3D-printer with your hands.

first output devices for 3D-printing caused a lot of enthusiastic responses.Truly, this is one of the most striking developments in the IT segment beginning of the 21st century.At the moment, three-dimensional printers are quite firmly established in the specialized field of instrument, industry and other fields.Companies that need high-performance hardware manufacturer of small parts, are willing to buy 3D-printer.The price is about 100 thousand. Rub., They do not stop, because the tech device pays for itself.

3d printer with their hands

As for domestic use, such investments are rarely justified, since the point of the acquisition of such equipment there.The very need for such an instrument is explained, as a rule, curiosity and desire to experiment.Although, of course, there are many examples of 3D-printers are widely used in everyday life.Anyway, the method of self manufacturing of innovative devices in recent years have gained a mass following.Preheat the same interest in the "three-dimensional production of" DIY success


What creates a printer?

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As is usually the work of a makeshift field for the realization of ideas is boundless.Each artist develops their own recipes and technologies to bring the idea to life.Yet 3D-printer with your hands to make without special metodichek and knowledge is impossible.Initially, for example the first products were enthusiasts Z Corporation and 3D-Systems.However, the most significant contribution to the industry has made a homemade device company RepRap, which develops kits for printers, three-dimensional printing.

Actually, to anyone who decides to make such a product, there is a dilemma: use the kit requires only build or buy components separately.The answer to this question everyone decides for himself, but the 3D-printer with your hands can be done only with appropriate knowledge and technical skills that are required to be required in the manufacturing process.

Mechanical Components

Regardless of whether you purchased a complete package, and decided to buy their own components (preferably in China), no assembly of 3D-printers are not complete without the following elements:

  • fasteners with which the frame is formedinstrument;
  • metal guides for the movable components;
  • gear on which will be provided to the translation of the movable electric sites;
  • platform that will deliver a special field for the manufacture of objects;
  • heating device and a thermocouple with which the temperature is controlled.

Assembling the main structure

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build process depends on a set of components.With the right approach, it can be implemented on the eye - but in this case it is necessary to strictly adhere to the configuration of the location of the drive, guide and die axes.Without special set 3D-printer can be combined with their hands out of plywood sheets, suitable screws and clamps.

each axis motor is fixed and will act as a power source for the belt system, which is responsible for the movement of the guides.Also on one of the axes should provide a driving device, by which the movement of the platform will be executed.The other axis, fixed on top of 3D-printers, ensure the movement of the extruder.

Electrotechnical devices

Those who decided on independent search the constituent elements, the mechanical part it is possible to realize from scrap materials.But in order to produce 3D-printer with their hands, also need electronics, which without buying do not succeed.In order to implement this part of the next set of needs:

  • switches, which will be responsible for limiting printing to the "working" areas along the principal axes;
  • stepper motors;
  • board with a microcontroller - this component is one of the most important: it enables printing the 3D-printer and controls the position of the carriage.

addition, require the extruder with a temperature sensor.It is he who will deliver the converter material from solid to soft melt.

Connecting Electronics

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At this stage, you need to implement the installation of a central rod (support) and the die, on which the work of 3D-printers and, in particular printing technique.Then follow the connection pad printing and heating elements.At the end will connect the circuit board and to connect the cable to the heaters, power supply and temperature indicators.Wiring, as well as other operations that do not cause problems for those who are familiar with the basic rules of radio engineering.In many ways, the course of the work is similar to the jumper settings on the computer "motherboard."

important to remember that the reliability of the frame depends largely on how well will print the 3D-printer, so all the clips, fasteners and connections should be done as accurately as possible - without deviation in the proportions and consistency.

In addition, there is also the possibility to provide for withdrawal of the "working" area.During operation it will inevitably be necessary to clean, so the clips should be easily disconnected.By the way, special sets a ZIP-Locks that allow you to easily fix the mounting plate.However, their quality is rarely high, so you should be ready to replace the locks.

Jobs hardware filling

Work 3d Printer

treated Slicer code is transmitted to the memory device, after which the microcontroller starts its work.During the execution of the algorithm electronics may be adjusted depending on the temperature sensors.Additionally, the system controls the parameters in accordance with which an extruder for moving 3D-printer temperature and monitored characteristics.From the correctness of the dosing and extrusion consumable will depend on the quality of the resulting three-dimensional object.

precision printing and its increasing

build 3d Printer

In addition to configuring the controller significant role in the operating parameters of the carriage, directly determines the accuracy of the press plays a stepper motor.Immediately, it is important to note that the self-made 3D-printer, the price of which will be from 30 to 50 thousand. Rub., Certainly cheaper brand.It is advisable to ensure its performance electric.This mini-unit is used for the movement of the die determines the sensitivity of his work.For example, at 360-degree rotation of the spindle motor step number is 200, respectively, will ensure the accuracy is 5 microns.If the number of steps is 400 - Accuracy is provided at 2.5 microns.Thus, the electric drive, which is the highest number of steps, and be able to guarantee greater accuracy.


extruder 3d Printer

main objective of the program for 3D-printer is to translate the three-dimensional virtual model in the intuitive controller algorithm.Further, in accordance with the parameters of the code to be implemented by cutting the production facility it is in the form in which was stored on the computer model.In this regard, it is important to note that not every image is suitable for your printer - today more commonly used format STL.Make conversion not working, but for subsequent processing code and of its microcontroller you need suitable software.

in branded devices company developing a software specially designed for specific models.In fact, this simple program of 3D-printers, also called slicers.With similar features and manage applications such as Skineforge, Slic3r and Kisslacer.For fruitful work also need 3D-editor that will preserve the blank file STL.It should be noted that using large printer models may fail to perform cutting of the insufficient area of ​​the platform.Solving such problems is an elementary division of the virtual object into several parts.