What foodstuffs contain chromium: necessary list

course, is not only useful for diabetics find out which products contain chrome.This substance is an essential trace element for human body.We are born with a significant margin of chromium, but with age, he disappears from our body, and needs to fill.Some people prefer to buy expensive chromite tablets, but they should be taken under doctor's orders.And some will simply be useful to know in what products contain chromium, and regularly use them.The more that any exotic items on the list, you will not find.

What foodstuffs contain chromium?What are its functions? What foodstuffs contain chromium

So, a mineral - chromium - is a part of all body tissues.Its function - the acceleration of insulin by the pancreas, and carbohydrate metabolism.Among other things, particles of the substance involved in the process of hematopoiesis.In principle, it is clear that the chromium - almost the chief dietitian to help lose weight.With a lack of it in the body of a person is experiencing constant hunger and unexplained cravings (probably many f

amiliar feeling).So, what foods contain chromium, to use them instead of harmful chocolate bars?

  1. Chromium in foods Perhaps, nuts and dried fruits are paramount especially large reserves of chromium found in the forest, or Brazil nuts - pecans.This may also include dried dates.Of all the dried fruits in them accumulated the most valuable stock.It is believed that a day should be consumed just three a date - this will extend your life, and will provide the necessary micronutrients.
  2. also chromium in foods can be obtained by eating bran.Best of all - wheat, as it was they contain other useful metals - magnesium, manganese, and so on. N.
  3. Let someone smile, but poppy - culture, has always been associated with drug addictions - also contains chromium.So, using a bun with poppy seeds, of course, without worrying about the shape, you can benefit the body.And you can add the seeds of this plant in salads with herbs - believe me, the taste becomes quite spicy.
  4. in cereals chromium found in appreciable quantities.Moreover, the largest proportion - in buckwheat, millet and Perlovka, as well as corn grits.With such a variety of options, you can easily build a menu for the week: Every day - a new cereal.
  5. Products, Products containing chromium containing chromium - it also eggs and fungi (mushrooms), and besides them - and even dairy products.The day is recommended to drink a glass of milk or yogurt.Moreover, drunk on the night, he will save you from going to the refrigerator and give pleasant dreams.
  6. Finally, vegetables: broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, brussels sprouts.You can cook them with sea fish or shellfish - these are certainly keepers chromium deposits!
  7. veal and beef liver.A good hint for vegetarians - perhaps a piece of cooked lean meat still worth it to include in your daily diet.


Finally, mention in what foods contain chromium, it would be desirable to note that overdo it with him, too, not worth it.Still, it is a metal that has long been eliminated from the body.It is enough to eat 50-200 micrograms a day - and you will notice that weight began to leave, the mood is upbeat and the sweet pulls less.