What is the spiritual culture?

Spiritual Culture - a certain system of philosophical ideas, knowledge, attitudes, which are inherent to a particular ethnic group, cultural and historical community of people (people, nation), or even the whole of humanity.Man as an individual does not limit itself only to the external sensory experience, it does not give priority precedence.It recognizes all the guidelines and basic spiritual experience, thanks to him, he loves, believes, lives and assesses things and everything.Spiritual culture emerged and developed thanks to the inner feelings and experiences of a man who defines the purpose and meaning.

spiritual culture

History of the term

the first time introduced the concept historian and philosopher Wilhelm von Humboldt.In his writings he described the idea that world history - it is the result of the influence of the spiritual power that lies beyond human consciousness and cognition.This force manifests itself through personal effort and creativity of a single individual.It is the fruit of their wo

rk and were called von Humboldt terms such as spiritual culture.

elements of spiritual culture

Patriotism and the concept of culture

This concept is closely linked with patriotism.Each nation is obliged to accept and recognize its historical and natural reality, work through it in a creative act nationally.If some people do not accept that this a natural obligation, that ultimately awaits him spiritual degradation, decomposition.As a consequence, the disappearance of such an important aspect as the spiritual culture, and care from the historical arena.Every nation aspires to spiritualized himself.They each have a process of understanding and the development of such paths as spiritual culture, individual and unique.It is these differences and peculiarities reveal characteristic features of every people, and they make it possible to speak of national culture and patriotism.

spiritual culture is

elements of spiritual culture

impossible to talk about such a complex concept without transfer of the principal components.The foundation of any culture is, rather, not maintenance or development of traditions and activities.In the context of talking about such a thing as spiritual culture, we can mention activities such as intellectual, aesthetic, artistic, religious, legal, moral, cognitive, artistic.

crop varieties

Not to mention the classification rather abstract and individual concepts.Can distinguish them depending on the carrier.There are national (synthesis raznoklassovyh crops) and the world (as a synthesis of national) culture.You can also talk about the so-called subcultures allocated in accordance with a specific vehicles.Basically represent culture class, urban, rural, youth, family, individual, people.Another important concept, revealing the term spiritual culture, is a division between the material and the artistic side of life.However, they are so strongly intertwined in today's society with the present conditions, the realities of life, it is virtually impossible to define a clear framework and their faces.