Several practical advice on how to prepare a speech for a wedding

Wedding - one of the most important events in the life of each person.Newlyweds want to see the day went without a hitch, and the guests behaved properly and sensibly.That is why the preparations for the celebration begins long before the appointed date.Invited guests and handed over in advance.This gives the opportunity for everyone to advance to prepare a speech for a wedding, so at the ceremony to make a toast beautiful, without a hitch.

General recommendations

Some general tips for creating congratulations for a wedding.It is necessary to take into account the specifics of my own - this can be a match for adventurers, rockers and lovers weave macrame - and make it to the wedding in this way.So congratulations to sparkle with originality and will not be shared, and impersonal.It is important to remember that the wedding congratulations or toast should not be long, welcome brevity, conciseness, and humor.Long boring speech almost nobody listens to, in fact, is never remembered greeting young.

speech at the wedding of friends Toastmasters to help

The easiest way to cook an excellent speech at the wedding will be a simple appeal to the professionals of this case.Today there are many agencies willing to provide such services.If the residence is not a company, you can simply go to any Tamada, who gladly write a custom greeting.


You can try to write your own speech at the wedding.It should not be that difficult task, especially if the bride and groom - close enough congratulates people.You just need to remember all the good things that happened in the relationship of friends, and tell some funny story, emphasizing how the chosen lucky with his half.

greeting speech at the wedding

statements of wise men

are popular as congratulations for a wedding in the form of quotations or sayings of philosophers, sages, writers.Having it so it can be developed in the right direction, congratulated the young and wished them all the best.

Fun for free

excellent option would be comic greeting speech at the wedding as a punishment for the young.You can prepare a variety of certificates - for example, the wise wife and a good husband, which will be listed brief instruction for a successful creation of a joint life, and in this way to develop their speech, seasoning it with jokes and funny instructions.

Creative people can be offered to create a greeting for the young in the form of poems.This can be a serious lyrical poem, stanza and fun, which will stress the feature of the newly-fledged family.

speech at the wedding

Mini concert

Congratulations to the wedding can be done in a small concert.It can start a brief speech at the wedding of friends, the kind words about the newlyweds, and then we can develop greetings in any direction: to sing a favorite song or dance couples dance for fun lovers.Popular also reworked in his own way the songs of famous singers, cheerful and perky ditties, all kinds of mini-scenes, which may feature the names of the young, as well as moments of their life together.This greeting will long be remembered for sure all the guests at the party.