Yorkshire Terrier mini: character description and reviews

Do you think that may be common among such famous personalities as Gerard Depardieu and Audrey Hepburn, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Paris Hilton, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Jose Mourinho, Britney Spears and Vyacheslav Fetisov?Of course, all of them popular, and the crowd of fans watching their every move.But these people are so different from the big names themselves are fans: their pets - a dog breed Yorkshire Terrier mini.These cute miniature terriers accompany their owners in campaigns for social events and shopping in the glamorous parties and exhibitions.

Yorkshire Terrier Mini

When it all started?

At the beginning of the XVIII century in the English city of a new breed of Yorkshire - Yorkshire Terrier.The first of its representatives were hunting dogs in the homes of ordinary workers and peasants and conclusions for the destruction of rats and the Norns hunting small game.In textile mills the first Yorkies were cats instead - hunted and killed rodents.

Who do they come from?

no exact historical record of what repres

entatives of particular breeds of British terriers have a genetic contribution to the fact that there was a dog Yorkshire terrier mini.Scientists have only been able to establish that the ancestors of the Yorkshire breed was extinct paisley, Clydesdale and black and tan toy terrier.From Maltese it inherited excellent long hair, and from Skye Terrier - extraordinarily beautiful blue-steel color.Web Viewing painters late XVIII - early XIX century, we can see that the exterior Yorkies that time quite like to look familiar to us today representatives of the breed.


As mentioned above, the first breeders York were ordinary workers, who worked in the wool and weaving factory.In the future, smart, cute and brave miniature dogs turned its attention to the aristocracy.During the reign of Queen Victoria's access to the promenade or in the light without the Yorkshire terrier is considered bad manners.

British Kennel Club officially recognized the breed Yorkshire Terrier in 1874, is registered in their pedigree book Alberta, dog owner Peter Eden from Manchester.World popularity and high demand came to York in the second half of the last century.Yorkshire Terrier mini standard

Mini Yorkies in Russia

first Yorkshire Terrier mini appeared in Russia in 1971 at the legendary star of Soviet ballet of Olga Lepeshinskaya receive this dog as a gift from the fans.Until the 90s of the last century in different cities of the country there were individual representatives of this breed, which then numbered only ten.

only in 1991 in Mytishchi brought animals of this breed from France, England and Spain, and founded the first nursery.Yorkshire Terrier mini miniature breed became popular.The first registered International Canine Federation (FCI) Russian mini-nurseries York became the "Mini Shop" Babayeva and "Moscow mascot" Mannino.

today at the National Club Yorkshire terriers were registered more than two hundred breeders, kennels and clubs from all over Russia.


Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier breed standard does not imply a division in size, but in the life to classify dogs into the following three sizes:

  • standard.Dogs weighing 2.5 to 3.2 kg involved in breeding and exhibitions.
  • Yorkshire Terrier mini.Weight animals - from 1.6 to 2.2 kg.Do not participate in exhibitions, are only suitable for breeding dogs.This favorite of the whole family and an excellent companion.Get sick more often than representatives standard.
  • Supermini, or micro.Dogs weighing less than 1.5 kg.Yorkshire Terrier super mini is not used for breeding and not act at exhibitions.Typically, the dogs are prone to injury and hypoglycemia, since they can not jump off independently of the chair or sofa.Their life expectancy is very low because of the peculiarities of metabolism and exposure to various canine diseases.Yorkshire Terrier mini baby face

In addition, dog breeders highlights Yorkshire terrier mini baby face.It puppies with big round eyes on short muzzles and "gnomes" - dwarf dogs with nezarastayuschim fontanel and big bulging eyes.

General description

looking at any York, you will understand: it all kind shows that though small, but very brave and proud dog.As you can see, a mini Yorkshire terrier, photo of which is shown below, has a square body with short and strong waist and straight side upper line.Mini Yorkshire Terrier Photo front and hind legs seen from the front and back should be straight.Elbows should be smooth, without any bias or out.Stop at the Yorkshire rounded, with small black claws.Yorkshire Terrier mini decorated with straight and long, without any creases and bulges thin tail with darker than the body, hair.Skull

this breed medium-sized, and the muzzle - the average length of a deep-set eyes and straight.Pricked ears are wide apart, giving the dogs touching appearance.At York should be a complete set of teeth with a pronounced bite "scissors".

Wool pride

silky hair - special pride of the owners breed mini Yorkshire terrier.Photos, located below shows how it can be a careful and daily care.Yorkshire Terrier mini how to choose Yorkshire Wool is very thin, silky and shiny, without undercoat, is similar in its structure, human hair.From neck to tail fur Yorkshire Terrier is painted in gray color, but the chest, head and legs up to the elbows it is golden brown deep shine.Adult dogs burns smooth reddish color, without any black specks or steel.Yorkshire Terrier mini allocated by the fact that unlike most other breeds do not shed.


Representatives of this breed miniature look glamorous and pretty, but crazy, cunning and courage not to take them.These are excellent companions who are willing to communicate and willing to adjust to almost any circumstances, so as not to be alone.Very fond of attention to the person.Yorkshire Terrier Mini

Yorkshire Terrier mini (standard) gets along very well with both children and adolescents, and the elderly.This is a true terrier who is not afraid to walk a dog bark at ten times more yourself if it seems that the intention of it is not very good.Families with very young children should not bring representatives of the breed, as a child does not always match its strength, and may simply not notice the dog on the couch and sit on it.

To pet was a great companion and did not dictate its terms to the whole family, it is necessary to puppyhood teach obedience and desirable to teach the simplest commands.Yorkshire Terrier regardless of size - very smart and communicative animal.It should be remembered that only love, affection and rigor can be controlled to turn the puppy obedient and well-mannered dog.

Yorkshire Terrier mini Care

this breed needs a daily and constant care.If you are ready for what will always have to wash, comb, care for eyes and claws, to closely monitor the pet's diet, it is a mini-york - your breed.

Care miniature animals begins with daily washing.To do this, moisten a cotton pad or swab and wipe its face.This is followed by gently treat the eyes with a napkin dipped in lukewarm tea leaves or infusion of chamomile.Using a special lotion is necessary to comb the dog every day.In addition, weekly need to cut hair at the top of the ear.Should be regularly cut claws grow back and cut out grows hair between toes and pads.Each month you need to clean the dog teeth, and if you find tartar, sure to go to a consultation with a veterinarian.

luxurious wool Yorkies require quite often, almost weekly washing.After water procedures dog needs only to get wet towel and then dry the hair with a special brush and a hair dryer.If you need a little brush delay hair growth, putting it in her hair.As a rule, the dog is the third such procedure gets used and not naughty when it is carrying out.

owners often indulge their pets with something tasty.It should be remembered that the Yorkshire Terrier is better to feed twice a day, small portions of special feed.Foods with a master's table, of course, will please the animal, but that's to his health, it can be just harmful.

Mini Yorkies pretty easy to become accustomed to the tray, allowing them to walk, especially in inclement weather, every day.It is important to remember that to teach a dog to your home toilet is necessary as soon as the puppy appeared in your house.

Advantages and disadvantages

Yorkshire terriers, according to experts - one of the most expensive and popular dog breeds.The reasons for this are many, we list only the main ones:

  1. open and friendly character, sociability and great learning.
  2. Can friends and make contact with both the children and the elderly.
  3. good mental and physical health, rather long life with proper maintenance, care and feeding.
  4. occupies minimal space and can be kept even in the same room.
  5. If the dog is accustomed to the tray, you do not need a daily paddock.
  6. Yorkies do not shed, and in the house there is no dirt on them.
  7. opportunity to take your pet with you on trips, holidays, or simply in a shopping trip, as is customary in a glamorous environment.
  8. Yorkie picky eating habits, if only the owners will not spoil your dog.
  9. With proper training this little doggie able to rebuff those who would dare to lend a hand to the wallet or purse owner.Yorkshire Terrier mini Moscow

If you think about buying a Yorkshire Terrier, you should consider that as well as other breeds of dogs, it has its drawbacks:

  • luxurious hair care will require a significant amount of time and financial investment.
  • York - quite fragile and their health have to be monitored closely.
  • Proper nutrition and respect for the feeding to avoid health problems.
  • need for mandatory training, the dog has not grown moody and aggressive.

Choosing a puppy

As already mentioned, in Russia today, many nurseries and clubs, where you can buy puppies of breed Yorkshire Terrier mini.Moscow and St. Petersburg today, leaders in the number of proposals of mini York from parents of Russian and international champions with pedigree longer than most English lords.Accordingly, the price for such doggies will be more than high.In that case, if you buy a puppy as a pet and companion, and do not plan to participate with him in the exhibition business, it is necessary to look at the proposals in your city or region.Puppies mini

So you've decided to get a dog breed Yorkshire Terrier mini.How to choose it?We'll show you.First of all, you need to collect information on the origin of the animals for sale.The breeder must submit the pedigree dog, confirming its pure blood, or to acquaint you with complete information about the puppy's parents, showing all the certificates and diplomas certifying the declared ranks and titles.It is desirable to see the adult dogs, since growing up, the puppy will be more like them.After talking with the seller, if you are satisfied, you can choose a pet.What should I pay special attention?

  1. First of all, examine the exterior you liked animals.If you own a puppy less than their brothers, or his limbs a miniature, it is likely to grow more fragile and small.
  2. doggie nose should be cold and damp, with no plaque or fringe on the edge.If the puppy is not even two months, his ears will not stand, because the Yorkshire terrier and the others they rise to 2-2.5 months.Look at the ears if there was discharge, scratching and scratching, as well as unpleasant odors.
  3. look and evaluate the correctness of the bite, it should be of the "scissors."If you are good in the bad, then invite an experienced handler or breeder with experience.
  4. Little Yorkies have to be pretty strong, with a tight and shiny fur.There shall be no damage, scratching and scratching on the body of a puppy.Wool from the anus should be clean, which indirectly confirms the absence of helminth infection of dogs.
  5. observe the behavior of children.Puppies mini, sitting in a corner and did not come into play with others, can have a health problem, and it is better not to buy such.If you get a pet for yourself, it is best to look at the instigators and leaders of the dominant over the other.Just keep in mind that these leaders have to teach discipline and efforts to educate and taming.Timid and agree to submit to the leader puppies will be able to get along well with older people.

That's all there is to know about the breed Yorkshire Terrier mini.How to choose a pet, we understand.Once you have picked up the puppy and paid for it, the owner of the nursery must provide you with written recommendations on feeding, breeding, maintenance and care.Reviews


It should be noted that those who decided to purchase a mini-York, are divided into two groups.Most are those who are in awe of the character of your pet.Many different manipulations care does not bother the owners, and even gives them pleasure.In the minority are those who do not like spending a lot of time and effort to maintain the appearance of the dog.There are those who did not fit the character of the breed.As a rule, in the second group are people who have bought puppies as a gift to children or succumbing bandwagon.