How to choose a kit for cots for babies

During the happy expectation of birth of the child to take care of the organization of a berth.You must select a bed, mattress and bed linen.All of these items must be not only beautiful, but also safe and practical.

What is included in the kit for cots

Kit cots for newborns

There are a lot of options, so you can choose according to your taste kit cots for babies.7 pieces - the most common set.Usually it consists of blankets and pillows, canopies and ledges, as well as bedding: pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers.

All products should be only from natural fabrics.Commonly used calico or satin.The filler is sintepon, swan's down or wool.

dimensions may be 1.2 x 0.6 m or 1.25 x 0.65 m. Before you go shopping, make measurements of the crib, as they may differ from the standard.

What should be a blanket and pillow

The correct kit will provide cots for newborn baby a comfortable and restful sleep.

  • Pillow.It should be a small thickness - no more than 2 cm. In the first months of life pillow may not be used, since it
    can cause disturbances in the formation of the spine a little man.
  • Blanket.When buying it is necessary to consider seasonality and heatable room.Most often sets in a crib for babies have blankets with polyester fiber filling.This product is easy, well reshapes and does not require sophisticated maintenance.It is quite possible to wash in the machine.For the warm season is to buy a thin blanket or terry sheet.

sets in a crib for newborns

What to look for when choosing a canopy and skirting

These components of the kit is protective.Many believe that the canopy - it's completely impractical dust collector.Of course, it will have to be washed frequently, but on the other hand, he can slightly dim the lights while sleeping baby.This is especially true if he had not slept in a separate room.In addition, a canopy attached to the appeal of the crib.

bumpers protect the baby from drafts and create additional comfort.When the crumb is attempting to get up, they will be able to protect him from injury during the fall.In addition, a cot bumpers looks aesthetically pleasing.In the summer the room is too hot, it is better not to use them.This will allow air to circulate better, and the baby will not be so hot.Bumpers, which are included for cots for infants are usually performed in the same colors as the rest of accessories, so harmoniously with them combined.Kit cots for babies 7 items

Bed linen for cots

Pay attention to fit the size of linen pillows and blankets.The kits in the crib for newborns usually includes duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets.Some sets can be two bed sheet.This is certainly a plus, since it is they have to be changed more frequently.Very easy to use sheets with an elastic band around the edges, they are easy to put on the mattress and do not crumple.Most manufacturers offer pillowcases and duvet covers with a zipper, this option is quite practical, especially when the child becomes more active.

Choose a kit for cots for babies, in which all of the accessories are made of natural fabrics.Synthetics bad breathable and can cause diaper rash and allergic reactions.

If you do not plan to use disposable diapers, you need to stock up on 5-6 sets of bed linen.

Summing up: how to choose the right kit for cots for babies

Set in a crib for a newborn sew

  • quality.This is the main criterion.Natural fabrics ensure comfort and safety of your baby.Please note that the decorative elements were secured.This is especially true of buttons and other small parts.
  • Options.The kits may have a different composition.So think about what you really need to buy a set of beds for newborns.7 pieces - the most common option.But some parents buy separately orthopedic pillow or blanket.Therefore, you should choose a set without these accessories, it will not spend the extra money.
  • cost.The price may depend largely on the quality of the goods, so do not skimp.But at the same time, the cost of products with sophisticated decor or manufacturers of world renown can be much higher.Therefore, when making a choice, consider the price-quality ratio.

course, we must take into account the design of the kit.Facilities are usually bright children motifs.The younger kid will be nice to sleep and wake up surrounded by fairy-tale characters, or favorite animals.And, of course, choose a set with the design and color solutions across the room where the baby will sleep.

If you want to have an original set in the crib for a newborn, make it yourself is not so difficult.This process takes a lot of fun, and handmade children's accessories always look attractive.