, which take place in museums, galleries and theaters, allow deeper to learn the culture and history of Kaluga.