How to ask for forgiveness from your favorite way to get it

root of the problem

Lovely curse - just amuse.There is a saying.And in many cases it can be considered folk wisdom, because ripping mad at close person is very common in the relationship between spouses, and just in the current pairs.This allows you to get rid not only of the accumulated anger, but also serves as a kind of "saving around", a cry for help.Therefore, if the second half decided to show the teeth, do not just take it with hostility.It is better to listen or to play a game where it is necessary to put on the mask of the culprit and accept everything.Men in such cases, it is worth thinking about how nice apologize to the beloved half, even if no fault on their part do not.

difference between the sexes

how to ask for forgiveness from your favorite Needless to say that women are more emotional and more willing to go too far?But this does not mean that men do not have this drawback.In many situations it occurs quite the opposite: if a man is a little "poduetsya" after the words spoken and after a couple of hours to be ready to for

give all the women in this respect is much more difficult.Even if she says that simple, it will not always be so.Therefore, it is important for men to know how to apologize to his beloved so that she was able to forget and forgive unpleasant situation for real, and not just in words.This will help the men a few tips.

From what everything will depend

Before you apologize to the beloved, it is necessary to understand the situation.Perhaps, even if the man does not seem something important, then, for such a small thing a girl can be a key.And it may be sufficient to completely sever relations.Just do not ask questions, it is not only infuriate the half, but the lower your status in her eyes.After all, every girl is confident that its choice is fully understands it, and if not, what is required to do so.Such confidence - a distinctive feature of the female sex.

How to ask forgiveness from your favorite lip how beautiful to ask forgiveness from your favorite

In fact, regardless of the situation, often enough only "verbal forgiveness."Only the words have to be honest, even if it is stupid, but come from the most secret depths of the heart.It is important to eliminate any hint of a favor from the man.To do this, be sure to avoid starting sentences with words like "okay", "good", "stop" and the like.Also, before you ask for forgiveness from his beloved, to give her a little time to "cool down", otherwise all efforts will turn to dust.On stage, bordering on hysteria, women tend to deny everything, even the obvious.

How to ask forgiveness from your favorite and get it

how to ask for forgiveness from your favorite In fact, it does not need to do anything magical.One need only add to the previous council bouquet of her favorite flowers.More expensive gifts should not do it, or she can take it as a purchase of forgiveness (the female sex is very sensitive to such actions).The exception may be situations where a quarrel just arisen because of the failed purchase.In this case it is necessary to issue it as if she was preparing to some very important festival and to present as a gift.